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Shimano Ultegra RD-6800/6870 11 Speed Jockey Wheels
  • Genuine Shimano spare
  • RD-6800 tension & guide pulley set
  • For use with 6800 and 6870 Rear derailleurs
Mr Khan Direct replacement jockey wheels, easy to fit and gear changes much improved as old ones had broken and worn teeth
Mr smallshaw Replacement for 9070 Dura-ace mech just as good + loads cheaper
Mr barella Replacement for oem jockey wheels. Better than some 3rd party ones.
Dr Hale Perfect upgrade to a worn out set
Miss Piggott Good quality component
Mr deLisser These have roller bearing in both as opposed to the older ceramic bushing design
daniel Good to get new jockey wheels as it makes gear changes crisper. Everything quietens down as well. Good genuine Shimano quality item.
matt Usual great Shimano replacement parts
N M Clyde Good value replacement part that are easy to fit. Easily identifiable as tension and guide pulley wheels with the wording stamped on them.
Mr Mills Genuine parts so guaranteed to fit right first time. Just make sure to fit them the right way round :)
Mr Shane So far no bearing play and my drivetrain feels a lot happier with fresh jockey wheels. Will probably keep a closer eye on this part in the future, as I was quite shocked how much friction the old, worn out jockey wheels were producing.