Standard Presta Valve Inner Tube Road - 700c
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Standard Presta Valve Inner Tube Road - 700c
Multi-Buy Savings!
Code: TA-500
Road standard presta valve inner tube 700 x 19-25c, 40, 52 or 80mm valve length.
  • Standard butyl inner tube
  • 700c x various widths available
  • Presta valve in various lengths



Mr Barker Standard replacement tube - why bother fixing punctures at this price !
Mr Man Haven’t used yet, but cannot argue with the price.
Mr Daher Very good product
Mr Clifford Good value, nothing to note on the negative side.
Bryan Bought 5 for under a tenner, yes you can get lighter more expensive tubes but why would you, apart from the few grams you'd save, good quality, inexpensive, robust, 2 in the saddle bag every winter ride, and a puncture kit for VERY unlucky days, swap at the roadside then repair afterwards at home... Or at this price just Chuck them if your not bothered about saving the planet
Mr Morgan Cheap, reliable and perfect for my needs. Great Merlin service as usual.
Mr erdogan I am using this for 6years, don’t need to pay more because I am not racer or something. This is reliable good quality and robust for everyone
Mr L Lopes I have bought twenty pieces of that inner tube road and I have replaced in my bicycles. Now, it is better and get no flat anymore. Thanks Merlin Cycles.
Andrew It's an inner tube does exactly what it needs to and really good value
Mr Lim Good value for money
Mr Morgan Bought as a spare to carry. Good value item.
Mr SAWFORD Good price for these inner tubes bought as spares as l'd run out after a couple of punctures. Have used these before with no problems.
Dave S Bought these to replace a punctured pair and seem good value. I can use them for my road tyres 700c x 25 and my new gravel tyres 700c x 32
Mr Smith Good quality items at a great price. As always, delivery was super quick.
Mr Card As good as any other inner tube I've bought
Mr Seal Cheap and does the job!
Mr logue Works well
Mildew Bog standard, holds air, does job. Always take a couple of spares on longer rides.
Connor O No flats yet and done atleast 100 miles
Mr rogers Great tubes, value for money, good delivery service from Merlin as usual
Miss Piggott Good quality component
Phil It's black, round, holds air and is cheaper than most other places - bought as I like buying from Merlin over chain stores. Woyld recommend, as much as you can recommend an inner tube. Service was excellent as always, super quick, always dispatched same day.
G Brooks Nice, good quality tubes
Alex I cannot beat the price and I have checked. I run these in my Mavic wheels, no issues.
Miss Castera The tubes were great quality and for a great price. Exactly what it was described. Also, shipping is so fast!!
Mr Barnes Easy to fit, no punctures yet!
Mr Brunt Cheap, no brand inner tube that does the job.
morningsun Just spare tubes. What's there to say. It works.
Mr Sheridan Heavy and not very compact when folded. Cheap and probably best suited to a commuter bike.
Kevin Fantastic kit at a great value price. Good level of service as well.
Mr Margarson Its an innertube, fitted it and it holds the pressure so all is good
Mr duncan Valve a little short but otherwise good inner tubes
Mr Dunn Good product at a low price! Would buy again.
Mr Anders Excellent quality, no problems with these, quality seems the same as the more expensive continental inner tubes .For the price can’t go wrong.
Mr McInally Not light but cheap
Mr Kelly Neatly packaged, exactly as expected. Have only gone on a few rides so I can't say much about durability but they feel thicker than my old inner tubes and will probably be using and fixing these up for quite some time.
KIM Excellent value basic inner tube. You will not find better anywhere, I've looked.
Mr Holliday No need to spend more than this on a tube.
Mark Excellent low-cost tubes. Well worth the money!
Sean Bought these before with no issues.
marcus Awesome cheap tubes that go forever
Damian Prompt delivery, great price and tubes I have been using for years with no problems. Nice one.
Mr Morrison Does what it says on the tin. Great price for 80mm valves. As usual, solid service from Merlin.
