Sram PC971 9 Speed Chain
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Sram PC971 9 Speed Chain
Code: CHPC971
The new replacement chain for the ever popular PC59.
  • 9 speed Sram PC970 chain
  • Silver / grey links
  • Complete with gold power link
NSTPThese are the chains I always use, I get alot of miles out of each on on my MTB. Not the lightest but take alot of abuse.
Mr RichardsonA good value chain for 9 spd systems. I used to only use sram chains as I they seemed to last longer than Shimano. I think that Shimano chains have now come on a bit but still opt for sram.
NSTP82Its a 9 speed chain that does the job, gives good life and with a little maintenance, last well
Mr SmithNice chain and fair price, comes pre-lubed it seems and it fitted on nicely. First time I have use the quick release so that's good too.
NSTP82I always use Sram chains and they seem to do the job just fine, with a good clean and degrease every now and then they last well.
neil wAlways reliable chains and my go to spec for my 9 speed CX bike. A great balance of price and performance. SRAM Powerlink is a real positive feature too - its the reason I avoid Shimano chains tbh.
Mr MoodyI ride about 6,000 miles a year, and have been using either the 951 or 971 for last 4 years. Traditionally get about 2,000 miles before swapping out. I could get more from the chain, but prefer to save the chainring and cassettes.
Mr LewisHeaver than expected but works well feels really solid
Ronno6Excellent, as always for a SRAM chain.
Mr wuLove the quick-connect feature of Sram chains. Great price and smooth shifts so far ( 100 miles).
Mr LovedayGreat bit of kit - preferred to Shimano which tend to snap in my experience.
Mr Hill1st time switch from KMC to Sram and only because I'm a bit strapped for cash at the moment but this just got me through my first coast to coast and ran sweet as a nut with the Sram PG980 cassette and Shimano M590 chainset.
Mr fieldingGood chain at a nice price. Just remember to keep it clean and well oiled.
Mr LaycyI always use sram chains. Look after them and they look after you!
Mr JacobsGood quality, good price - been using these for years and never been let down
Andy OGood value long lasting chain all you ever need ..
Mr SosnowskiThis is the ultimate chain. Cheap, extremely durable and it is Sram, so Power Link II included. I do about 1200 - 1500 km on them, before it reaches 0.75% usage mark.
Mr walkerDecent chain with nickel finished outer links to ward off corrosion. Seems slightly more robust and tolerates breaking/joining better than shimano chains. Good quality for the price.
Mr BOULDERTypical quality chain from SRAM at a great price
Mr Borlase-HendryNot very exciting but essential for any bike and i have always found SRAM chains to provide excellent performance and last a long time. I've never snapped a SRAM chain and the power link is the real bonus as it is so much easier to remove, fix or reattach.
Mr kwintSo far so good. Its a chain. its quiet on my XT drivetrain and it was at an excellent price with Merlin. Happy buyer
Mr GallagherVery good, came at the exact length I needed too.
Prof KeeffeI love SRAM chains. Easy to fit and strong. Great service from merlin
Mr turnerWould recommend this chain. Perfect quality easy to measure and fits together very well.
Mr BrianGreat chain as always from SRAM so easy to seperate without a tool.
Mr WarnerThis is by no means my first purchase from Merlin and will definitely not be my last! Always impressed with the great prices combined with great offers, fantastic service and fast delivery. Thanks Merlin!
Ms AplinItem received in good condition, in a bag, not a box, but we were not bothered about that - easier posting. Bought to replace an identical chain which gave many years good service. Gold joining link supplied but we just used a splitter. Excellent service from Merlin's, delivered in just 2 days with the free p&p.
Mr NuthExcellent
Dr MilesGood value chain that is better than Shimano chains because it is joined with a power-link that can be easily removed and replaced for maintenance.
Mr FresleThe PG 971 has better corrosion resistance than the LX /SLX Shimano chains of around the same price. The SRAM gold power link is much easier to join the chain with than the special Shimano pin. Great price
Mr Hjarsbæk
Mr GouldenGreat value chain recently bought with compatible cassette. Works flawlessly. Another bargain from Merlin Cycles
Mr GillGood solid chain at a competitive price. Arrived on time, wasn't in SRAM packaging but didn't care about that.
Mr DixonHad this chain before from Merlin. Good chain at a great price, competetively priced too compared to elsewhere. Postage and delivery spot on as always.
Mr taylorFantastic chain at a great price. I've used these on all my bikes for a while, they seem to last ages. Super speedy delivery and great service
Ms PattonThis is a good reliable chain with a quick link that makes taking it off for cleaning and maintenance of bike very easy. I would however recommend quick link pliers for quick of the most useful tools I have ever purchased and very cheap at that.
24hr solo riderThe only chain I ever buy. Good quality at a reasonable price point.
AnonymousDoes what is says on the tin.
Mr GrytsjöVery good chain and great value for the money. I change my Mtb-chain quite often and then is this chain my choise. Quick release link is perfect!