TIME is a French bicycle component manufacturer of clipless pedals and carbon framesets and accessories. They started out making clipless pedals for road bikes in 1987 and the ATAC off road clipless pedal system in the 1990’s. They then took their production and materials know how and started to create carbon framesets and accessories of the highest quality. All of TIME’s production, research and development of all products take place in France giving the company hands on control of every level of manufacture.

This has allowed TIME to develop the RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) process for their frames which is unique in cycling but well used in the aerospace and automotive industries. This process ensures each TIME frame is made from the best materials and construction methods to exacting standards to produce a stronger, lighter and better finished frame. Rigorous testing both in-house and real world by TIME sponsored professional cycling teams means all frames and accessories offer premium quality for every rider no matter what level they ride at.

TIME pedals are unique in that they allow two different degrees of movement, known as float, between pedal and shoe. Side by side (lateral) as well as rotational (angular) float allows the foot to move slightly whilst still engaged in the pedal which reduces the stress placed on the knee from being clipped into the pedal. This is much better for your knees and very popular with riders who may have experienced pain when using other clipless pedal systems which only offer rotational float.