Sram 10 Speed Black Power Lock
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Sram 10 Speed Black Power Lock
Sram 10 Speed Black Power Lock

Sram 10 Speed Black Power Lock for 10 speed Sram chains.

Supplied as one link

Mr HagueUseful in the tool box
jordanAbsolutely brilliant. I always have a few spare with me whenever I ride. They have got me out of trouble many of times.
Mr FowlerDoes what it says on the tin. Also handy to have a spare in your saddle bag
JayA "must have" for me on all my chains, and also carry one in my saddle bag to repair a broken chain on the go.
Mr LambertHandy little tool. Great for chain maintenance. lasts a lot longer than I expected. A must have in your saddle bag.
StuartYou can never have too many of these. Easy to use, never had one fail in decades of using them (8/9/10 speed). Fits Shimano / Sram / KMC chains. Only ever had a problem with a PYC chain where the chain wore away the powerlock very quickly.
Mr clarkeSimple and does the job. Great product
TimFitted to a Shimano chain, much better idea than their replaceable pins!
GrahamDNow that I have started some longer rides, purchased just for comfort of knowing had these as a backup, Arrived promptly and fit into rescue box snugly. Yet to need but good to know they are there.
DeanoGreat little lifesaver for a broken chain, a must to carry around with you.
fidsAlways use these links for road and mtb. They are 100% reliable
Mr PrintVery convenient and easy
Mr GregoryEffective and easy to install - good product!
Mr mccormackInvaluble piece of kit to have in your backpack, no one likes to walk their bike home and these little beauties can prevent that if your chain snaps.
Mr GaleEasy to use and remove with correct pliers
Mike the BikeJust changed from 9 speed to 10. These work the same way and seem just as reliable. I have never had a problem with the links coming undone unexpectedly in the years I have been using the 9 speed link with the nine speed chain. Contrary to some instructions they may be undone and re-used but the correct tool is needed to undo the link.
Mr danielSimple and effective. Always carry a spare.
Orange AlEssential piece of spare kit for on the trail and to fit instead of pin on Shimano chain for easy removal if you need to make a chain last longer it is essential to soak and scrub off the drive train works with most makes of chain although not sure how many times to reuse maybe 3 max
Mr FalconerWorks fine with my Shimano 10-speed chain, and way easier than faffing around with Shimano's pins.
Mr BlankWorks fine. At least my chain is still together and runs smooth. Used it on an Ultegra 10 speed chain. I thought this was a speed link - i.e. one that you can take on and off easily - but it's only a power link - easy to put on, but i think you'll need a chain tool to get it off, and will probably destroy it in the process. However, it's good, and the confusion was on my end. No issues.
Privateer29Had some problems with the snap off joining pin leaving a bit of pin hanging out the inside of the chain after it was snapped off. Now I use the power locks exclusively. Excellent. Remember - Unlike the MTB links these are designed for single use.
Mr GarnettGreat value quality purchase
NeilSeem to always lose the spares of these I buy, so thankfully Merlin have a great price on them and can get them to me nice and quick
Mr GinnNever leave home without a couple of these! A doddle to use, much easier than Shimano pins and recently rescued me from my first mangled chain in 35 years of cycling. Compatable with most 10 spd chains. Brilliant
Mr WarburtonGreat once you get it on, had problems getting it attached to the chain
Dorset Cyclist - Road, MTB, CommuteDoesn't undo, but its still useful one time in the saddle bag.
Mr Smith
Mr DugdaleOrder quickly received. Great
Mr Woodwarddoes the job don't need to worry now if the chain snaps.