Shimano Saint M820 Disc Brakes - Front & Rear Set
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Shimano Saint M820 Disc Brakes - Front & Rear Set
Front Brake Options
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Code: BL-M820
Shimano Saint M820 Front And Rear Disc Brakes Set
  • ICE TECHNOLOGIES heat management including brake pads with aluminium fins
  • High-performance caliper with 4-ceramic pistons in two different diameters
  • Ergonomic anti-slip 1.5 finger brake lever
  • Servo Wave Mechanism with short lever stroke
  • Adjustable free stroke and toolless reach adjustment
  • One-way bleed system: quick, easy and clean with funnel tool
  • I-spec compatible
  • Weight: 302 g (front brake incl. brake lever, hose, brake)
  • Supplied as a front and rear set without rotors
Mr Morsebest brakes money can buy
Mr MenacerI had Magura mt7 before but after they started leaking I found that they are unrepairable so I found the saints to be the next most powerful if not more
Mr SinghawiboonThe product is very good with high quality, the stopping power is good enough for any type of riding, the lever is well designed to fit with our fingers, I like the color with the golden which is the best looking
MarkoAwesome brakes, these things stop better than my car. The fact they come with extra length on the hoses and replacement barb and olive made it so easy to fit to my bike.
ClagueFirst two days of use was at the local ski lift mtb park, they took a hammering and by the end of two days still had super strong grip and power, perfect brake set for enduro or DH park rigs
Mr RobinsonThese brakes are amazing, if you need 100% reliable and mega powerful brakes, look no further.
Mr PaughThese brakes are awesome. Easy to work on, bleed and setup. I replaced another brand of brake that was a constant noise problem. After installing/aligning and doing the proper bed in procedure, these brakes work flawlessly. Amazing stopping power and the only noise is the healthy sound of disc brake friction under braking! No rubbing or friction when not engaged. Awesome product.
b.MaedaGreat set of brakes...some of the best you can buy. Great bargain here...but remember US buyers, the kit is set up Euro-style. You'll have to switch the front cable out and have to buy the adapter for the rear brakes. Otherwise, I couldn't be happier with the upgrade over my XT Trails. Smoother pull and overall tighter overall feel, single finger was worth it.
Mr MullaneyGood looking brakes, very good stopping power, come a little bit close to bars but getting used to that, very easy to fit & D.i.Y shortening of lines very easy
Mr anatI've tried several brakes but still.. shimano in my opinion is the best out there.. I love these brakes.. very reliable! Thanks merlin cycles! :)
Jason OgdonBest investment I've made thus far for my bike! These brakes work so well and give you such great control. My riding confidence has gone up because I can trust these brakes to perform for my style of riding. And the price was unbeatable!
Ms HekmanThe brakes are very good, little to no brake fade over long steep descents at high speed.
Muddy BikerI have these on my DH bike and they are good brakes - functionally fantastic and great lever feel. But I am not sure they are worth the money over the latest gen XT trail brakes. I have the XTs (also with the vented pads and ICE discs) on my enduro bike and have been riding the same courses on both bikes out in Morzine. I prefer the more sharp feel of the XTs. The XTs do not suffer any fade which you might expect vs the Saints. I think shimano have shot themselves in the foot with the Xts being so good! 3 stars on the basis of value rather than function. PS Mr Shimano, can we please have 6 bolt RT99 discs ASAP please!
Mr Kibbejust got these installed last week. The look and feel is absolutely amazing. Easily the best modulating and most powerful brake I've ever ridden. Make sure to take your time setting them up and bed the pads properly. Note: These will come set up moto style (right lever front, left lever rear). It's super easy to switch them and they include everything you need to do so.
Mr LyI have the m820 setup on my 2013 Santa Cruz Nomad. Setup very easy. I did have to switch the brake levers between the left and right because of the way they were originally setup (left lever to rear caliper, right lever to front caliper). I just removed,reinstalled, and bleed the brakes. These brakes have tremendous stopping power, probably more than I need for all mountain riding. Lever felt great, and make one finger braking comfortable. Brake bleeding was very simple, I never bleed hydraulic disc brakes before and I thought it was very easy; so I would say that would make routine maintenance very user friendly.
DMillsI ordered a front and a rear, and they came "moto" style, with the left lever on the rear caliper and right lever on the front caliper. I swapped the lines at the levers and was ready to roll! These brakes came in retail boxes with a spare olive and barb each, in case you want to shorten the lines. Performance-wise, they're Saint brakes - what else needs to be said?
Mr GUYAwesome stopping power, when things get lairy checking your speed is a single finger squeeze and job done. Also a decent weight saving over my old hope tech m4s.