Mr Tang good value for money and always handy to have spares for a bad luck day. A+++++
Mr Dunn Great tube for the price. Great fit with 25c continentals. Holds shape really well.
Mark Wilson Cheap and no frills. Does the job.
Grant Thorne Cheap tubes that work. Very happy
MartinO Good quality valve which is the bit that's normally let's you down but often overlooked. Maintain good pressure between rides. Recommended
M. D. Good value, no complaints. Non-removable core.
Rooster84 A tube is a tube to me and I am no weight weenie so can't complain about these.
Nigel Fine general inner tube at a great price
Mark good value for money, always carry two of these on road rides
Gregory Good tubes at a GREAT price.
Henry Your typical tubes. They last a long time (only time I replace them is because of sharp objects, which occurs about every 8 months).
Mr Davison Looks OK, if a touch heavy, what more can you say. Good price though.
Leon I’m giving these a try for the first time so let’s hope they do the job well? First impression is good, as they look and feel like good quality.
Jordan Simple, Works, Can't Complain, Quality is on par with name brand / boxed tubes. Why not!
Mr Kneale Product as expected, purchased at a good price for a cycling essential.
jamesRides These tubes are specified to cover a wide range of tire diameters, from 25 to 32 mm and they do a great job of holding air. They are a very good value.
Mr Kaminsky Good price. Proper valve length, standard butyl inner tube. Durability remains to be seen.
Mr Dave DUKE I've not had to use them yet but they look robust and good for a winter bike. Excellent for the price
John Great value for the inner tubes and always handy to have spares for a bad luck day. A+++++
Ian Excellent inner tube at an amazing price. Thank you
Tom This inner tubes are affordable and reliable. Been using them for years
Mr Cross It's an inner tube. It's cheap. Always carry a couple and given the price these are great. Does anyone bother repairing punctures anymore?
C N Good quality inner tube. Appears to be sturdy and reliable product. At the price you just cant complain. Again great service from Merlin's.
Mr PARSONS These tubes are okay, not good, but pretty standard. The great part about them is the price. If you are looking for a lightweight racing tube these are not that. If you are like me and like having extra tubes in the garage beyond what is in your saddle bag these are great. I am actually using a pair of these in my commuter bike with no problems. I would give more stars but in the world of tubes these are average. Not that it is a bad thing.
DC Standard inner tube, seem good quality so far.
Michelle 731 Cheap and cheery. The tubes themselves are rather sticky, so some talc might be a good idea.
Ron Great price. Nothing bad to say about the tube, it works.
Chris What can you say? The tubes hold air and allow me to roll along.
Mr Hernandez Can't beat the sale price from Merlin. Not the lightest but not that heavy considering
Mr Macalister Great tubes and work very well
paul Nice tube, looks strong and robust, looking forward to using them
Mr Collerton Functional and decent quality, especially for the price
Mr kanazuka ちょっと重たいですが3000km走っても問題なく使えています
Alana Great tube and great price. These tubes are just as good as the tubes 2-3 times more expensive then them. No need to pay big money for tubes, these are just as good quality. Tubes last a good while. I do long distance rides and put on hundreds of miles a month and these tubes last. Definitely recommend them.
Mr Taylor These work well and the price is right.
Robin great value for money, seem decent quality tubes.
Mr Madden These tubes are perfect for winter rides and as a spare in your saddle bag.
Mr Salmon Awesome value and reliable
Mr Todd 👍
Ryan Inexpensive and just what I needed in bulk. Not sure if it’s the 80mm valves fault but the tube itself seems to be physically bigger than the generic continental 60mm I have and is harder to fit into my saddle bag.
SportsFanTommy Cheap, generic tubes.
Mr O'Sullivan Good value product
Mr Brouet Got these tubes as part of a bundle with some tyres. Much better build quality than some other ones i was buying from halfords or amazon. Very happy with this product, and quick delivery time! Will order again.
Mr Glowacki Just a Simple cheap tube.
