Stans No Tubes Tyre Sealant - Quart (946ml)
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Stans No Tubes Tyre Sealant - Quart (946ml)
Code: NT-ST006
Stans No Tubes Tyre Sealant - Quart (946ml)
  • Will stop slow leaks and punctures.
  • This Solution converts standard (non tubeless) tires to tubeless.
  • Also works with any tubeless tire or tubular tires. When properly used, it will seal up to 1/4 inch punctures.
  • The Solution can be used year round, even in sub freezing temperatures.
  • It will not throw the tire out of balance like other sealants are known to do.
  • Quart bottle - seals 16 bicycle tyres
Steve MIt just works.
Mr MetcalfeAlways works, unlike some other sealants
Mr FrancisBest sealant I've used. Cheap to buy in bulk. Cap is not airtight.
Mr FrancisBest tubeless sealant I've used. Easy to wipe away if spilt.
Steve BUsed this for years very successfully. For a while based on mag reviews used muc off . Now back to this, enough said .
Mr RobertshawWorks well with the Stan’s sealant injector through the valve core. Quickly seals tyre imperfections under the rolling tread and between rim/bead. Struggled for couple of hours to seal a porous WTB sidewall but tyre did finally retain pressure.
Mr GregsonI have tried other brands and always returned to this, it doesn’t dry or goop up as quick.
SteveWorks well. It took a week or two to bung up all the gaps on my freshly installed tubeless set up and now both tyres hold pressure perfectly. No more fear of hawthorn strewn paths has to be good!
WoodyUsed other brands before, stans seems to work the best.
PaulThis is the go-to tubeless sealant for many and with good reason. It works. Whenever I fit a new tyre I’m amazed how many thorns are in the old one and have been sealed. Going tubeless is one of the best upgrades for your bike, and this stuff seals tubeless and converts standard tyres perfectly and lasts for six to nine months easily.
Mr OsborneGood stuff, seals all small punctures and stays fluid in your Tyres for ages without drying out!
5irhCTried others, always back to stans, reliable, lasts a good amount of time.
Mr ChrzanHas worked well in the past sealing all of my many punctures quickly except one which was a large glass cut about 10mm long.
MickBest sealant in my opinion. My mate recently asked me to sort out his tubeless set up, as he wasn't happy with what his bike shop has done. Aside from the shocking state of the cheap rim tape (should've used Stans, and in the correct width too!) the sealant was dreadful. I was changing one of my own tyres too, which had Stans in, so could do a like for like comparison. The used stans behaved much more like rubber/latex, with the areas that had solidified stretching like rubber bands. The sealant that had been used in my mates tyre was more like pva, a weird glue like substance. Stick with Stans, for definite.
M ThomasOnly one I have ever used and seems to work well.
IanGood quality sealant
Mr RodwaySeems to do its job, and lasts waaay longer that I thought it would!
Mr PGood sized bottle and good results so far - no tube to put directly into valve so have to decant into something smaller
Mr WhincupExcellent product. Easy to use, reasonable price.
Mr VenskunasPerfect for the Job , used for my Hardtail and Roadbike. Delivery was very quick.
AndrewBest tyre sealant out there
JasonAmazing sealant which really helped me get my new tubeless tyres secured. I did a lot of research so take my word on it that this is the best price you can get.
Mr MoraleeIf you have at least two bikes then I suggest this is the size bottle to go for. Check every six months and use plenty. Only works if there's enough in!
jamesUsed stans for years, makes tubeless riding easy
CarlI have converted all four of my bikes to tubeless, using Stans sealant in each case. Despite a lot of riding along the canals after farmers have cut their hedgerows (leaving loads of dreaded bramble thorns all over the towpath) I have not had a single stoppage due to a puncture, whereas previously I suffered from 2 or 3 punctures a year approximately. For piece of mind and more time in the saddle , I would recommend this product. Watch the Stans video on how to convert to tubeless, ensuring you have either bought the kit that includes sealant, tape and valves, or if like me your bike comes tubeless ready, make sure you have a valve core remover and a syringe kit to squirt the sealant through the valve.
