SKS RaceBlade Long Version 2 Mudguards - Black
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SKS RaceBlade Long Version 2 Mudguards - Black
SKS RaceBlade Long Version 2 Mudguards in Black fit 18 - 25mm tyres
  • Show your fellow riders you care; fit the best coverage mudguards you can get for your racing or winter bike
  • Extra length and larger spoilers mean almost zero wheel spray to help maintain group-ride harmony
  • Designed specifically for road race bikes without standard mudguard clearance
  • Mudguards can be removed and fitted in minutes, leaving only a minimal fixing bracket under the brake callipers
  • Ultra tough CAB plastic blade is stiff and light, more resistant to UV damage than standard plastics, and carries an aluminium foil strip sandwiched between the layers of plastic to improve rigidity and lifespan
  • The adjustable brackets use 3.4 mm stainless steel stays to provide extra stiffness, and the length is adjustable to help offer the perfect fit
  • Race Blade Longs fit 18-25 mm tyres
  • Weight: 493 grams


BryanFitted no problem on 28mm tyres, loads of clearance, GCN do a better fitting video on you tube then the manufacturer SKS, the only rattle is from the nose piece which doesn't do much anyway, I may discard this bit... All in all good looking good quality guards
PeterEasy to fit and they keep the mud and water away. The small section on the front mudguard is important to keep the head-tube clean. Only issue is this part can vibrate off, so check securely fixed and check again!
CaroleVery pleased with mudguards. Easy, even for me, to fit. Not moved or rattled even on rough roads.
Mr RossI'm really pleased with this item. They do the job very well in keeping the vast majority of spray and dirt away from myself and the bike. They are relatively easy to fit and stay in place well.
StephenA good set of mud guards for bikes that don't have the frame clearance for conventional mud guards. Fitting is simple enough just as well as the instructions are useless. Once they are extended to allow for tyre clearance then they work well. I only fitted the main guards as the smaller parts rattle and offer little protection.
Jude BurcombeThese are a very good option for my Trek Madone 2.1 road bike which does not have mounting holes for mudguards. They are very light and were quite easy to fit in 20 minutes. I found they did not rub at all straight after fitting and no adjustment was required. The only downside is the front part of the front guard vibrates a bit while riding, but this is a minor gripe. They can be removed in 30 seconds, leaving the brackets in place for quick reattachment. A very good product.
Mr SmithVery light and very effective
Mr Pearteasy to fit, good tyre clearance (25mm) - long enough to keep the spray off you and the person behind
Mr BAKERWell impressed with these guards. Easy to fit and give great protection to me and my fellow riders, particularly with the very wet winter we have had. The quick release fastenings means taking them off when not needed is really simple.
TonyGood product - second set I've had. The clips can be a bit tough to open so perhaps not quite so slick but maybe later versions have improved on this. I was replacing a rear guard so stayed with the older version.
ChrisIt took a while to install the mudguards, but once on, they were fantastic at keeping water away from clothes/face/bag. My only complaint is that the front mudguard (the small plastic bit that sits in front of your handlebars as you look down), wobbles like crazy; it's simply not sturdy enough and does sometimes hit the wheel.
Mr WarehamInitially I was concerned about if this would fit at the rear due to very close clearance. Needn’t have worried. Not sure if there is enough clearance for 25c tyres, 2 c no problem. Good set of guards without conventional fittings.
Mr ClarkeThe guards were a good price and delivery was excellent. Now have ridden my bike with the guards fitted I can say they seem good value. I would buy from Merlin cycles again.
BrianThe Sks Raceblades are a quality product. If you want to keep yourself and the bike clean through the winter these mudguards are brilliant. A little fiddly to fit but worth the effort. The front wheel short section does vibrate a little but as long as you have enough clearance then it's OK. I would highly recommend these mudguards if you can't fit full ones on your road bike. Plus got them at a great price on Merlin Cycles. 👍
Mr DavisSmart, practical and relatively easy to fit. Very happy with this product.
paraicGreat service and great mudguards. I have tried crudz as well as sks clip on mudguards but these are by far the best. Fit fine on a ribble gran fondo
Mr RoweGreat design, easy to fit on a race bike. Give good protection. Better than race blades more rigid.
