Squirt Chain Lube – 120ml
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Squirt Chain Lube – 120ml
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Squirt Chain Lube – 120ml

Squirt is a unique chain lubricant – it contains waxes and water in emulsion form that stays clean, lasts long and extends drive train life. Squirt's wax-based formula is ideal for all types of bicycle chains in all types of conditions. From e-bikes to road and mountain bikes, from sunshine to snow, Squirt is developed to give better lubrication, last longer and keep the chain cleaner over longer distances.


  • Promotes a clean, smooth-running chain that repels dirt
  • Improved shifting and no chain-suck
  • Extends the life of your drivetrain
  • Increased drivetrain efficiency up to 5 watts
  • Easy to apply
  • 100% biodegradable
James Keeps chain clean but can create a waxy gunk. The waxy gunk is easier to clean than a dirty chain though.
Mark Very impressed after 1st ride.. very smooth gear changing and reduced drive noise.
Peter I've been using this for about 3 (summer) months now and I'm very impressed. It's not quite as smooth as a clean chain with wet lube but the chain remains impressively clean (despite on and off road use) and only needs a dry wipe before reapplication. It is also more economical than the dry lubes of the past with which you had to smother your chain for them to work.
Mr Telford Wanted to try this chain lube after reading good reviews. Only used it for the last 2 weeks - it seems to do the job and leave less gunge on the drive train when compared to my previous dry lube. . Excellent value from Merlin with prompt 48 hour delivery
Mr Smith Great lube, keeps the drivetrain clean
discovolo very smooth and clean wax lube. I reapply pretty much after every ride but it does not need degreasing, so its a quick top up after a passing the chain through a clean cloth to remove any dirt.
Mr Mercadal Farr Been using it for years. It's one of those products that you just do not want to change
Alan My go to lube for both road and MTB
alex I tried this after a recommendation. So far I like it - no build up of black gunk on my drivetrain, and the waxy coating of this lube stays intact.
Jonathan I'd been using 'Wet Lube' and living with the almost immediate transformation of my nice clean chain into a black sticky mess. A friend gave me a tiny bottle pf Squirt Chain Lube to try and I'm amazed at the contrast. After cleaning and applying the lube twice and letting it dry, my bike was straight away much quieter with greatly reduced chain noise. I'm finding that I need to re-lube less frequently and the chain stays so much cleaner, a real boon if you have a rear puncture. I did worry that it would fail on a wet ride but I have had 2 or 3 now and the lube keeps on working. A wipe down of the chain with some GT82 on a cloth tidies it up very quickly if you feel the time has come to apply Squirt again. It's a quality lube with good manners that isn't a magnet for dirt, well worth a try.
Daniel I am really happy with this lube for wet wintry conditions on my gravel bike. It’s the best I have found so far at keeping the chain lubricated whilst not attracting loads of grit.
Mr Richards Been using this all year round for a year or so on my MTB & Gravel Bike. Its a clean option for lubing the chain and works well . Just need to lube the chain more often than with a wet lube.
Mr Pilling Really impressed. Wish I'd tried it sooner. Chain stays clean, easy to apply. Game changer!
Mr Edwards Excellent. I have been using this for a couple of years now. I find it to be long lasting, much cleaner than traditional lubes and it ensures my drivetrain runs smoothly and quietly.
David Stevenson This product is easy to apply to a bike chain it's viscosity means that it doesn't leave any mess.
Mr MacEwan Great lube - doesn't attract dirt like normal chain lube.
Chris Turner Lovely clean lube. Still need to see how well it works in wet weather, but I'm sure I won't need to wait long.
Mr MCLEESE So far so good. Only used a couple of times but seems to do a good job.
George Great lub, my chain is now a lot more quiet and efficient.
Mr harry Great lube. Works well and lasts, even in the wet.
DRPen Have been using this for a few years and a huge fan. Great lube, easy to apply and keeps the chain set cleaner than any other lube I’ve used. Highly recommended.
arrkayteee Quite high maintenance, but I’m impressed enough with how clean it keeps the chain that I’m ordering some more. A clean chain must prolong life.
Benjamin The best lube ive used so far. Not as clean as some dry lubes but it doesn’t wash off in the rain. Still alot cleaner than wet lubes
jon I’ve started using this lube in the last 6 months, without doubt it’s extended the life of my chain.
Mr Wilson I use this on all of my bikes, all year round and would not go back to conventional lubes.
Glenn My first time using squirt chain lube after some research uncovered that this and a couple of other products tested superior on performance and reduced chain wear. So a bit of an experiment for me after using finishline tephlon plus dry lube for years. At first blush, I’m quite pleased, forms a dry wax on the chain and is somewhat self cleaning. Takes a bit more effort to prepare chain but if it’s done properly (Night before) I think it’s worth it if your looking for all round performance enhancements.
