No Tubes Rim Tape - 10 Yards
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No Tubes Rim Tape - 10 Yards
Code: NTAS12
Stans No Tubes Rim Tape - 10 Yards

21mm Features

  • 10 yards of tape will do a estimated 10 rims
  • 21mm width fits our following rims:
  • ZTR Olympic
  • ZTR 355
  • ZTR Alpine
  • ZTR Crest
  • ZTR Alpha 340
  • Most road clincher and cross country rims
25mm Features
  • 10 yards of tape will do a estimated 4 rims
  • 25mm width fits our following rims:
  • ZTR 355 (26", 650b, 29")
  • ZTR Arch EX
  • ZTR Flow EX
  • Most All Mountain and Enduro Rims

27mm Features

  • ZTR Flow
  • ZTR Hugo
  • Most Oversized or 'Fat' Rims

30mm Features

  • Can be used with Stan's ZTR rims to make them air tight or used as a light weight rim tape in any rim.
  • (1) 10 yard roll will tape (5) 26" rims or (4) 29" rims or (2) wide road clincher rims.
  • 30mm width fits ZTR Flow MK3
matthewEasy to use tape. Stuck well and just the right width for my rims
Mr PI have used this on all of tubeless wheels, it has never let me down. Would recommend.
Miss IbbitsonVery easy to use and so far no problems.
Mr NewissPersonally I found this more difficult to apply than electrical tape, but thought I'd try it, I'll stick (no pun intended!) to much cheaper and easier to use electrical or gaffa tape, not had any problems with either. Overpriced for what it is, also prefer muc-off valves to Stans.
AndyUsual stans quality perfect for 21 mm i(internal) rims
Mr RodwayNot as sticky as I had hoped. You need to pull it really really tight to get it to stay put. Now I've done it a few times, it's not that hard to use.
johnSeals the rims everytime.Excellent service as usual
julianEasy to put on. It’s my first time Setting up a tubeless rim and I had no issues
Mr ReynoldsThe tape works well, need a little care putting two layers on. Inflated first time and still good several weeks later.
Mr HowardGreat, stuck well, sealed perfectly first time.
NicholasWrapped two layers around each wheel, creating a good seal - tape is working well so far.
RobertNever had a problem with this stuff, I should try something else but if something works well I stick with it.
Bullfrog BluesThis tape is very good, easy to use and it does the job fine
FudgeHaving used the Stans rim tape before with no issues - I didn`t bother to look at anything else. Does the job of taping your rim perfectly.
Bob WI replaced the original DT Swiss rim tape which annoyingly and surprisingly had "blown" forcing the sealant through the spoke holes. Not what I expected from the brand. However, Merlin very quickly supplied (FOC) Stan's tape. This was thicker than expected but was easy to apply and has performed as expected-no leaks, no hassle. Merlin, very easy to deal with, offering solutions quickly.
DarrenIt's simply the best tubeless rim tape available. It can split on the edge if you try and get it super tight but works really well on the rim in 2 layers.
TomMuch better than the narrow tape at creating a good seal, but still not strong enough. Tore easily when using a tyre lever to get a stubborn tyre off. So expensive as well !
RobertGood stuff for making tubeless a lot less painful than in the old days.
L ChatwinNot much that can be said as it is just rim tape but nice and lightweight. Wheels sealed tubeless with no issues.
MolesworthYou need this to go with your nice new Stans Arch Mk 3 rims. Simples.
YOUNGSeems strong, but I've not used tubeless rim tape before. I had to use this as a 2nd layer on some Hunt tubeless wheels that Schwalbe Pro Ones wouldn't seal on. One wrap of this stuff and the tyres sealed & seated perfectly straight away.
Mr ArmitageTape that does the job. Easy to use. Nice product.
AntersI'm a first time tubless user. I watched the Stans installation video on Youtube, which had some basic tips on how to get a good seal, but the tape fitted perfectly first time onto my Stans rim and everything is working without a hitch!
Mr BaileyBit fiddly to fit but worth it.
Mr ellisWorks well and seals the rim efficiently - expensive for what it is though - merlin delivery excellent as always
TomIt's expensive for what it is, and it's a bit of a pain to apply, but it does the job well!
Mr clutterbuckEasy to apply on clean rims and seals brilliantly. (On stans rims)
Ally GGood stuff - you have to pull it really hard to get it to sit nice in the rim but does the job
