Shimano SW-R600 Di2 Satellite Shift Switch
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Shimano SW-R600 Di2 Satellite Shift Switch
Code: SWR610
Shimano SW-R610 Di2 Satellite Shift Switch
  • With Di2 technology shifting is easy and precise - just a light touch, as soft as a mouse click, is sufficient for the front or rear derailleur to instantaneously select the correct gear
  • The removal of traditional mechanical cables in favour of electrical wires eliminates poor shifting caused by contaminates, corrosion and stretching, and also provides effortless gear shifts
  • Simply pressing tactile buttons allows effortless and comfortable shifting even when your hands are cold
  • Sprinter single button shift switches are used to operate the rear derailleur with a tap of the thumb whilst in the drops, one shifter up , one shifter down
  • Can only be used in conjunction with ST-9070 drop bar STI shifters
  • Shift switches are supplied with 130 mm E-tube electrical cables installed
  • Weight is 10 grams a pair


d3425634Ludicrously expensive for what it is, but functionally pretty faultless.
McSherryAn excellent addition for your di2 bike for when riding in the drops and only adds minimal weight too. Very easy to fit also. Definitely worth the investment.
OkamotoWorks like a charm, left button will shift down, right button will shift up, no need to reach the shifter lever with your finger and no more mis-shifts. You can place the shifters where ever you like as long as the cables reach, but the cables are long enough to place them where I feel most people will place these. Wrapping your handle bars became a little tougher, don't use the handle bar cutting template supplied, just buy a good hole puncher stretch the tape a bit and the button will peek out perfectly.
PhilbTrick bit of kit for that rapid fire changing when required
James FrewLight, discreet and functional these switches are a real plus. Hammering on in the drops up and down the gears means a light touch from your thumb and your up or down the cassette with mind-blowing, watt-saving ease. Simple, plug and play [as long as your Di2 firmware is up to date] these switches just pop on, you re-wrap your bars, and you are good to go. They are a 'luxury' to some, but then you deserve it. You will love these switches and Merlin is the place to bag them with great prices and customer service!
TimDoes what it says it does! - If you hang in the drops a lot or your a sprinter/racer, you will love this addition to your Di2 setup.
Mr BobWork exactly as you would expect. Quite expensive for what must be a very very simple switch. Take time to get the height just so and they are quite easy to push by mistake as smaller than you might imagine. Work perfectly though. Must have di2 upgrade
Oleg KougiyaWork nice, flexibility in positioning. Too bad you have to cut a hole through the tape. Hope shimano can invent something around the shifter so the hole would not look that crappy.
Calvin L.The first time I can make me feel like I am Cavendish.