Time I-Clic & Xpresso Road Cleats
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Time I-Clic & Xpresso Road Cleats
Code: TIMCL8022000
Cleats for all i-Clic and Xpresso road pedals.
  • The one piece caf® cleat has three integrated non-slip stabilizers.
  • The widely placed polyurethane stabilizers grip the ground safely and provide excellent stability.
  • These stabilizers are not part of the engagement system, and although highly resistant to abrasion they have no effect on retention even if worn down.
  • Include wear indicators
  • Lightweight
  • Non-slip
  • Fits I-clic and Xpresso pedals.
  • 5 degree float
RReally like these cleats and their pedals. Can use clipless shoes or even flats in emergencies.
Mr ButterworthExcellent service and delivery time from Merlin. Time cleats, what more is there to say does the job nicely.
Mr FarnhillOK but durability could be better. I find the foot I clip in with wears quite quickly at the end of the cleat.
StephenGreat price and great delivery as always from Merlin. Time cleats I find are the best roadie cleat for ease of engaging to the pedals..
IanLove the time xpresso pedal and cleat system. Good definite click when you engage the cleat and a nice amount of security and float. Pedals last well if you look after them and don’t walk around excessively. Seem to be being phased out so stock up now!
Mr Reggie PangaII've been using Iclic road cleats for years and its way better than other brand not to mention the low price.
Mr Uchidagreat cleat ,very durable, good quality...........
Mr S.Funny shaped bits of reinforced plastic that you bolt to the bottom of your shoes! Perfect for people like me who run time xpresso pedals!...... brilliant! They do however appear to be better quality than the ones that come as standard with the actual pedals!
Richard JonesI’ve been a fan Time pedals for some years, largely because of the amount of float. However I have found that the cleats wear out very quickly. This pair appear to be made of much harder plastic, so hopefully they will last longer. I’ve dropped one star because they do creak a lot. A squirt of GT85 eliminates the creak for about 25 miles, and a smear of lithium grease (although a bit messy) eliminates it completely.
Paul DiamondA good replacement cleat on a system I've used for a number of years which Mavic embraced. Good product.
Mr ryanHave been using the time I-click expresso road cleats since they become first available, they are excellent when clicking into pedals, would not use any other type pedal systems at this stage.
PeterGreat cleat system. Just a pity they wear out so quickly when walking on them.
Dr SarganThe cleat type is very stable, which is how I come to have these pedals, but the original Time Xpresso cleats have always worn out quickly. These have been revised and are claimed to be tougher than previously. It remains to be seen whether it that is really true.
davyisonReplacement Time cleats at a good price from Merlin. I have used Time pedals for several years and they give a smooth ride. Easy to get you feet in and out of pedals. I find the the downside with Time pedals, is that the bearing assembly wears more quickly than say shimano. This said I prefer the feel of Time
JustinReplaced mavic version seem identical.
chrisNicer than the last version. Much clearer instructions for setting up Q factor. Nicer quality too. Just hope they last longer.
Mr KermanDecent cleats, wear a little quicker than previous ones I've had though.
Mr BasterfieldThanks for the swift delivery of these Time I-clic pedal cleats which I find on the plus side very easy to engage though have to mention that on the negative side they do wear out somewhat quicker than others I`ve had But that said will stay with them until perhaps finding something better on the whole not a bad pedal setup
Mr bowskillGreat value, cleats release so easy from pedals
RICHARDJust what you would expect from Time Sports. Come with all the hardware.
nigelBetter than the older version
MichaelSince switching to Time Expresso pedals, most of my knee pain has gone away, so I'll be sticking with them. The pedals are very light and give great foot support. They're also easy to clip in and out of. Unlike some other reviewers I have found the cleats to be quite durable, about as good as the Shimano ones I used before. However I try to walk as little as possible on asphalt or gravel with them on.
AdrianGreat cleats. I`ve used time pedals for over 10 years and I`ve never experienced an issue. Great product.
Karl RDo the job of keeping your feet clipped into xpresso pedals :) wear out quite quickly if you walk on them, however, should last longer than a season.
Mr WhaleboneDo the job but I wish they didn't wear so quickly
Mr AyersSystem works well, but cleats could be more durable. Definitely need cleat covers to protect when walking
Mr HenryI've been riding Time for 25 years. Good quality, easy to adjust and more freedom of set up than most brands out there.
Mr goscinkiTime pedals and cleats are efficient, comfortable and easy to set up. Cleats unfortunately aren't the most durable
Mr GaleLong lasting replacement cleat for the money. For the price, change them every 2,000 miles for smooth entry and release.
Mr OversEssential replacements for the excellent I-click pedals. Really easy to clip in but could last longer.
Mr MeeresAs part of Xpresso pedal system, these work great. Though, haven't had them long enough to gauge wear rate...
Mr sanchez diazThis is the second time I buy this cleats, and I'm very satisfied. Great durability. I'm going to keep buying this cleats in the future. Definitely
Mr EllisRecieved quickly and Merlin kept me updated with my order. They were the best price I could find on the web and the site was easy to use.
Mr Huashunbeautiful and durable cleat.