Mr moretonThe one and only tyre sealant I use. Easy to use seals well will seal non tubeless tyres as well
Mr BirkinI have only used Stans sealant so maybe others are just as good, but over 3 different bikes over the last 5 years I have only had one puncture (split sidewall)
Jonny ClappExcellent price for large bottle of Stans. Never had any issue with Stans fluid, so remain loyal to the brand.
MatthewWorks a charm, get a pump with a air tank on it, because trying to get the tyres seated with a regular pump is no fun.
Mr PeglarI had watched a few videos online reviewing how you can put this stuff into a tube and put small cuts into it and the sealant will 'heal' the tube. Needless to say I was intrigued and sceptical at the same time. I went ahead and purchased the sealant and Stan's 'The Injector' to put in my tubes. Luckily or otherwise I ended up with a puncture from a thorn in a tube (with removable core) the previous day. So I figured this would be the best 'test piece' as it wasn't fitted to a bike anymore and would replicate a 'good' type of punctures I get. I 'injected' half a syringe of sealant into the tube, pumped it up so the tube was hissing loudly, I then closed the valve core (after disconnecting the pump) and span it like a hoop around my arm (to mimic how it would be if fitted to a moving bike). To my amazement the hissing stopped nearly immediately and the tube kept the majority of air I had put into it. I then left it over night and checked the tube, it was still pumped up and sealed (has remained that way for around a week now). Needless to say it was promptly applied to all my bikes with removable cores. I have covered approximately 1000 miles on various bikes, both on and off road and have had no preventable punctures (stone cutting tyre side wall doesn`t count). As a foot note, the sealant can make a mess when 'The Inector' is removed so make sure you keep a rag handy.
DavidDelivered on time, got this as well as a 2oz bottle for accurate measurement. Also no tube valves. Still unable to seat the tyres, although this is probably more to do with my efforts rather than the products. I would recommend getting the 2oz bottle as well to decant this into it and to save wastage. Hope you have better luck than me in going tubeless!
MarkI've been using Stan's sealant for years, its never let me down.
TomRI have tried other brands. Stan's is the most effective and reliable.
Mr Chavi BonchevWorks great and I haven't experienced the issues my friends have with other brands. Being using it for 2 years now and this is only my second quart bottle.
Mr CooilWorks well, self sealing when punctured
Chris RobertsI have used this product for the last five years and it is still the best. Go tubeless.
Miss ReadA big bottle for lots of wheels. Other than that, it is what it is, keeps punctures at bay... apart from big ones!
Mr BeetThis is brilliant, have used it several times and is great for tubeless tyres, seals up very quickly and stays!
Mr NelsonHaven't bothered trying any other tyre sealant as this works so well for me. It got me home with a 1/4" cut in a tubeless racing ralph, so it'll do me!
Mr SewellExcellent product. Does what it says.
Mr dalesGreat product, used it for years.
markgreat stuff, used in proper ust and non ust tyres and works great, got a lot of large thorns going up a laneway where the hedges had just been cut, all sealed up with no noticable loss of pressure
Bill BobbinsI use it in inner tubes - the Schwalbe tubes are good because they have a removable valve core so you can get it into the tube easily. Seems to stop most punctures that would usually require a tube change. I find when I switch my tyres over there's usually several thorns / flints in the tyre that it's worked on - and that's just the one you know about.
Mr carterIf you are planning on going tubeless or you are already tubeless, Stan's sealant is the way forward I have used it for years. Just remember to check the inside of your tyre regularly.
Mr Viratavery nice tubeless sealant, you can be sure any small puncture can be resealed immediately, i will definetly recommend to a friend
Mr JenkinsonSeems to work and so I have not bothered trying anything else.
GP from PerthGreat product. I have had plenty of thorns through the tyres, sealed them all.
Mr ChisemBrilliant product, easy to use and really does self-heal punctures!
Mr ParkerBest tyre sealant available... Seals punctures very quickly and doesn't dry out as quickly as some of the other sealants.
Mr WilliamsAlways manages to seal thorn holes without problem
Mrs THOMASThis sealant works.
Mr MunroBeen using this with Maxxis normal tyres for 2 years and works well. Next day delivery again from Merlin, please keep it up!