Mr CRIPPSStrong rim tape, requires two wraps on road wheels and careful application to ensure it seats between the rim hooks. Best applied with wheel fitted to bike if you don't have a wheelstand. Easy to correct if not applied straight. Also stays tacky, I've had to replace spokes on 3 serperate occasions and rim tape can be reapplied without throwing away and replacing with new.
Mr MooresDid what it was designed for and very easy to install.
Mr BaileyEasy to fit and cut. Could be stickier but that would make adjustments harder. Plenty to do more than two rims so you can do all your bikes once you realise that inner tubes are a thing of the past!
Mr WilkesGreat tape, easy to apply, well...reasonably easy if your ambidextrous and have four thumbs, just kidding once underway you'll find out a way that works for you. Seals perfectly.
Mr MundyBought a roll for new pair of Stans ZTR Arch EX rims to go tubeless. Very easy to set up: I followed instructional video on Stans No Tubes website and it took less than 5 mins per rim. One roll should do about 4 x 26in rims. After fitting No Tubes valves to the taped rims, the Maxxis Ardent/Advantage tyres inflated with track pump without any hassle (always use a bit of watery washing up liquid to make the seal). The rim tape formed a perfect seal (not too tight, either). So in went the gloop through the coreless valves, and Bob's your uncle. Very straight forward indeed. If I can do it, anyone can - believe me!
Mr LaycyA bit tricky to get it seated without creases but once it's in place, job done. Well worth a go if you want to try going tubeless.
Mr JacobsFiddly to use, but I suspect thats more me than the tape. Does what its supposed to.
Mr SaalamoVery tight and sticky rim tape. Had no problems putting it on the rim. Taped two 29" rims and still have plenty of tape left.
GagsWhat can I say.....Stans Notubes is awesome!!! I am running my SS 29er tubeless and have not had a flat in two years of hard riding. At 100 kg I used to get pinch flats all the time but now I don't have that problem and I can just concentrate on riding!! I also love the fact that I can run my tyres at a lower pressure for more traction and to take the edge off the bumps (my SS 29er is a fully rigid steel framed OnOne Inbred!!!). I have bought this kit to convert one of my mates bikes to tubeless before the upcoming 4 day mtb stage race in Margaret River, Western Australia.......can't wait!!!
PeteGI've only ever used this on Stans rims but it does the job well. Haven't had any problems with tyres not sealing. Good product.
Mr LynchWorks awesome!
David DFitted Flow EX rims perfectly. Easy to fit. Watch video on Stans web site. Careful with the tyre levers when you mount or remove tyres. Quite easy to pop a hole in the tape.
Mr LackEasy to fit on the Stan's ZTROlympic handbuilt wheels I also purchased from Merlin. Rim tape and valves worked first time with Stan's sealant and Specialized 'Ground Control 'and 'Captain' '2Bliss' tyres. Merlin are brilliant, with great porducts, bargain prices and instant delivery. Very highly recommended.
Mr LakerI recently purchased this tape to accompany the stans solution to use on my new Stans Crest wheelset, it was the first time I have run tubeless so a little unsure, but to be honest it was very easy to use indeed. One thing I would say is when fitting the tape, pull it as hard as you can around the rim so it seats properly. I have covered approx 150XC miles on my new tubeless set up without a hitch, very impressed indeed and don't intend to return to tubes any day soon... Thanks Merlin
Mr Michielsenexcellent, holding air nicely
LekuIdeal for Stans 355 and Crest rims. Stans have some 'how to' videos on their web-site, which make the whole process very easy.
Mr WrightWorks exactly as expected as long as you take your time when applying it.
Mr palmerEnough tape to do at least 4 rims so overall good value.Can be used as normal light weight rim tape for tubed tyres.See Stan's web site for fitting instructions.Easy and straightforward.Again great price and service from Merlin.
JoeDidn't realise tubeless would be so easy to set up, works exactly as it should.
Mr GOETZDifficult to put in place first time but if it is done properly (watch the video on Notube website), works perfeclt when used with Notube sealant
DogboneUsed for Stans Crests rims. Enough to do 2 sets of wheels.