Squirt Chain Lube – 500ml
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Squirt Chain Lube – 500ml
Code: 24384
Squirt Chain Lube – 500ml
Squirt is a unique chain lubricant – it contains waxes and water in emulsion form that stays clean, lasts long and extends drive train life. Squirt's wax-based formula is ideal for all types of bicycle chains in all types of conditions. From e-bikes to road and mountain bikes, from sunshine to snow, Squirt is developed to give better lubrication, last longer and keep the chain cleaner over longer distances.
  • Promotes a clean, smooth-running chain that repels dirt
  • Improved shifting and no chain-suck
  • Extends the life of your drivetrain
  • Increased drivetrain efficiency up to 5 watts
  • Easy to apply
  • 100% biodegradable
DavidBest on the market. Great deal here on Merlin.