Time Atac XC6 Pedals
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Time Atac XC6 Pedals
Code: TIME-XC6
Time Atac XC6 MTB Pedals including cleats
  • Weight : 293 g/pair
  • BioPerformance
  • ATAC System (Mastery of easy engagement and release)
  • Excellent debris removal (Self-cleaning concept)
  • Steel axle & composite body
  • Stainless steel molded dual-arches
  • Angular float (+/- 5˚) and lateral float
Mr MannTime pedals no longer available from local New Zealand suppliers so ordered the Atac XC6 on line from Merlin.. Great service. Dispatched the day after ordering and arrived ex UK to our door in New Zealand within 9 days. Excellent given Covid19 supply chain issues
DanIMHO the Atacs are the easiest to clip-in and -out; very good performance (my experience is CX, also general commuting etc). XC6 looks like best price-features/weight balance, though the white finish stands up about as well as you'd expect
AndrewSo easy to get in and out of, as yet I haven't had a single issue with unclipping.
benoitAfter many years of use and abuse my old pair of Time Alium had to be changed. The Time Atac 6 were my first choice so I went for them. Not a single bad thing to say about them. I have read somewhere the adjustment screw can be damaged, I can see why but I haven`t yet decided to play with it. Lets see what happen in few weeks when I decide to make them stiffer.
SallieGreat service! I will definitely order from Merlin again. As for the pedals I have used them once now and have absolutely no complaints but this is my first pair of clipless pedals so I have little to compare to. Engagement is easy but I do plan to use the ATAC Easy Cleats (sold separately) until I become more accustomed to disengaging. All in all a positive experience.
Prof bootonGreat pedals. Not sure why you'd pay for carbon XC8 when these are same weight and very robust judging by my other pair
Mr EastonDecent pedals, work fine. Nice & easy to engage & bail out of. Not cheap, but they should last. The usual prompt service from Merlin, no issues
WalterGreat pedal so far. This is my first clipless pedal and I really like the solid feel when clipping in. Easy to disengage, look and feel very solid.
RobinsonMy 3rd set of Time ATAC 6 pedals (3 bikes). I file the cleats to make them release more readily. Great pedals
PenniseAwesome pedals, have been riding Time pedals for over 15 years, these are great. Best prices at Merlin Cycles. Thanks
Mr ziniGreat pedals! Sturdy, easy and low maintenance.
Mr SpashettGreat pedals. Smooth engagement and they don't clog
Mr ReillyGreat pedals! Had another pair on a bike that was stolen and rode them hard!!!!! Beaten, scuffed, scoured and they still worked as good as the day I put them on the bike....looked even better :)
GarethSeem to do the job - easy to get in and out of, feel very solid whilst clipped in. The real review will have to come in a years time to see if they last any better than egg beaters!
Mr SuśI've used Time Atac pedals for many years so after changing my bike I knew what pedals to choose. My knees love these pedals!
JezzerythejesterExcellent knee friendly clip less pedal better than SPD`s in mud. The lateral float makes them easier to set up and to me feel far more natural than other clipless options. No more hip pain knee pain for me. Love em!
Mr SaxbyI have used Time Atac pedals for the past 20 years. These appear to be as well built as ever and use the same basic principle as they always have done. Good price from Merlin as usual.
Mr GermishuizenGreat pedals, at a good price. Not had them long, but they are light and clear mud as expected. I have been riding time since I began riding and I haven't found a reason to start looking elsewhere yet.
Mr LewingdonExcellent products to Time's usual high standards, cannot say if that are better than the XC4s or worse than the XC8s but excellent none the less. Describing them as white is a bit fanciful, light grey might be closer to the truth