Sportsbalm Performance Warming Series Hot Muscle Balm - 150ml
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Sportsbalm Performance Warming Series Hot Muscle Balm - 150ml
Code: 59030
Massage balm idea for use in cold and wet conditions.

Strong warming massage balm for use in cold and wet conditions, massage into muscle and tendons. Promotes blood flow and warms the muscles. 

What can you expect from the Sportsbalm Series Hot Muscle Repair Lotion?

  • 0oC - 5oC (32oF - 41oF)
  • Apply 15-30 minutes before performance
  • Strong warming
  • Breathable
  • Protective
  • Waterproof
  • Avoid eye contact

Sportsbalm -  Professional Muscle Care

Mr HannaExcellent for warming the muscles on the legs pre-race, leaves them feeling loose and supple-perfect for winter.
Mr coatesgreat product keeps muscles warm as described
Mr RICESeems to be on par with the DZ Nuts that I had been using in the past. Its not as viscous as DZ but it seems to have the same kind of heat anyway which works for me.
Mr Mc CallinGreat for these cold mornings on the bike.
travisGreat stuff, my daughter uses it when playing softball in the fall months. It keeps her muscles warm and loose while being the pitcher on the team. She loves it.
Richie M NZCertainly the hottest embro I've used - even compared to my own concoction! If you are of a sensitive disposition or prone to careless slathering then beware, it says 'hot' on the pot for a bloody good reason. Lasted well on a +5 hr ride and seemed to reactivate during post-ride shower which made me both cry and giggle like a schoolgirl :) Rest assured, using AFTER you've applied your chammy cream is a mistake you will only make once!!! :) Awesome stuff.
PaulUsed the Sportsbalm embrocation for years, great product and excellent service from the folks at Merlin Cycles for the speedy despatch and delivery
Mr PARKAn essential warming cream in midwinter riding below zero degrees. I recommend using it several times.
KoalaHot Stuff!! Really works well.
MorganThis is easily the best embrocation out there. Be careful to wash your hands after applying though!
smithPut this on before refereeing and stayed warm and supple even after the match. Great product.
Mr ConnairNice and warm. Cold, wet cyclocross races feel great. Especially on the ride home.