Shimano Ultegra 6800 Bottom Bracket
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Shimano Ultegra 6800 Bottom Bracket
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Code: BBR60
Shimano Ultegra BBR60 Bottom Bracket, English or Italian fitting
  • Compatible with all Shimano Hollowtech II chainsets
  • New model Shimano BBR60 bottom bracket for the Ultegra groupset
  • HollowTech II integrated bottom bracket uses a wider bearing placement and larger axle diameter for increased stiffness and efficiency
  • HollowTech II integrated bottom bracket seal design has minimal bearing interface ensuring smooth rolling and increased durability
  • English or Italian fitting
  • Excludes fitting tool
Ali Does what it is supposed to. More durable than original HollowTech II bottom brackets. Bargain price.
Mr Lawrence Solid foundation for any (compatible) build
Nigel Superb. Really easy to fit and solved an intermittent and irritating creak that would only start 30 mins into a hard ride (despite the old 105 version being seemingly smooth). Great price too.
David ordered and part arrived on time, have bought from merlin before, will buy again
F. Chrétien Fast delivery in Canada, nothing is missing and in good condition. Will have to try my new parts soon. Thanks ! :)
Mr Gibbons Great value, back to being silky smooth - different size tool to 105 BB, but I already had one so no probs.
Mr Winsor Great price and service from Merlin as usual. Great BB for the price
Oliver great quality BB and great price would buy again
J P Good product, easy to fit, prompt delivery.
Christopher Usual Shimano quality, easy install and working well. Great service again from Merlin.
Alastair Good replacement bottom bracket, nice and smooth. Note this requires an insert for your standard hollowtech II spanner to be able to fit it which is a bit annoying.
Mr crossland Usual Shimano quality - easy to fit (with correct tool)
pat Normal Shimano quality. Easily fitted with the right tools. Very smooth bearings and lasts well.
M Just installed new. No creaking. Smooth rotation.
DC Does what it says on the tin. Decent quality, easy to fit.
Jordan Engineered to perfection, works flawlessly and is at an incredible price. Having trust in something that is so well engineered makes riding peace of mind!
Ricky Great quality bottom bracket and fast delivery.
NHammar Tried and true. Sturdy as they come.
Mr Kisby BB's have a bit of a miserable life. Fit and forget until they start to fail... Cheap and reliable, typically lasting >3,000 mile before starting to get noisy.
Mark Shimano quality BB, from previous experience you get a good 3000 miles out of one of these.
Gareth Easy to fit if you have the adapter. Works just fine as you would expect.
Francis Tinsley Minimalist design, easy to fit - smooth bearing.
Nicholas Replacement threaded bottom bracket does exactly what it needs to do. Much better than press fit in my opinion.
bryan Upgraded gradually from tiagra to 105… the last part being the BB.. This is much smaller and neater than the older hollowtech bottom brackets, exactly the same fitting system but as the BB is smaller an adaptor is required for the fitting tool ... Runs lovely and smooth... Time will tell on its longevity
Jason Second only to the Hope BB but at a fraction of the price. A solid long lasting BB.
Jeremy I'm sure it will work fine as all Shimano kit does but annoyingly they have changed the size of the BB fitting so I have to use an old tool to remove my last one and a new smaller tool to fit this. The shimano adapter is plastic rubbish.
C Oates Great replacement BB for English threaded BB. Simply screw out the old one and (checking for correct thread hand) screw in new ones. Great price as well if you want to stop that creak or wear in your BB.
Ryan M Replaced a worn BB with this. Works perfectly.
Mr deLisser Shimano BB have the best seals (105 through to D/A
Mr Cooper Easy to fit, runs very smooth, great BB
Mr Stevens Can't go wrong with Ultegra, great quality and price
Mr France Needed to replace a now discontinued 105 BB. definitely a worthy upgrade. Bare in mind you may need a different size bottom bracket tool to fit this.
Mr Wren Pretty standard BB, does what you’d expect it to do and is easy to fit and replace.
Mr Phillips Great BB, smooth as silk and easy to install. HOWEVER, it would be ice if they mentioned that this does not fit the standard Hollowtech II tool, you need a plastic reducer to install it, so make sure you have that first. Otherwise it'd be 5-star
Derek First BB I've bought for a while, realised the size is now smaller so bought the new tool fits well no play and runs really smooth. Time well tell as to how long it will last but shimano are generally reliable and strong.
