SIS Rego Rapid Recovery - 500g Tub
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SIS Rego Rapid Recovery - 500g TubSIS Rego Rapid Recovery - 500g Tub
SIS Rego Rapid Recovery Sports Drink 500g tub.
  • Rego combines a special mix of complex carbohydrates, fructose and protein, which has been shown to give a rapid improvement in recovery from hard exercise.
  • Rego is the ideal post exercise drink and is especially useful after hard training sessions.
  • Rego was inspired by Chris Boardman who had experimented mixing the carbohydrate energy drink (PSP22) with protein powder.
  • Rego has been used by Chris, and many other top athletes and sportsmen since its launch in 1995.
ArnoGood flavour. Probably works in reducing DOMS after a harsh work out.
MarkFantastic recovery drink. Helps me rehydrate and definitely speeds up my recovery and muscle rebuild.
MBuzTastes nice and has the desired effect.
Mr KSGood for post exercise recovery. No adverse effect to digestive system. No residual smell in drinking bottle.
Mr TowersWorks well for me after a long or hard ride, legs seem to recover better the next day for a glug of this !
MarkHas fast become a post ride ritual, definitely beneficial in aiding recovery and muscle rebuild.
Mr WalkerEssential for quick recovery and to help replenish store’s
MichaelStrawberry flavour is best of any brand I have tried, seems to work nutritionally as well, have it after most of my rides
Mr NeishMy favorite recovery drink. Not sure if it's any better than any other brand but it's easy to mix and I love the taste.
Miss ROBINSONFind SIS is good for me, especially where I suffer from IBS.
David KerrMy go to recovery drink after a long ride. Love the banana flavour
SageThis is the first time i used this. I cant believe how much it works. The pain in my legs after a long run only lasted a few hours instead of 3-4 days. I would highly recommend it.
TrevorRego has been my recovery drink of choice for years. It just works!
MarkDefinitely makes a difference in recovery and muscle rebuild.
Mr LangridgeThis is great for recovery when riding the turbo every day. The Banana tastes pretty good too.
MarkNice stuff, a great way to get both protein and fluids into your body post workout.
MarkMakes a decent milkshake, tasty and gets you re-hydrated quickly. Plus the protein aids recovery and muscle rebuild.
Mr MichalFor me taste is best on market.
RichardWorked wonders on LEJOG ride. One dose after every day's ride and we were fresh and ready to go the next morning. Compared with usual Sunday ride where I am wiped out for rest of the day.
Mr MachellI find this product a must have aid in recovery , doesn't have that powdery artifical taste
AsierAs expected, good option for recovery and nice flavour
Lord HUsed for several years to keep fingers out of biscuit tin after longer rides. Who knows whether it does any good? It's just voodoo really....
G WilliamsEasy to mix without leaving lumps and tastes really good.
Mr MawsonGood stuff, used it a few times now after cycling and enduro (hare and hounds)racing and it certainly does improve that next day tiredness and muscle ache. Chocolate is the best flavour IMO.
Mr ButterfieldExcellent, helps minimise muscle ache after training
jimDelicious and easy way to get some calories in quickly after a hard ride. Wasn't so keen on the other flavours but the chocolate is superb.
Mr MorrisI liked to keep one of these made up in fridge before i go on 40+ milers and feel no aches or stiffness next day.
BigMacSeems to be effective, less muscle sorenes the day after a ride