Shimano Ultegra 6600 Chain
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Shimano Ultegra 6600 Chain
Code: CN660011
Shimano Ultegra 6600 Chain - 10 Speed
  • Hyperglide (HG) series 10-speed compatible chain, recommended for Ultegra drivetrains
  • HG technology has chamfered inner plates to optimise shifting performance on HG sprockets
  • Durability is assured through a chromising treatment on link pins, and the heat treatment of rollers, pins, and plates
  • Mushrooming of the pins gives unsurpassed side-plate retention, enabling the chain to far exceed the BS/ISO standard for breaking force
  • 5.88 mm chain width, optimised for 10-speedSuperNarrow HG drivetrains
  • Zinc-alloy silver finish on outer plates, and grey finish on inner plates increase corrosion resistance
  • Weight - 280 grams



JohnUsual Shimano quality works and shifts fine..
Mr HussainSolid HQ chain that works with Shimano components like a breeze.
SimonExactly what you'd expect for a Shimano chain, good hardwearing and smooth running.
thats Mr Robinson to you.Good old reliable 6600 chain....what more could you want ? As ever, it's always a good experience ordering from Merlin.
Mr BoroughsWorks great as always. I always use a new KMC master link with these instead of the pin.
TahaCan't go wrong with Ultegra chains. Light and durable.
Mr LaramyExcellent service from Merlin as usual. Great chain, excellent Shimano quality at a great price. Bike much quieter than before.
Mr CoveyGreat chain. Used them before and prefer them to anything else. I use them with a KMC master link and not the pin provided. Works great.
Mr MapstoneA classic chain. Smooth shifting, silent running and easy to fit. Use it on my Ultegra triple chainset and never any problems. Why pay more?
Mr VProbably the best choice for a triple. Paired with a 6703 cassette for faultless shifting.
Mr GrantTHE chain for the 6700 Ultegra triple. Never had a problem with these. Great service and price from Merlin, as always.
Mr gardnerOn my 5th 6600 chain, change them about 3000 mile mark and never had any problems
Mr McWaltersPerfect chain to compliment my full ultegra chain set. Rapid delivery from Merlin too!
Mr ClareGreat strength, great weight and no issues running with sram red.
Mike GGood, no-nonsense chain that lasts well. Good price too!
Mr CatherallGreat chain for the money not had one fail me yet
Mr DelportNot always easy to find - works best on Unlegra triple.
Mr GreigExactly what I expected at a very favourable price. Delivery time was exceptional.
Mr GOTOCorrespondence of merlin cycles is early wonderful very much! It always uses. Although shimano ultegra is the highest cost performance, since the price is cheap Chain, if you buy it, its dura ace will be good. Since there was no connection pin though it was regrettable, it purchased in Japan.
Mr Nielsen
Mr challinorGreat product at a great price!With merlins first class service aswell!!. What more could you want? Infact I was that impressed I brought a new Ultegra crank to go with it as the discount was incredible and when I checked out I received yet another discount, amazing!!. Regards, One very satisfied customer. :-)
Mr MorrisGood value chain fron merlin cycles,
Mr ClumpusI can't really fault this chain, I use it with a 6700 chainset and 5700 cassette and find it a lot quieter than the 6701 chain I was using.
Mr NicholsonExactly as ordered and quickly delivered
Mr DanversCan't really fault it, it hasn't snapped and it runs smooth. That is as much as I would expect from a chain and at a good price.
Johnny GOn arriving I thought "Hmm - it's a chain. I could use it on my bike as that is what I ordered it for but what else could I do with it. I eventually came up with a method for moving ants from one location to another. I simply had to train them to cling onto the side plates. Initial tsting didn;t go well as the ants tended to cling to the inside of the plates which made it kind of messy when they passed over the drive mechanism. The mushed ants did make very nice jam though. Eventually after some genetic modification I engineered ants that would hold onto the outside of the side plates and life was good. To sum up - it's a chain, it was too long, I shortened it, it fitted, it worked. Nuff said...