Graham Always liked hollowtech 2 as easy to remove and install compared to press fit bearings. Unfortunately, Shimano have changed the diameter of removal and fitting tool, so make sure you have the adapter or appropriate tool. This item didn't have adapter included
Mr Fielding The Item came next day from Merlin which I was very pleased about. The Ultegra BB fitted with no fuss and is a quality component, bearings are smooth as you would expect. Just one thing to bear in mind, if you are going from a Tiagra BB to the Ultegra one the external part with the grooves are smaller so my BB tool wouldn't fit to tighten it. Apart from that small gotcha everything else is perfect!
VeloM Great BB, get 2 to 3 years riding all weather, only pop out to grease around bearings every 6 months. Lasts 20,000 road miles easy.
Dr Ostheim Good upgrade from my factory Praxis BB
Mr Pasco I’ve used these for years on all my bikes and they’re super reliable, smooth and easy to install
Mr Webster With 20000 km on my current BB, it was time for a replacement. Excellent price
Mr beeby A doddle to fit with the tools I purchased earlier, spot on, quality, value for money, quick delivery.
Sang W. Joo You do not need anything better with your R8000 crank
Tom These BBs are excellent. They spin nice and freely and hold up very well over rainy and sandy Florida roads.
Mr Hartstone As with all Shimano gear, does exactly as required, impressively light, inexpensive and long lasting.
Mr cossey Bought to replace and upgrade from my tiagra bracket easy to fit and very smooth
Jordan When you need a hollowtech bb, never hesitate to step up to the Ultegra and even duraace levels, these things are built like tanks, don't creek and never fail. A++++
Roland Light and good value, easy to fit and smooth in operation.
Mike Ward Held in storage for a while until needed. The original still in place and functioning vert well after 6000 miles.
Mr Richmond Moving from a square taper, it's a no brainer! Smooth and quiet. Gives a wider platform feel without widening the bike.
David Best price around, Shimano quality so no guesswork.
sinnett177 Replaced the existing BB perfectly, creak eliminated.
J-Narc Great simple product, no more creaks! Finally!
Mr Simmonite Good solid BB, have run these on my road bikes in the past and had no issues. Purchased this to go on a new CX build
Mr Ruta When adjusted properly these work well. Have had some premature wear problems on earlier models but this version seems to be better.
Mr Ami My wife's bike came with the Shimano 4600 groupset. I purchased this while upgrading to the Shimano 4700 goupset when the 4600 started skipping when shifting. This is a huge upgrade over what the bike came with. Shimano has done a great job with this groupset filtering the technology down from the Ultegra I own on my other bikes. Way to go Shimano for coming out with an affordable groupset for recreational riders that works fantastic.
David Smooth operation, simple to install. Huge improvement to the old square BB and cranks.
Adri Simple installation. Reliable performance. Budget friendly
Mr Furlong Love it! Weighs 20g less than original one. Its buttery smooth and quiet
RVH No problems. Installed easily and feels tight and smooth as it should.
Brian Parks Excellent quality as always with Shimano products. Excellent and fast shipping to the USA as always when I purchase with Merlin.
Hervs29 Great upgrade from previous BB-RS500, smooth, light and great price from Merlin...
Mr Naisbitt Bought to go with new Shimano chainset bought at same time. Easy to fit and cheap enough to replace when it wears out. Feels very smooth compared to the unreliable FSA Mega Exo it replaced.
Mr Munro Fit and forget item, last one did me 2 wet and salty winters. Bought a metal Parktool for fitting/removal as the plastic adapter that used to come with these (this one didnt) is useless even though I had greased the threads.
Mr Steele Smoother and lighter than the previous generation of BB. Great price, too.
Dalek A well made BB that seems to just keep working at a good price. I have another of these that has now done well over 10,000km and it is still as smooth as the day it was bought.
Jon W Excellent price for a no nonsense BB.
Mr Roderick Does the job and incredibly easy to install. Recommended.
