Shimano Ultegra R8000 Chainset - 11 Speed
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Shimano Ultegra R8000 Chainset - 11 Speed
Code: FC-R8000
Shimano Ultegra R8000 Chainset - 11 Speed
  • Optimized lightweight crank arm design produces excellent power transfer efficiency
  • Minimized weight without sacrificing stiffness
  • Rider tuned gear performance through various gear combinations
  • Possible to choose the best choice for ride
  • Redesigned FC for greater frame compatibility
  • Wider gear pitch increases clearance between chain and leading teeth to provide compatibility with frames with O.L.D. 135mm and 410mm chain stay length
Mr ShoreyGreat product I use Ultegra on all my bikes this crankset is being used with a DI2 setup works flawlessly
F. ChrétienFast delivery in Canada, nothing is missing and in good condition. Will have to try my new parts soon. Thanks ! :)
Mik BeeGreat piece of kit. Lightweight and in a good looking deep grey. Works well with smooth changes
SWISGreat product, easy to fit when replacing my old chainset
markHow did you get it here so fast?! I was having a hard time finding the crank length / gear combo I was looking for with US retailers so I took a chance with Merlin Cycles. I figured it would take weeks to get here. Merlin got it to me, in NY, faster than many US retailers would. I will be shopping with you again.
Mr HallAlways reliable - I love the performance/ price balance from ultegra components
Mr LonderganGreat price and as always, great quality from Shimano.
klGreat quality crank. Switched to a shorter 165mm crank from the standard 172.5mm. Made a huge difference in terms of comfort.
Mr SchlageterThe best crankset for the money and Merlins has the best price. Went from a 53. 39 to a compact crank to help me get around the Rockies outside of Boulder. Flawless shifting.
GaryHad to order a replacement after I cracked my crank on a post. For me Ultegra hits the sweet spot for performance and affordability. I struggle to see how Dura- Ace, at double the price, can give double the performance. As an aside I was surprised at level of wear on my old crank on the big ring. My old crank has given me 9000 miles. After fitting the new crank along with a new chain the bike feels like new
NathanThis was the cheapest I could find this crankset and coming from the UK I thought shipping was going to take a while due to covid. They must have strapped my package to someone’s chest and threw a jet pack on them because it was already shipping hours within making the purchase. It took about 2 days to reach me in pristine condition and couldn’t be happier with their service.
RomnyI've been using this groupset for years. It's in the middle of Shimano 105 and Shimano Dura Ace. The performance is absolutely flawless and the price is right!
ScottCouples well with my 105 system, nice little upgrade
Mr wongFrom Shimano what can I say this chainset is like a work of art and light weight
Mr phillipsexellent product from shimano.very stiff and efficeint
Mr SawyerGood quality chain set, looks really good as well
Mr DeerfieldFeels great. No chain drops even under horrible shifts and you can really lay into it on a climb and there's no flex.
JeffreyReally nice chainset. If you have a 24mm shimano BB, I would definitely recommend. Be careful when torquing the pinch bolts as the heads can round out if you aren't dead on.
ChristopherStiff, light, and shift smoothly. A fantastic addition to my drivetrain.
Mr mcleodSolid kit, exactly what you’d expect from Ultegra. Was replacing an Ultegra 6800 crank since not much higher cost than just the large chainring that needed replacement, really can’t tell any difference except for the sharper looks of the new one.
Jeffrey RiesmeyerAlways predictable excellent quality fit and function with Shimano Ultegra products.
Mr SumulongAnother amazing product from Shimano. Paired with the corresponding R8000 FD, very precise and crisp shifting. Subtle two-tone color is also nice. Relatively light weight
David T.Upgraded from a Shimano FC-RS510 to Ultegra R8000 50/34. What a difference in performance. Looks fantastic which always helps, flawless performance and top service and value again from Merlin. Highly recommended.
RobertUpgrading from 105 to Ultegra. Super lightweight. Super smooth. Looking forward to Summer
JCAnother quality Shimano product, superb finish
Mr TimFlawless performance, stiff, shifts well, easy to install, smooth spinning, no complaints at all.
Mr woodMoved up from ultegra 6800 to r8000 find this chain set far better than the old 6800
KH62What a difference the R8000 makes light easy fit would not hesitate to recommend to anyone
Mr MillerA light & solid compact crank set. I've used a mid-compact version of this for several years but needed something a bit easier as I approach my 65th year. Quick delivery & price as well.
JP rollerThis is my 2nd ultegra groupset after the 6000series and it’s just bomb proof and easy to install and maintain and last for a long time with proper chain maintenance. I love the burly design as well. Price is reasonable for a groupset below the top tier Duraace.
Aynakol ZincirShimano Ultegra R8000 aynakolu tanımlayan üç madde: Hafif, sağlam ve göz alıcı. Üstelik bu üç unsur son derece erişilebilir bir fiyatta.
Mr WEDDVirtually the same as Dura Ace at a fraction of the price. Whats not to like?
Mr BeckerMy old crankset had been creaking and clicking. All measures to correct this had failed. I needed a new crankset. Many attempts to get a new one proved very difficult. I found Merlin cycles who sent me exactly what I wanted in a timely manner at a very good price. I installed it yesterday and went for a wonderfully silent very cold Canadian ride.