Mr DaveyVery good mudguard and had no problems setting up on my Wilier
Mr russellThe guards were very easy to fit to my Merckx steel framed bike & today they have kept me dry in very inclement weather. Have added soft rubber button to end of rear guard to stop persistent rattle on seat tube.
JohnFirst time using mud guards for my winter steed. As I’m not very handy with mechanics I opened these with some trepidation expecting much struggling and swearing ! 15 mins later guards were fitted with no problems whatsoever,. The guards do exactly as they say on the tin and I’ve had a dry butt since and my riding companions have not been sprayed with road debris. Great product easy fitting and works.
Mr LordVery good. Didn't take that long to attach, and only needed tools I had around the house.
G CupThese are a lot better than Raceblade V1s, but unfortunately they don't work on my frame with standard drop (Campagnolo brakes) - they need long-drop calipers. Also, they do say this, but just to reiterate - they are *definitely* not compatible with 28mm tyres
Mr BrownPerfect for what I needed. Wanted good mudgards for bike with very little clearance between brake and tyre. Also with no stay fixing holes required. These work very well, good fit and they don`t rattle like some others.
Mr BouckaertThe do their work very well,easy to mount.
TARAAbsolutely love these! Can't believe I went so long without them. Even in really heavy rain, on my short commute (6km) I can get home with dry legs and shoes.
JasonUsed them last night On a hilly very rainy night and they work great. A little rattly and not the prettiest but a needs must which does the job.
Mr MikkelsenFits perfect
mattBrought these as my old sks Raceblade long had broke, these are updated and don't fit the old sks parts so had to replace all the bits to make these fit on my bike. Bit fiddly to fit the brackets under the brakes, you need to remove the whole brake as to put the pin through the holes in the brackets(the old type had a slot so only needed to loosen them) but good coverage and easy to remove When we get some dry weather.
PaulFor a novice it was a little tricky to fit but once I had done the first wheel the second was easy enough. Tried and tested in the rain and they do the job well.
Mr LeeUsed them for the first time on Sunday 28/10/18 on a club ride really good quality easy to install and remove when taking wheels off. Merlin offered good price and excellent dalivery.
DanielHad a set of the originals that have lasted 4 years. Bit knackered now hence buying the new revised set. Not actually fitted them yet but build quality seems better than the Mk1s
Mr CoakleyBeing new to the UK, fitting mudguards to a perfectly functional road bike seemed a bit of heresy to me. The recent return of Winter during Spring convinced me to get these fitted though. :) The fitment was a bit fiddly (GCN on YouTube has a better fitment video than the official SKS video), but I managed in the end. After I'd opened the packaging and looked through all the pieces, I was convinced I was going to have an issue with the dropouts on my bike (Cube Attain Race 2017), as they have a semi-circular profile sticking out the sides which would foul the mounts if the mudguard is fitted exactly as per spec. However, by rotating the mounts fully to the back of the rear guard, the mounts fitted with room to spare. This also has the advantage of reducing rattles from the guard. It took a bit of fiddling to adjust them, especially ensuring that the bottom of the brake calipers weren't catching on the tabs. In the end, they fitted well, and are very secure. I've fitted a frame protector next to the bottom of the rear guard to keep it from scratching the frame. In use, the only minor issue is that the front piece of the front guard rattles a bit over bumpy surfaces. I've fortunately not had to use them in wet weather yet, but I'm not expecting any issues. Recommended.
Mr eldridgeWas dubious of these after trying the Crud guards a few years ago but these are great so far, next best thing to full guards (if you have a bike that can't take full ones). Front tip vibrates a bit but that`s it
MBI'm overall very happy with these: they were easy to install, despite the warning on the box that only a "professional or competent person" should do so; the coverage is great; and they look pretty stylish. My only beef is that the front extender (piece covering the part of the front wheel in front of the handlebars) bounces a bit and hits the wheel when going over bumps in the road.
