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The Rolls Royce of mudguards!
  • Available in 700c wheel size 35 or 45mm width
  • Available in silver or black
  • SKS are the Rolls-Royce of mudguards; they are virtually unbreakable and are very elegant
  • The stainless steel v-shaped stays make for easy fitting and the quick release Secu-clips are far safer than standard fixings, preventing front wheel lock up in case of a foreign object getting trapped between guard and wheel
  • The mudguards have no sharp edges and are amazingly flexible
  • The production process involves the encapsulation of fine aluminium foil within a matrix of high performance plastic
  • This process provides high resistance to corrosion and results in a high degree of flexibility
  • Virtually unbreakable product
  • Secu Clip 'break-away' fittings on front stays
  • 3.4 mm Stainless steel fittings/stays
Karl Excellent product and excellent service.
Mr Ryder Arrived quickly, well packed and as advertised. Bought to replace broken similar guards - they only get 4 stars as although they are strong and well designed, my experience of SKS guards is that you only get a few years out of them as they always fail with the rivets holding the stay bridges in place snapping. You can only bodge them with nuts and bolts or cable ties for a limited period before they too enlarge the holes in the stays to the point where they rattle too much Seems to be consistent failure point, but still good value
Mr Williams A good quality product, I've already had the narrower ones, now needed wider for a gravel bike. Fitting straightforward.
BPH Bought to go with the Malt-G. Strong and sturdy mudguard that does what its supposed to do. Rear guard was fitted in assembly and the front was a cinch to fit and didnt need any adjustment thanks Merlin.
marcus Great mudguards, The last set of these that I had lasted for 7000 miles, so great value for money.
Mr Mcfeely Great mudguards, nice and wide, keeps the bike clean on muddy roads
James Sturdy mudguards, good protection from the wet, and Merlin installed them perfectly on my new bike
DAVID These are high quality, fit well and I am sure will last forever.
Wayne Good quality mudguards as fiddly as most mudguards are to fit but hopefully should last the winter due to the quality.
Mr Coopland As good as ever. I like the new lock on cap for the end of the stays and the plastic bit for the tip of the front guard.
Mr Buckman No problems, and set up accurately. Nice touch having fixing lugs on inside of forks.
Mr Hepburn Mine came already fitted to the bike I ordered from Merlin, so I didn't have to fit them. Good close fitting mudguards with good metal stays that don't rattle. The front mudguards is fairly close to the road so spray is minimal. Good product from SKS.
Mr Armour I bought these to fit to my custom built Kinesis Racelight 4S disc, as they are recommended by Kinesis. A certain amount of bending was required, for the front struts, but this was documented by Kinesis, so was not difficult. The adjustability of the strut attachment points makes it easy to set the guards up for the size of tyres you have, and the stiffness of the struts makes for a rattle free ride. Add to this, the sleek, understated looks, and the overall package is a winner. Definitely recommended , if you want a dry posterior whilst looking stylish.
Alastair A little bit of persuasion required to keep these away from the front tyre (rear was fine). All seems fine so far.
John Anfield Very fiddly and time-consuming to fit, even more so than my previous pair bought over 10 years ago. I don't understand the point of the new style end-caps for the stays because you have to fit everything, cut the stays, take it all apart then refit with the end caps. And there is a stupid new plastic 'peak' on the front mudguard which is 2-3mm thick and rubs on the tyre under the mudguard itself. I took mine off, but was left with an unsightly hole in the front of the guard. Hard to believe that anyone could design anything so unsuitable.. Having said all that, once they are on, they are solid and they do the job much better than Crud Racers (they rub, and break easily) or SKS Race Guards (they work, but only provide partial protection). Surely in the 21st century someone could design some decent mudguards which are easier to fit?
Mr Lurie Excellent product. A bit tricky to put the mudguards on, but well worth the effort. Delivered on time by Merlin
Stewpot Easy to fit and work well, don't rattle on the bike. The stays on the rear could do with being a bit longer. Packaging said these were P45s but that 35mm tyres is the max, which is bit counter intuitive. Still, I've got them to fit, just, over 35mm semi slicks and so far so good
Mr Bennett Delivery was first class. The mudguards were as described. But be aware, as I wasn't that clued up, I went for the 35mm mudguards and the max tyre width is 28mm. Fitting was fine and the finished results I was really pleased with. They sit firmly in place and are effective in keeping my feet, legs and backside dry. Perfect for my daily commute in all this rain we've had for the last couple of months!
K Tommo Very nice mudguards at a great price. You can't go wrong with SKS.
Mr McQuarrie Took me ages to fit, but that's down to my incompetence rather than the quality of the product.
Mr Stone Excellent mudguards that do the job and look pretty good as well.
the jedi Mr edwards Fast delivery & best Price. Fitted to the bike in 1 hour. Apart from the cutting of the metal stays. Had to borrow a hack saw. They fit well to my kinesis racelight with 23mm tyres and don't rattle about on the bike already done 300 miles. Would recommend these to anyone.
Mr Marks Brilliant, easy to fit and I stay dryer
Simon Naylor Easy to fit, stop you backside and feet getting too wet, and protect your riding buddies. Does what it says on the tin :-)
Mr Jackson The Rolls Royce of mudguards. Exceptionally good,
Mr Searle Good mudguards, easy to fit and stay in place - worth spending the extra. Delivery was excellent - well packed and arrived within 2 days
Mr Burke Decided to winter-up the old Allez. Strictly speaking the bike is a bit close clearance for conventional mudguards especially around the forks, so if attempting this be prepared to spend a bit of time and do a bit of fettling. Good quality guards that should last a few winters. Usual brilliant delivery from Merlin...cheers!!
Mr Nelis I live in NZ where it rains ALOT. Strange then that virtually no-one uses SKS guards. Keep me nice a dry when the weather turns really foul.
Mr Klasson Good quality at a reasonable price. Fit and forget!
Mr Quine Best Mudguards money can buy. Easy fit and a competitive price