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Fast hydration, without energy.
  • Go Hydro contains precise levels of sodium and other electrolytes to hydrate you before and during intense exercise.
  • It was developed to keep the British sailing team optimally hydrated at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
  • Simply drop a tablet into water for effective hydration, with virtually no calories, before and during sports.
  • 20 tablets per pack.
  • WARNING:-  Cola flavour contains caffeine
SIS quality guaranteed, trusted brand for all nutritional sports products. Flavours are very palatable, fizz is just right doesn't make your full bottle become a fountain when you open it.
Pleasant taste. I use saltstick capsules for electrolyte replacement and these tablets to make plain water more palatable.
My wife uses these on longer running events and finds they give her a little bit of something else rather than just water. I use them when I've had a tummy bug, and need a little pick me up before going back on to food!
I bought those from Merlin Cycles for half the RRP. Quick delivery & Good service from MC. As for the product itself, I find it to help recovery and train harder (it is that or a decent placebo effect). Went for the Lemon taste, which is subtle. One pill in 500 ml bottle produces a nice drink, not too salty (does not make more thirsty), does not leave aftertaste .
Easy to use, great taste, can carry extra tablet(s) on the go, as they are the size of a pound coin
Used for years. Makes the water more palatable but not sickly.
These are nice, dissolve easily, good flavour so encourage you to keep hydrated.
Tastes good and is easy to dissolve in water. I tend to just use it at work when I start getting tired and a bit dehydrated in the afternoon and then I don't have to cycle home with a headache.
I ordered some more SIS Go Hydro tablets on the back of having bought the Berry flavour. Bit disappointed by the Blackcurrant which was quite weak, the Cola was better but the Berry would still be my favourite. Recommended.
Got these at a bargain, taste is great and they are sugar free!
They are my favorite tablets in the market. Their flavor are great. The taste of lemon is not too sweet.
They seem to work - flavours are a personal choice!
The weather has still been quite cold since I've been using these so I've not been that dehydrated but these tablets do seem good. They dissolve instantly. I find the lemon flavour is pleasant with no aftertaste. The flavour is not very strong when I use 1 tablet in a 750 ml bottle.
High quality tablets that does the business on longer, demanding rides to keep you going strong.
Flavour is good (cola)
These are my favourite hydration tablets. Great taste and no nasty aftertaste
I find SIS products palatable and effective. These tabs are economical and not too strong flavour at recommended dosage.
Love the product always make sure I have a tube in the house for those long distance rides
Great hydratation for a smaller price. Recommend for sure
Tastes good, and helps to keep you hydrated!
My favorite tablets in the market. Taste of lemon without being too sweet.
Perfect for keeping hydration levels up and reducing cramp risk.
I brought the berry flavour. It tasted great, not too sweet and sickly like some of the other brands.
The Mango flavour tastes good!
Quite nice tabs and would purchase again.
Lemon version tastes fine and does the job. No complaints. I find with all brands of hydration tab that the basic citrus flavours are more palatable.
While these offer the rehydration required on longer rides, the overall taste isnt the greatest. Quick and easy to use.
Perfect for helping prevent leg cramps on longer rides - add to your hydration pack or take a few tablets with you if you're going all day and need to refill. The flavour encourages you to stay hydrated and doesn't remain in your reservoir if you use plain water after. A must for longer rides/ hotter days/ wrong clothes choice ridng!
Great flavours, mix well into water. Seem to help on longer rides.
Easy to prepare and tastes great. Has not let me down on tough rides.
Tasty little juice drink love all these flavours
Nice contrasting taste & helps rapid re-hydration!
Taste good, excellent value too.
Love the SIS Go Hydro tabs have switched full time from sugary based types and loving the berry flavour in particular.
I have all flavor of cola, lemon, berry. After having those tablets on my water bottle, didn't get any cramp on legs. Recommend.
Like the berry smell,. 2 tablets just nice for 750ml water. The lemon give a fresh feeling after some distance. Will definitely restock.
Good quality and good flavour. I will buy more now!
Pleasant taste and easy to drink, not too sweet.
I like the citrus flavour. Handy tabs to help avoid loss of salts and prevent cramps.
Very tasty and helps me stay hydrated
I take these out running with me, dissolved in water and really keeps you re-hydrated especially on these warm sticky days.
These I would highly recommend for those long rides giving more energy than just flavoured water.
Easy on the stomach and dissolve well.
Not too sweet and keep me fueled.
Great value. Good taste. Would buy again
Nice taste and good value in a 20 tablet tube
I find these great to ensure I stay correctly hydrated. I find them easy on my stomach and tasty.
Whether it's in the mind or real, these tablets help my recovery time from exercising.
Always use these in Dubai. Essential in summer, and also for hangovers!
These keep me going when on a ride. Replace minerals lost through a hot day. Fast delivery.
Great flavours, quick to dissolve...mix well with energy powder as well..
Very good, I bought lemon flavour, as when you have all the sweet gels and energy bars, it feels good to have something bitter.
Refreshing, good taste and seem to do the job
Amazing. Cheaper than competitors, just about as nice, and brilliant hydration, cramp relief. I've started using them at work now for generally staying awake - works a treat. One suggestion would be to dilute them a bit more than 1 tab to 500ml - seems to work just as well and slightly nicer to drink I've found
Good for after your ride. No calories so it doesn't put back all the fat you've just burned off. For me, the flavours are better than other similar products.
Usually use different product with a 5 in the title but find this equally as good and the berry flavour is really nice
Works better that water alone. I don't have that "thirst" a few hours after now due to sodium loss through sweat.
Awesomeness in a tube
Much more convenient than measuring out powdered energy drinks!
These taste so much better than the Electrolyte drink...much easier to consume during races. Highly recommended.
Great Product, Very tasty and seem to hit the spot.
very similar to the zeros have had no cramps during races would recommend.