Daniel Martins Top and good price.
Nodrog Good tube, will last as long as any other so long as the tyre is kept clean and free of accumulated debris
Colin Good value sturdy tube
Raphael C. Martins Very cheap, but very strong. I've been using for a long period and these tubes are surviving well. I recommend!
Mick Solid tube for a low price - what’s not to love?!
Mr Lamb Decent quality tubes
adrian Good product - no issues yet after 300 miles
@Andy_delilah Perfect time to purchase a spare tube as I have just had a puncture for the 1st time in over a year. a++
Young Sturdy, value, recommended.
Mr Kim Can't complain about these tubes. They work as expected and for very cheap.
Pielander Why pay more for inner tubes? Great price and fine quality.
Jonathan Good price for 80mm stem tubes - prefer having a long stem than extenders if stuck by the roadside
Mr Convento Always using this as a replacement, performance wise same as branded ones.
Mr Byrne So far, so good. I have completed just 100 kms thus far
Alana Good tubes at a great price with fast shipping to the US. Would recommend this to anyone.
Derek A decent tube at a good price, why pay more
Mr Ostrofsky Good value! Not a racing inner tube, but great for training and general riding.
Steven K. I had to order these to fit my 28mm Continental GP4000s II tyres. So far so good. They hold the inflated pressure well over several days. Good product, great price, super service.
Pablo Good value for money, haven´t had a problem since using them
Cameron Solid, budget inner tubes! Not terribly light, but well made.
Chris S. Shipping to Virginia, United States was much faster than expected. The tubes are standard quality at a great price. I carry them as a backup for my tubless setup I will be recommending merlincycles to my fellow cyclists!
Mr Lomborg Save the money where you can, these works just fine
Troy No need for expensive tubes as an amateur rider the weight difference really doesn't affect me. Got a good deal as a bundle
Mr Ryan Even with new tyres I'm not immune to getting punctures and today less than a week after putting on new tyres I managed to imbed a sliver of glass in the rear tyre and replaced the tube with one of my new Standard Presta Valve inner tubes. The changeover went smoothly and I had no problems for the rest of the ride. My new tubes were in addition to the ones that came with my new tyres and they too were quick and easy to order and were delivered with my new tyres.
Ty Works. Not much else to say
Steven Good inner tube, fits well. One thing I noticed is that they hold the tyre pressure well. I've had other inner tubes that seem to lose a fair bit of pressure in a single day.
Sir Loureiro Cheap, but with a very good quality
Biker1125 I received the tubes today. I have not used any yet but having had 7 punctures in the last two weeks I am sure I will. These tubes are much thicker than the ones I currently use. This is good for me as maybe they will be a bit more puncture resistant. I am ordering more! FYI: It took 14 days from the time I ordered these to receive them In Mobile, Alabama.
Mr. PMJpolicajt A little heavier(135g for 60mm valve tube), but looks very sturdy. Will be used on winter bike, so weight is not an big issue for me.
Mr Witteborg Best price on tubes I've ever found and super durable
Dr Morgan Good so far, have only used one and installed on wheel 500 miles ago.
Mrs HAJINLIAN As inner tubes go, they are so good, always have extra in the house,
CUontheroad, Adams Nice tubes and an even better price for the hard to find 80mm stems. Thanks, MCL. I will be back soon. CUontheroad...
Smurphy Great tubes for the price, no issues as of yet
Ma I have not use from this purchase but I have bought and use them before and work great for commuting .
Weak_in_the_Knees They hold air well!
Mark S Good value inner tubes, being used on my commuting bike and no problems at all. Maybe not the lightest but that doesn't matter on a commuter bike. Recommended!
Aron A basic standard inner tube with presta valve. You cannot go wrong with these if you choose the proper length of valve.
Mr Smith What can you say? Reasonably cheap and beyond checking the pressures once a week have not caused me any problems.
