Sram PC951 9 Speed Chain
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Sram PC951 9 Speed Chain
Code: CHPC95
New sram PC950 9 speed chain, Shimano compatible
  • 9 speed compatible. Shimano compatible
  • Black finish
  • Chamfered inner plates for more precise shifting, quieter operation and resistance to chain distortion
  • Both outer plates have bevelled edges, glides more easily onto next sprocket
  • High performance step riveting provides excellent durability
  • Hardening process results in extremely hard smooth surface reducing wear and increasing durability
  • Nickel plating optimises gliding characteristics and protects against corrosion
  • Narrow width outer plates save weight
  • Complete with power link
Mr williamsEasy to fit and no reason to suspect it won't provide many miles of trouble free cycling just like the sram chain it replaced.
Mike AIn my experience these chains have always lasted well
BrianBasic chain for an older MTB of mine. Does the job perfectly well.
BROOKSGreat value product, gives good gear changes even on non SRAM gears.
CarrickGreat chain. Budget option but long life, easy to fit with power link
RobHeld as spare to replace same when worn. Useful split link, easier than shiimano pin. Can be easily removed for cleaning etc.
Mr ClarkeA capable and easy to fit chain. For the price it is difficult to beat even by paying twice as much. The weight difference between this and higher end chains is just grams. I can't see the point in buying anything else.
Mr JarvisI have run shimano chains up to this point but wanted to try something different after I snapped the old one. So far this is holding up well under high pressure pedalling. Looking good!
Mr MillerAlways go back to SRAM chains when I need a new one. Simple with the power link no faff fitting.
Mr BoveyA well made chain which will work well on my every day bike. The gold connectors are much quicker and easier than shimano pins. A good weight and excellent quality for price.
StinkyGood Strong chain. Powerlink is far too stiff, shimanos is a lot better. Very good value for money.
Mr BarrowLooks good and shifts well. Good replacement for the standard chain that came on my bike
YogiNot the lightest chain in the world, but you wouldn't expect it to be for the price. It's strong and well constructed. The quick release link is coloured gold, which makes it much easier to identify. Very good value for money.
Mr BarnettI'm using this chain with a Shimano 9 speed Sora setup. The shifting is good and I can tell no difference from KMC and shimano chains. The power link is similar to style used by KMC and is easy to fit and is much better than the re-enforced pins that shimano use. On the down side SRAM say that their power link is not re-usable unlike the KMC version. Excellent chain for less than a tenner.
Mr smithExcellent value chain. Very easy to fit. Works well with the Sram PG 950 cassette. Will definitely buy more. No need to spend more for the sort of cycling I do.
Mr cobbGood value chain never had any problems with sram stuff top notch
Mr JonesFor the price I paid I can't imagine I could have got a better chain. It works perfectly with my Race Face rings and Shimano cassette and derailleurs. It seemed well lubricated as supplied, though I applied some more myself of course. How long it will last only time will tell, but I anticipate a decent life out of it.
Mr RobertsExcellent chain for the price, all four of my bikes have the same chain.
Richard CapleGood, reliable chain, supplied with a powerlink, nothing else to add. Does what it should do.
Mr MorrisGreat Value item, quick delivery
Mr DewhurstGreat chain, good value, the power links make taking them off for cleaning very easy. I find they last longer and shift better than shimano and SRAM chains around the same price.
Mr GilbertsonBeen running these chains for years, at 17st they're the only ones that do the job.
Mr ElkinMy transmission has been rebuilt using this and the other parts I ordered at the same time, and my bike is running very well.
Mr CookSeems much better quality and to change gear better than the Shimano HG chain.
Mr RogersSram chains has been my personal choice over Shimano and other brands for years. I have tried other chains but find Sram easy to adjust, connect and disconnect, shifts well, last well and I have not snapped any. This economy chain (951) seems to work as well as more expensive Sram chains but does not look as good.
Mr RawleYou know that feeling when you pedal and nothing happens? When, no matter how fast you spin the cranks, you simply don't go anywhere? If you have this experience at all, you'll probably need one of these: It's a bike chain. It's narrow and flexible enough to cope with new-fangled derraileur gears which can have as many as FIVE gears on the cassette... No, wait, I'm being told that this chain can cope with up to NINE sprockets which is, quite frankly, verging on the miraculous. So, simply connect your front chainwheel to your rear sprockets with this handy chain, and you're good to go. It is made of shiny metal which won't break the minute you stand on the pedals, and will make your bike look extra cool when the sun is shining. It's easy to join the ends together using the split link, and if you need to, to clean it or to give it a hug for being so lovley, for example, it's easy to take it apart the same way. What's more, this chain is very reasonably priced, and will continue to work as it should for at least as long as any other chain. Buy one or passers-by and small children will point at your bicycle and laugh...