T. Lee Great bottom bracket and super easy to install.
Thuong OK product, I have to change mine about 8-10k
Mr Hinds Love this bottom bracket as it is real smooth and long lasting. Replaced my old unit (not sure, but think Tiagra BB) with this and as previous units on other bikes it runs really smooth. Highly recommend.
Mr Beser It is definitely better than tiagra bottom bracket.! It is smooth and has more life span.
Mr Crawford Lighter and better quality than 5800. Great price at Merlin.
Mr Sousa Its a BB, a good one, simple to install, do the job
Mr Roper Not a lot to say, its a bottom bracket, but good quality at a very good price. Only downside was my spanner was for the older version which has a larger diameter. Turns out you need a plastic spacer to convert it so no big problems.
Arnette This is the best BB value on the market, hands down.
BlokeFromUpNorth Seems to do what I need it to. Installs easily enough, just seems a little "cheap" given it's predominantly plastic. We'll just have to see how long it lasts!
Mr McNiff A little stiff out of the box but these are the best bottom brackets out there. Great sealing from dirt/grime/water which is #1 in my book.
Al the local mechanic Good BBs at a great price. Can't go wrong! (well, you can, but so long as you hand tighten until the final bit, then you cannot go wrong!)
Mr Fat_Tail I think I may have found the perfect bottom bracket - well at least the best for the price. I have tried Tiagra (they are made of cheese), 105 (good), Dura Ace (very good but pricey). These BBR60 seem to be at the right price and go forever. You do need an adapter for your standard bb removal tool. This is sometimes sent with the bb but most often not. Otherwise, it is smooth and silky and lovely
Mr Munro Runs smooth and my previous one lasted over a year in all weathers and seasons - all you need!
H Trundell Hollowtech BB's seem not to last well - not surprising given there is very little material to resist side forces but 6800 does better than most.
fod90 Seems OK so far, replaced a bottom of the BB that came with Sora crankset and is definitely slicker. Looking promising to give many more miles of smooth operation. Remember you will need the FC-TL25 tool to fit this as the BBR60 cups are smaller than the standard Shimano Hollowtech 2 cups that are standard.
Mr Mc Donald The quality of Shimano never ceases to impress and delivered in good time too...
Mr Fisher Excellent bottom bracket, installed in minutes and works like a dream. Smooth as silk!
DJL Have this bottom bracket on my winter bike still on it with no issues. First rate quality and durability.
Etape 22 Excellent quality bearing at a very good price, for those lucky enough to still have BSA threads.
Mr davies Been using for a few weeks now, runs smooth and quiet.
Hutchison Much smoother than the Ultegra BB 6600 which it replaced. Also like the black colour and smaller cup size.
ChickenFried66 I cannot provide an accurate review of the exact product I received because it has not been installed. I can say the same model Ultegra bottom bracket is installed on my 2006 Trek Madone frame set and has about 1,000 miles and is turning like it did when installed, possibly even smoother. It seems to be well shielded against the corrosive salts in sweat and the road grit from the occasional ride in a very light rain. This item will replace the BB installed if and when it wears out.
Mr Moore Good product and decent price. Solved my squeaky bike issue and now feels super smooth when pedalling. Very happy with it so far.
Steam Train Smooth, cheap, easy to install.
Southern Relatively easy to fit though the adapter tool may not fit the park bb9 tool that well....especially if it's worn
Mr Bullock Really smooth bearings made a big difference to my old BB which I seemed to be fighting against. Very quick delivery too.
Jason W Bought this as an upgrade to the Tiagra model (which may be made of camembert) - so far it's been rock solid but it does only have 120km on it (of 100kg idiot)
Mr Thomson Bought this bracket as a replacement for my 6700 works a treat even came with tool fitting adaptor . Turns out it was the bracket and not my knees that was creaking.
Mr Harrison Good value BB which I keep as a spare. First one lasted 4,500 miles in all weathers.
Mr todd Does everything that I could ask for a bottom bracket to do. No complaints and super easy installation.
Boromedic Great BB, durability shouldn't be a problem but only just started using it. Shimano quality as always is second to none.
DAW The unit was easy to install and operates smoothly and silently.
Mr Sisson It was easy to install, and it's very smooth. These last for ages.
Mr Canada Amazing value. Buttery smooth BB.
Mr Irving Great delivery/price and easy to fit. Comes with adaptor to fit standard spanner.