Paul S. Great price on durable tubes. I will not be using them unfortunately due to the thickness and weight of these mothers! I have to roll them and fold the last portion just to fit them into my bottle storage and I tight roll them so theres no air in them at all!, bummer cause I bought 10 of them in two different size stem lengths (60mm and 80mm). I usually use standard Kenda tubes, those are super lights compared to these mammoths and take up about 55% of space that these do. Wish someone really put out how much bigger and heavier these are then your standard tube, I don't have my scale on me but they feel twice as heavy no joke! I guess I'll use them for friends who have blow outs on the road when they don't have any left, thats all I can use them for. As always Merlin rocks!
heasley Good service in the delivery, only used one so far, seems quite heavy, but perhaps more resilient.
Hall Good basic inner tube, at a cheap price.
Mr Moody Purchased as a back up, so luckily have not needed to use them as yet. However, after 30 years using tubes, I have no doubts about their suitability.
Zvonimir Light, good tubes - no complaints.
Mr shan Good puncture resistance. No air leak
McCreary Decent Tubes for the price. I haven't flatted yet!
Fish on a bicycle It's round and rubber. No leaks yet. What more can you ask! Great service from Merlin as usual.
Jonny Looks like these are as good as more expensive tubes. On first couple of weeks no problems.
Simon Brought these in bulk. I have found them to be better than expected not losing as much air as other I have used. A great price.
BROOKS Great value for money product, Appear to be as good as tubes twice the price.
Terry Hannigan Cheap, seem to work as well as the contis
Mr Brown its a generic tube that appears to be of decent quality at a good price. Holds air - what more can you expect...
Mr Blackman Holds air well and looks high quality.
Mr Roe It's a tube, the quality is good, what more could I need.
Talawan Good quality tubes...
Cameron Scott These are generic, 100% butyl rubber tubes. They appear to be equivalent to a Specialized thin tube. They are far from heavy, but will likely not provide much puncture resistance in the event that material is able to get through your tire. If you are looking to shave a little weight and you need a tube that is on the skinny side, look no further.
Mr Rowntree Great inner tubes with decent valve length
Mr morgan Great price, quick delivery, not exciting but vital !
Thomas Nice rubbery feel to them. They inflated fine.
Mr Adams This is a good solid inner tube. Performs as expected, with a very good price. A great value.
Mr Saxby These are a nice quality tube and seem to be more "rubbery" than a lot of inner tubes that are on the market. They also seem to hold their pressure better and for longer. 500 miles so far with no problems.
Frank Tubes arrived very timely. Tubes look same as tubes purchased at LBS for a lot more. So far I have 200 miles on 1 tube with no issues. Would purchase again.
Mr Otis Good inner tubes. Seems to hold pressure longer than the other tubes I have had.
Mr Pratt Good tube, no punctures yet.
Mr De Wever Good product, only a little more weighty when compared to the branded product
Mr Russell These are your standard presta butyl rubber tubes. What I like is that the stem and valve are colored black. They are CSTs which are good quality. Would definitely buy again.
Mr Gillen Decent economy tubes.
Mr Mitchell Does what it's supposed to do at a decent price. Feels a bit heavy, but that's not gonna bother me this winter.
Mr May Good tubes, I use these rather than fixing punctures !
Eddy Good price, quality looks fine. Not the lightest but also does not look too fragile. No issues so far.
Mr YILDIRIM Got the same tube on another bike, it's been over 2000 miles, no problems so far.
Mr Richards We were really impressed with the quality of this tube, it is a thicker rubber than I have used in the past when I have bought one from the Gold Coast, the price was amazing as well, we will definitely keep purchasing from this supplier in the future.
Mr Sivill Great innertubes easy to fit very robust, don't need to be too gentle in case you pinch them unlike other tubes I've had ,plus very good service and prompt delivery :-)
Mr Smith Never had any issues with these tubes
Mr Vazzoler I've been using this tube in the front wheel for more than 2000km, got just one puncture but it was a piece of sharp and thin metal which would pierce anything. I repaired it and it was ok far.