Shimano SIS Outer Gear Casing - Colours
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Shimano SIS Outer Gear Casing - Colours
Code: Y800980
Genuine Shimano SP41 outer gear casing in most colours
  • Genuine Shimano SP41 gear outer
  • Supplied in 1 metre lenghts
  • If you order more than that one metre we will supply uncut lengths, so you can have a full length of 5 metres if needed.
  • To order longer lengths simply adjust the quantity in your basket


Mr hopperGood product just order as much as you need and cut to size.
Mr TomanGood quality outer cable and good value for money
StuartWhy buy any other make?
Mark DrewNeatly cut for me, appropriate length, easy fit
MatthewI was glad to find that I could order varying lengths of housing in a variety of colors. Thanks Merlin!
MarkShimano's top cable outers and the standard for many years now. For me the best performance is usually with Shimano kit.
LuckyAffordable basic cable casing, will do the job as intented...
JonathanSmooth shifting when paired with the coated inner cables.
Mr CheangCable supplied in 1 continuous length. Great for bike build/service needing longer cable. Thanks.
MichaelCheap outer cable. Low drag and problem free.
Mr ClarkeI have used Shimano equipment for many years and cannot fault their performance. I have never had a shifting problem using these gear casings.
johnEssential for accurate shifting.
AndrewGood smooth running cable outer when used with genuine Shimano 1.2mm inner - the surface of the casing does scuff fairly easily, which can affect how it moves in the frame guide on full suspension mtb.
Mrs leeVery good cables. Very durable and shade is very good
RicardoPerfect fit, good quality casing.
AnthonyA great replacement or upgrade for drivetrains or cable actuated dropper posts, Shimano quality assured.
A. PartridgeImproved gear changes straight away
Mr BaconEasy to use, tough and long lasting. Accept no substitutes.
Mr BurgessIf you want colour rather than just black then this is the outer cable to go for (also available in matching brake cable). Usual excellent service from Merlin.
Mr EdmondsSo nice to be able to purchase this by the meter. I ordered 2 meters and it came in 1 length.
Mr AdamsMy new bike came fitted with no-name gear cable outers that cracked within a few months, allowing water inside. This ruined the shifting and so I have changed to genuine Shimano, which I know from long experience will serve me well. And being able to buy it in metre lengths is so handy.
Mr meadThese days most bikes run longer lengths of outer cable, I'm happy that I can get this outer in one length (as some have pre cut metre lengths) I ordered 4 metres and it arrived promptly in one length just as I'd asked:). As far as the sp41 outer...well I've used it for years, its good value and performs brilliantly in uk conditions. Recommended
So enduroAbsolutely bulletproof. Your carbon frame will definitely need replacing before these babies.
Mr ErkilincogluVery good, colorful and tough outer cable
Mr PetersDoes the job fine - not much more to say about it really. Its nice to be able to buy it by the metre.
Mr PartridgeEasy to fit, great quality and dispatched very quickly. Very happy with Merlin for this. Have had no problems in ten rides since first use in typical welsh mud and rain conditions. Good value for money too, will definitely be ordering more when bike needs a birthday make over.