Mr KwonVery good. Better than previous model
SteveThis is my second crankset from the 8000 range. If you've ever ridden front cranks from ten years ago, it's remarkable the smoothness of the shift up from the lower chainring.
Kofi DI bought a new bike with a compact FSA crankset. Ordered these in 52/36 to replace them, allowing me to use my crank power meter on all bikes. Works well with the existing 105 groupset. Looks good too.
CHRISAs with all Shimano kit, this is great quality, Ultegra offers smooth shifting and looks great too. The price was really competitive and it arrived super quick, not a lot else to say really, quality product, quality retailer
NicholasExcellent Crankset! If you are looking for a cost efficient weight savings upgrade this is it.
PeteDPurchased R8000 Chainset to build up 3rd bike. Can't go wrong with any Shimano products and in particular the Ultegra range. The manufacturing quality is outstanding. Very happy with purchase.
Mr oktarGood product Fast shipping ı am so glad
J...Best price online, quick and efficient service.
Mr TerringtonQuality product, smooth running and shifting
Mr KennyVery happy with Merlin again! Fast shipping to the US, and best prices!!
Trooper 209Item was just what I wanted. Disappointed in the amount of time it took to get it.
Justin ErvinUpgraded to this from Tiagra, needless to say significantly better. The weight difference is noticeable when compared directly.
Mr SCOTTInitially bought this for the aesthetics over the 6800, but truly realizing better power transfer which was an unexpected surprise.
Mr BowenI replaced a worn FSA crank with this to go with my new DI2 groupo. Performs well and looks great. Thanks Merlin.
Mr KnightBought to replace 10 sp chain set. Still running 10 sp derailleurs and all works smoothly. Great price and Svs from Merlin as usual.
DavidReplacing an Ultegra 6700, nothing wrong with the previous version but I wanted the 110BCD for oval rings. Looks great, really light. Top quality.
MJGUpgraded my current Di2 setup so needed a new chainset. Ultegra is a solid, attractive option that works reliably. Excellent price and fast delivery as usual from Merlin.
Steve F.What an upgrade from 105 5800, I put the entire 8000 group set on my bike and it is now about 1.4 lbs lighter according to the listed weights (quite noticeable indeed). I've only taken a few rides but already my average speeds have improved by at least 1 mph (obviously I live in the US) and I've already crushed multiple PRs on Strava. Much of this improvement can be attributed to the bike fit I had done but the Ultegra upgrade has undoubtedly helped. Pedaling seems smoother, more efficient and actually easier even though I went with bigger gears. I switched from a 172.5 - 50/34 to the 170 - 52/36 with a Dura-Ace BB and I have an 11-32 cassette. Now when I'm in the drops I'm not kneeing myself in the gut so breathing isn't a chore and and it's no longer a distraction and I have the gears needed for just about every occasion. The Ultegra components also look amazing, not that it should matter all that much but of course it does. Merlin was one of the few that actually had the combination I needed in stock and they shipped it out right away, the shipping costs are very reasonable as well.
JordanBetter than the Dura Ace 9000 crankset. Getting higher standards with every groupset
Mr ColborneNot much to say really, this is going on my new bike. Ultegra is bullet-proof no nonsense gear. I have full confidence that this will perform splendidly. Shipping to Canada, was less than a week and it arrived in perfect condition. Price was great and I'm stoked to have found this store.
RVHSeems great so far. Replaced SRAM Rival crankset. Seems to shift cleaner with Shimano chain and FD. Easy to install and set up.
Mr de BarrosReplaced an FSA crank I had with this Ultegra R8000 and must say I am impressed
Mr WhiteAll you would expect from Shimano, excellent product. Replaced due to a worn outer chainring where for a bit more money I was able to swap out the whole chainset which was a direct swap out on Di2. Very happy
GaryVery pleased much stiffer than previous model, and looks great to boot with usual prompt merlin service
Duane CominsHad the previous 6700 Ultegra set and all I can say is the R8000 is a major improvement. Stiffer and quieter. Probably the best value for money crankset out there. Looks amazing as well.
JoshuaI purchased this chainset to replace a 105 5800 chainset that had a warped large chain ring and a stripped chain ring bolt. So there was a fair amount of flex in my old one. That being said, it would impossible for me to overstate the stiffness and reactivity I experienced in my first test ride. Much more snap and responsivity, climbing I see a huge improvement in speed without increasing my estimated wattage. Once up to speed I notice first a higher cruising speed, but I found it was much easier to maintain my speed as well. Although I obsessively tune my drive train because of my ocd, it is all but silent. Claims of greater ability to cross chain in my experience hold true, and only seem to rub the front derailleur, even in the extremes, when I put excessive power through the pedals. Mind you I attempt not to cross chain as a rule, but occasionally I will take advantage of that extra gear while climbing without realising I`ve reached my innermost cog. Aesthetically I feel the finish is more in line with the current 105 variant, which I admit I prefer to the last ultegra finish. At the time of this review I only have 250km on the clock, but the chainset still looks like I just took it out of the box.
Mr MadridVery stiff, good looks and saving some weight, great quality very happy with it