Stans Dart Tubeless Tyre Repair Tool
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Stans Dart Tubeless Tyre Repair ToolStans Dart Tubeless Tyre Repair ToolStans Dart Tubeless Tyre Repair Tool
Code: 850.TP00
Stans Dart Tubeless Tyre Repair Tool
  • Repairs large punctures and slices.
  • Reacts with Stan’s sealant to form an instant, airtight seal
  • Barbed plastic tip anchors into tire and will not pull out when riding
  • Flexible material and laser-cut shape conforms to puncture and bonds with sealant
  • Wears off clean, no trimming needed, and can not be felt while riding, even on road tires
  • Lightweight, compact tool fits the shape of your hand for more precise use and includes built-in valve core remover
  • Clear caps keep DARTs clean and unthread quickly for fast deployment
  • Simple and easy to refill
  • Includes: Two pre-loaded DARTs for sealing multiple and larger punctures
BoonTwo dart for repairs. Lightweight and useful repair kit for tubeless. Have not used them though.
Mr JohnsBrilliant piece of kit. I have had several in my back tyre for the past year, they create a permanent seal. Not cheap, but saves binning a tyre.
ChristopherGreat piece of kit. Always hand to have one incase of a puncture
VinnieBikergreat reviews on it all over the internet, so its one of those items that you need and hope you don't have to use.
Mr A dalyCompact tool, light and looks less likely to vibrate out of the frame rubber bracket than my megaplugger has been. Running stans fluid so I hope it's the marriage they make out to be.
Mr MarchandLite and compact