DK Decent chain lube. I only use it in dry conditions but, it seems to keep the drive train quiet and its noticeably cleaner than using conventional lubes. The bottle size and design for application is also good.
Mazza Great lube that doesn’t leave your chain black and oily.
SevenW Best clean lube ever! On a waxed chain this is a brilliant top up. Does not leave any black residue on clean grease free chains.
martin Excellent product, does keep the chain free of gunk.
Nic Switching back to squirt after trying a couple others. Mainly dry riding, so this stuffs ideal. Reg applularication needed.
BCR Amazing lube, can shed black residue but works very well in all weather.
Mike Brilliant stuff! Make sure you degrease the chain properly before the first application. Keeps the chain clean, no more black gunk! Best lube I have found.
Christian So far so good 100 miles in and the chain is clean and quiet. Make sure you fully degrease before applying as per instructions
Mr B Dog Works well - no more degreasing and cleaning! This stuff is wax and forms a protective barrier. Really impressed.
Rufus Awesome this stuff, it's a never look back moment. Really easy to re-apply as no dirt sticks to it, great in wet and dry conditions , splendid
Mr Peart Been using squirt for years and all all weathers. Keeps everything clean and running smooth. In winter months I rag the chain clean and reapply every 50miles. Great stuff
Ken Dodd's Dad's Dog An excellent product. After years of trying various options, this is THE best chain lube. Everything stays clean, lubricates well and doesn't wash off. Apply to chain and run though all the gears to coat everything, best the day before so it dries.
watlina Excellent lube. I've tried them all, wet and dry but use Squirt all year round on all my bikes. I just works
Jeff The goto lube for my road bike, silent, easy to apply and the chain always stay clean, no more degreasing, just wipe of the bits of dust and dirt and re-apply every two weeks.
Steve Harrison Great product. Need to thoroughly degrease new chain before application. Chain then runs really smoothly and stays quite clean. Just a quick wipe with a dry cloth after a ride is sufficient..Lasts a long time before re-application is necessary so bottle will last ages.
Mr G After throughly cleaning chain and cassette as per instructions, applied Squirt Chain lube, then repeated as per initial instructions. First ride out was very quiet. Could hardly believe there was a chain as no noise from chain. After a 110 miles it has become noiser so reapplied Squirt Chain lube. The chain has got black bits of dirty wax on outside now, so it may not look spotless, but as there is still a wax covering it doesn't transfer to fingers/clothing etc. and it still provides the lubrication it was intended for.
Mick Used this stuff for a year or so now. Easy to apply. Easy to clean off transmission with hot soapy water whenever you wash your bike then apply again. Nice clean running lube. Use it once and never look back.
Manish T Best lube for the bike chain I've used so far.
Andrew Having tried various dry lubes without much success ive now returned to squirt for my summer and TT bikes. Unlike the dry lubes ive tried squirt can handle a bit of rain without it getting washed out of the links. Also keeps my drive chain much cleaner.
John Second time I have bought this - it seems not to build up with road dirt as badly as conventional lubes and so the chain stays cleaner and presumably wears more slowly
Danny Best I've used, adheres well for long lasting lubrication
Mr Parry Back again for this item. It just works. Or at least in my experience it works better than it's rivals. I first tried it after being given a sample at an event. I liked it. Yes, you need to thoroughly de-grease your chain before first application, but after that you just give the chain a dry brush (I use an old toothbrush) to get rid of dust and dry dirt, then re-apply the lube. Best done after a ride, to give it time to dry before the next. It's then at least as good as any alternative at any price. The only reason I docked it a star was because it won't outlast the weather in swampy, monsoon conditions, especially off road. But then neither will it's rivals. The best thing about Squirt, though, is that it truly is a dry wax if it's used as instructed. So no grinding paste (it stops grit from getting into the rollers and pins) and no need to repeatedly clean off thick black oily gunk after riding. Proper "fire & forget" stuff.
R Leach Used Squirt chain lube for years on all of my bikes, excellent product
Mr C The best dry lube I've used, much better than muck off. Washes off in pouring rain, otherwise no complaints.
Nicolas Used it before and it works well. When applied as directed the and components stay nice and clean. Works better when applied to a warm chain. Doesn't shift as smooth as well as clean, wet lube. Shifts better than dirty wet lube.
Mark First impressions are good, Took the time initially to apply this properly -has already out lasted previous lube. Road bike is noticeably quieter through the jockey wheels, MTB is not screaming for lube half way through a dusty ride anymore.... good riddance rock n roll extreme lube you won't be missed!
Harley Awesome product, very clean, would not use anything else.