Road standard Innertubes 700 x 19-23c
Road standard Innertubes 700 x 19-23c
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Road standard presta valve inner tube 700 x 19-25c, 40, 52 or 80mm valve length.
  • Standard butyl inner tube
  • Fits 700 x 19-25c 
  • Presta (narrow) valve with 40mm, 52mm or 80mm valve length



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Good puncture resistance. No air leak
Decent Tubes for the price. I haven't flatted yet!
It's round and rubber. No leaks yet. What more can you ask! Great service from Merlin as usual.
Looks like these are as good as more expensive tubes. On first couple of weeks no problems.
Brought these in bulk. I have found them to be better than expected not losing as much air as other I have used. A great price.
Great value for money product, Appear to be as good as tubes twice the price.
Cheap, seem to work as well as the contis
its a generic tube that appears to be of decent quality at a good price. Holds air - what more can you expect...
Holds air well and looks high quality.
It's a tube, the quality is good, what more could I need.
Good quality tubes...
These are generic, 100% butyl rubber tubes. They appear to be equivalent to a Specialized thin tube. They are far from heavy, but will likely not provide much puncture resistance in the event that material is able to get through your tire. If you are looking to shave a little weight and you need a tube that is on the skinny side, look no further.
Great inner tubes with decent valve length
Great price, quick delivery, not exciting but vital !
Nice rubbery feel to them. They inflated fine.
This is a good solid inner tube. Performs as expected, with a very good price. A great value.
These are a nice quality tube and seem to be more "rubbery" than a lot of inner tubes that are on the market. They also seem to hold their pressure better and for longer. 500 miles so far with no problems.
Tubes arrived very timely. Tubes look same as tubes purchased at LBS for a lot more. So far I have 200 miles on 1 tube with no issues. Would purchase again.
Good inner tubes. Seems to hold pressure longer than the other tubes I have had.
Good tube, no punctures yet.
Good product, only a little more weighty when compared to the branded product
These are your standard presta butyl rubber tubes. What I like is that the stem and valve are colored black. They are CSTs which are good quality. Would definitely buy again.
Decent economy tubes.
Does what it's supposed to do at a decent price. Feels a bit heavy, but that's not gonna bother me this winter.
Good tubes, I use these rather than fixing punctures !
Good price, quality looks fine. Not the lightest but also does not look too fragile. No issues so far.
Got the same tube on another bike, it's been over 2000 miles, no problems so far.
We were really impressed with the quality of this tube, it is a thicker rubber than I have used in the past when I have bought one from the Gold Coast, the price was amazing as well, we will definitely keep purchasing from this supplier in the future.
Great innertubes easy to fit very robust, don't need to be too gentle in case you pinch them unlike other tubes I've had ,plus very good service and prompt delivery :-)
Never had any issues with these tubes
I've been using this tube in the front wheel for more than 2000km, got just one puncture but it was a piece of sharp and thin metal which would pierce anything. I repaired it and it was ok far.