MikeDesigned for cycles that don't have mudguard eyelets, theses attach to the QR skewers and brake bridges. It's worth spending a little time to get them to fit properly. Once correctly fitted, it takes just a few moments to remove or replace them as needed. They have enough coverage to keep your feet dry and not spray anyone cycling behind you, ideal for the club run.
GordieloonAs usual a fast delivery from Merlin. Nice looking mudguards (as far as mudguards can be!!) I am a mechanic so found them easy enough to fit. First ride out with them on, on my usual wet, muddy side roads and found that I hardly had a splatter on me, full marks so far!!
BirdAbsolutely brilliant easy to fit and no need for Mudguard Eyes!
GoodhorseThese mudguards look as good as mudguards can. Although time consuming they were easy to fit. They are however, not as easy to unclip. The mounting brackets that attatch to the wheel spindles do make getting your wheel off a bit fiddly. The front piece seems very springy, but on the whole I'm really pleased with them. Much better than the crud racer ones that I had and abandoned.
DevaneyExcellent mudguard . Fitted to a My Van NIcolaus racer. Easy to fit, excellent quality when compared to others I've installed before. Works really well. I'd recommend them to my cycling buddies.
GreenBetter coverage than the Crud roadracers they are replacing, bit heavier but not as much noise. Again a bargain price
JamesA big improvement over the original Raceblade whch attach to the frame. Much sturdier and don't get knocked out of alignment constantly!
Mr BishopA well made made product whose design is inevitably compromised by the need to accommodate the lack of wheel clearance. The rear sections and stay location on the skewers are good, but the brackets connecting to the caliper bolts are weak. They also leave a gap of about 8cm between the front and rear mudguard sections. Both the 15cm front sections are cantilevered off a bracket and can flutter. The shortness of this section on the rear mudguard leaves the bottom bracket area exposed to water and mud and is most disappointing. It took a lot of time and care to set an even clearance with the tyre. They look easy to unclip when not needed and refit. These are one of the best of a limited range of race blade type mudguards where none are perfect. I have the black ones, but think the silver would look better.
MacSweenThese are much improved over the previous version - the grey plastic tabs that linked the blade to the clip mounts are now metal and closed over from the wheel side. Looks much better design. Mounting brackets are curved to accommodate the revised clip area on the blades themselves and seem to fit better and helps clearance. There is a long detailed thread on bike radar about these worth checking out if you are thinking of trying them. I was a fan of the last version and reckon these are a genuine improvement in design.
Mr KingsleyThese mudguards arrived within a few days of ordering and were very easy to fit in my opinion. My bike doesn't have mudguard mounts but using the right brackets (several lengths are supplied) and adjusting as directed means they will sit nicely above each tyre without rubbing. Happy customer :) !
Mr MatonGreat purchase, a bit awkward to fit but once they're fitted they're a great solution for wet rides, highly recommended.
Mr MorrisonGood sturdy mudguards, easy to fit - had to shave a bit of plastic off the top end of the front guard to stop snagging on the cables going the downtube though. Prompt delivery from Merlin.
Mr lenaghanExcellent product, easily fitted with the benefit of being easily removed should you come across a fantastic day and don't want the look of mudguards spoiling your fab looking racer
Andrew NealThese work almost as well fixed mudguards. There are four main parts, the two long pieces for the rear of each wheel, and two little pieces that go ahead of the brakes. The little pieces are a bit pointless and shake around a bit, but the long pieces are rock solid and high quality. The flaps at the ends are particularly good at keeping spray off your shoes and the person behind. They are easy to fit, and clip off when not needed. However, the clips can be very stiff and hard to open, particularly in the awkward to reach front-of-rear-brake position. Overall, these are expensive but worth the money if you want good, stable mudguards that really work, but that you don't have to leave on your pretty naked road bike all the time. Much better than the short raceblades, which are very unstable and don't keep your feet dry.
