Sportique Century Riding Chamois Cream
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Sportique Century Riding Chamois Cream
Code: SPQ06
Sportique Century Riding Chamois Cream
Soothes & prevents chafing. Prevent & soothe damaging friction due to chaffing irritations before they begin. Eliminate soreness from skin rubbing on skin and skin on clothing. Superior protection from chaffing caused by tight clothes, shoes, sport equipment, or ordinary clothes rubbing against the skin. 
  • Non irritating. Keeps skin pores clog free.
  • Promotes and supports biological skin defenses and natural healing.
  • Suitable for entire body, groin, joins, under arms, feet and heels.
  • Suitable to use under heart monitors, sports bras and tight running, marathon, or triathlon attire.
  • Non staining formula. Perfect for everywhere, everyday under daily clothes application.
  • Soothe and helps heal overextended, tired skin even "day after", if you forgot to use it.
WENDYIt’s the only one I use !
peterI've been using this product for years, tried others as it's sometimes hard to find but nothing comes close to how good this is
Mr MitchellGreatly improved comfort for the rear end. Highly recommended
Mr PowellBetter than the last tub of cream I bought from a different brand. This one lasts longer yet doesn't seem as sticky or messy.
Mr EdwardsFirst time using this product. The smell is very different to other chamois creams, not unpleasant, it has quite a 'woody' fragrance. I did a 4 hour ride yesterday, it worked very well for the first 3+ hours and I could just about feel it on my skin afterwards. My early impression is that you would need to reapply at the 4 hour mark.
Pumos ClasayGood chamois cream. I don't notice it while riding...which is a good thing.
Mr PeacockArhhhh, relief! Won’t go on a ride without it.
JASONGo to Chamois cream. Excellent service from Merlin as usual.
Nick RPleasant and economical to use, and does make a noticeable difference on longer rides.
williamGood value long lasting and easy to apply best I have used
Mr MamosDelivered promptly, excellent cream with good anti bacterial properties.
DAVIDreally impressed with this chamois cream used plenty of others but this one seems to be leading at the present thumbs up from me
GarrysdadThe cream does perform like the more well known brands. I've yet to try it on a long ride.
Mr FrenchThis is the best cream available, just the right consistency and works really well. I have switched from more expensive alternatives and love this cream!
IanDoes the job well and smells nice.
MickIt's the only cream I've found that stops me getting sore, down there. In the cool weather it squeezes out almost like putty but as a result it seems to just stay where you put it. I actually ride in quite hot, humid conditions and it stays with me. Haven't had any issues with it staining bib shorts. The smell is a natural one not medicinal and as a result I've even used it on other skin abrasions to great affect and not felt self conscious about having it on around non-cyclists.
Mr Chris WoodGood to see this product readily available 2018/19. To my mind it's the best out there.
donaldKeeps you comfy for miles