SIS Go Electrolyte - 500g Tub
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SIS Go Electrolyte - 500g TubSIS Go Electrolyte - 500g TubSIS Go Electrolyte - 500g Tub
Code: SIS-GO
SIS Go Electrolyte 500g tub.
  • Made for fast hydration plus sustained energy for before and during exercise
  • When you want a balance of energy and hydration this is the perfect option
  • Go Electrolyte gives you energy fast and contains balanced electrolytes to enhance your body’s ability to absorb water. 
  • It is light on the stomach.
  • Use before to prepare, and during sport when you are sweating heavily and need energy fast and hydration.
Mr BanhamNot yet used but I'm sure it will be as good as SIS have always been.
Mr SmithGood re fueling electrolyte
CarbomanTasty and hydrates well.
Mr WalkerGreat product, regular order for those long rides
VuongOnly used it for about 4 rides, and it seems to be working quite well. I don't get cramps on long rides anymore.
Michael HigueraHave been using SIS Go Electrolyte for years. There may be other brands out there but using this properly, long rides are cramp free.
Mr FlannaganReceived shortly after ordering, seems to be working haven't cramped on long rides since using.
Mr W.Surprisingly good taste, not overly sweet, no stomach problems, gives you an energy boost. Recommended!
KW72Tastes great and helps prevent you cramping up on your long rides.
AndyKeeps me fuelled up on the longer rides. No gastrointestinal stress
Robert DorsettThe electrolyte Power is the best one for hydration and hasa good taste.
Mr PrattLemon and Lime, I really like it, very sweet.
JosephHad this before and find it very palatable
Mr PowellNice tasting (tropical flavour), dissolves well.
Civic_numbersDoes what it says on the tub - taste is light and refreshing and being SIS the product works well and for me has no after effects.
MarkUsed in very hot weather in Majorca kept me hydrated and energised. Lemon flavour tasted nice.
JonathanThis one works for me and can tolerate the taste even after 4 hours riding.
Mr LászlóVery delicious drink!
Mr CaseQuick service from Merlin as always. Always use SIS energy products. Effective and no adverse reactions on stomach.
Mr CaseEasy on the stomach and keeps you going on those long rides
Mr NaisbittPleasant tasting and seems to do the trick. Have since bought some more.
Mr nashI can not recommend this product enough. Taste is great easy to mix keeps you hydrated and gives a great energy boost
Mr bygraveProbably the best tasting electrolyte drink I've tasted. Not too sweet and quite refreshing
Mr ParkerJust about palatable - certainly less sickly that other makes I've tried.
Mr WadgeGood value, free delivery, good product, essential for any cyclist!
Mr NicholsSis products are miles better. New shape bottle for ease of dispensing.
Mr MiddletonLove the tropical flavour, I use along side High 5's Summer fruits. There are other ways to make isotonic energy drinks, I'm just too darn lazy...
Mr MillarPartly responsible for helping me take 10 minutes off my best time for a 4 hour race. This kept me going in teh second half. Very happy.
Mr CringleExcellent hydration during both cycling and running, excellent price from Merlin and always fast and free delivery.