Andy Pryer-SmithHad been trying to get hold of a pair of these for a while now so well chuffed to have seen them here. They are a doddle to fit and no bangs or rattles while riding. I've put them on a Giant Defy XL as what Giant don't tell you is their mudguards don't fit the XL frame. They're very secure recently took the bike to Norfolk from Wales on the car roof rack, lots of motorway travelling and they were still there at the other end. Little bit of a fiddle if you get a puncture as they are secured by the skewer but no rubbing after. I guess the only drawback is the price but it's a case of you get what you pay for and Merlin were discounting them at the time.
Mr KerridgeDid much research before purchasing these and it paid off. Fitted much more easily than I expected before heading out for group cycle. I was dry and so was the person behind me which was actually the main reason for the purchase. Didn`t fit the rubber end sections to keep the bulk down but they worked fine without these. Afterwards I whipped them off in seconds and popped the bike back on the turbo. These are great mudguards which is more than can be said for some others in the group who were stopping to make adjustments because of continual snagging and rubbing. I felt quite smug with my new purchase!!
GWEasy to fit and so far so good, much more robust than the Crudracers I've been using for the last couple of years!
Mr GethingI am really pleased with these. They were a bit of a fiddle to fit, but they keep me and the bike remarkably free water and road dirt. The quick release system is an absolute doddle to manage. You can remove the RaceBlades in a matter of seconds and replace them just as easily. I would recommend them to anyone.
Mrs DidsburyService from Merlin Cycles outstanding; received item very quickly. Delighted with the mudguards. Bought them to go on my new carbon bike and wanted it to look as good as possible. Have used other types in past on other bikes and these are definitely the best. They look sleek, seem lightweight. Done a couple of 60 milers and no problems, no rattling and best of all kept myself and anyone riding behind me dry. Would definitely recommend!
Mr GoobermanBeen using cruds for a years but they eventually disintegrated from daily commuting. Moved up to these - easy to fit, like the quick release meachanism and feel more like a quaity product - OK so they are a bit heavier but in the grand scheme of things does not matter. Fitted them in 30 minutes.
Mr RamsayThese are my second pair of sks Raceblade's, I have donated my old pair to my wife. I wanted more coverage for myself and my fellow club riders, these do just the trick. Not only more coverage but so much more sturdy and removable if the winter weather suddenly takes a turn for the better. Solid when fitted properly (which only took 15mins). Very impressed, these are the only mud guards I would use and recommend to friends, I cannot recommend them enough!!! Get a pair!!!
Mr HanthornGreat Job keep me nice and clean and dry now. easy to fit and remove. I would rate them highly
Mr BrownThe SKS Raceblades arrived promptly and the quality and finish of the product looks very good .Unfortunately as they were bought as a present for Christmas they have yet to be fitted and tried on the Bike.Other club members have used these guards and praise their ease of fitting over similar products and it was on this recommendation that I purchased the Raceblades.I will write a full reveiw when I get them back off "Santa."
Mr StewartVery well made. Great improvement over the Race Guards I have on my other bike. Better coverage and easier to fit in a hurry. Far superior to the Crud Guards I also have which are just too dam fiddley and always rub on the tyres. 5 stars to SKS.
Geoff WILLIAMSONGood product. Prompt delivery. Great price. Excellent value. I would certainly look to Merlin for future cycling items.
Mr NealeThese guards are very easy to fit and very effective at keeping the worst of the grime off you and your bike. They are however very fiddly to keep in precisely the correct spot as otherwise they rub on your tyre. When setup correctly they are fine. They also require very little clearance between frame and tyre
Mr ellisEasy to fit and do the job well. Suitable for close clearance bikes.
Mr WolstencroftMudguards are good quality, easy to fit and offer great protection . Merlin service, price and delivery were all fantastic as usual. Thanks
Mr Duffy-PennyMudguards for a road bike don't get any better. Easy to fit and very quick to remove. Best that I've seen.
Mr LefeverAll my mates who have seen these mudguards are converted - a must for the serious rider putting in big miles on UK roads!