Topeak Aero Wedge Bag
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Topeak Aero Wedge BagTopeak Aero Wedge BagTopeak Aero Wedge BagTopeak Aero Wedge BagTopeak Aero Wedge BagTopeak Aero Wedge BagTopeak Aero Wedge BagTopeak Aero Wedge Bag
Code: 406
Topeak Aero wedge bag with traditional straps or quick release fitting.

Strap Model:

Aero shaped wedge pack with positive locking QR buckle and high strength straps.
Large openings swallow up all the things you take with you.
Gussets hold the rear flap in place when open. Hard wearing fabric.
Expanding design on M & L models for extra capacity
Tail light strap included
1000 Denier Teflon coated fabric
3M Scotchlite reflective safety strip

Quickclip Model:

Aero shaped wedge pack with easy-to-use quick release mounting system.
Large openings swallow up all the things you take with you.
Gussets hold the rear flap in place when open.
Hard wearing fabric.
Expanding design on M & L models for extra capacity
Built-in pump holder on M & L models
Tail light strap included
1000 Denier Teflon coated fabric
3M Scotchlite reflective safety strip


Micro - 16 x 8 x 7.5 cm
Small - 18 x 8.5 x 11 cm
Medium - 20 x 11 x 12 cm
Large - 23 x 13 x 14 cm



Mr FfoulkesPerfect size for all the essentials on a medium-long ride, easy to fit and handy that it clips off for washing the bike etc.
Mr FavaWorked exactly as expected. Terrific value.
Mr HeadA cool little bag for keeping essentials in when you're out an about. The mounting system means its really securely attached.... Well perhaps not that well attached. Its now been nicked by the wife and put on her bike!! I can never fault the service from Merlin
SameerJust the right size for a spare tube, multi-tool, and tyre levers with room to spare.
Mr GlennVery good quality bag on a good price. Construction is superb. Looks like it can last for years.
BrianGreat bag. Nice shape for under your seat. Sits snug and secure. Big enough for anything you might possibly need. And the best price on the web. 👍
Mr VailGreat bag, have one on each of my bikes, zippered expanding section is a bonus.
TalDecent saddle bag, pretty roomy although I was disappointed its about 1 cm too short to fit my pump but I guess that's on me.
Mr Abdul wahabVery spacious
GarethNeat fit. Easily enough room for two tubes and an adequate selection of tools.
Mr GRAYHad one before so that says it all
P JonesWorks well. Slight adjustment of seat required to fit clip but no big deal. Medium was a good size for tube, 2 CO2 canisters, 2 levers, CO2 pump
LesAn excellent bag. Very spacious yet compact looking. Keeps all I need for my road trips. Well impressed with the service from Merlín!
Mr GokceMust have product. M size is ideal for most needs.
Mr RutterGreat little bag fit in my two inner tubes, a tool kit and some other little bits.
TimPerfect size for under the saddle.
Mr mitchellIve one of these bags in all sizes and they are great, easy to use.
DCGood product at a good price. Easy to fit and has a very reasonable capacity.
Mr ArmesTidy little saddle bag that holds a bit more than you might expect and made with the usual Topeak build quality.
Mr MastersI have these on all my bikes, easy to put on or take off, light but sturdy, I find the expansion handy, also the loop for a light and the little elasticated net inside.
Ms CooperLove this bag, nice quality , looks good, holds my phone and a few bits and bobs, what i need, fast delivery again from merlin
RhysGreat size and holds onto the seat well. Combined with a new Topeak Alien 2 to reduce the amount of stuff I need to carry!
Mr TursnerGood mini saddle bag. Running a tubeless setup and I can fit a multi tool, co2 inflator and cartridge plus couple of gels and a tyre repair kit comfortably. Bought to replace a very old version of the same bag.
Daniel SchirnI had the small one on my old bike (stolen). I upgraded to the large however the strap which attaches it to the seat tube is too small (it's like it needs the tube to be 1.5x the size) so the strap pulls around too far and the velcro can hardly connect. This means the bag remains safely on the bike but slides down the tube leading to access to the compartment being under the seat and you have to pull it up to get into it. Not disastrous but inconvenient. Overall an excellent quality product with room for tube, multitool, tyre levers, keys, phone, and a few energy bars.
KeithIdeal size for an inner tube, small multi tool and tyre levers (size small)
ABZ50Excellent purchase does exactly what it says, thanks Merlin
LynneThis is a great saddle bag. Easy to fit onto the bike and spacious enough to get in quite a few items if packed wisely.
Mr GoncalvesMy Topeak Aero Wedge bag arrived promptly and as described. I was hoping to be able to fit two spare inner tubes plus tools but really it can only fit one, which is fine. Handy tool pouch in the cover for easy access to tools, which is useful and it fitted onto my bike with no problems.
AndreBought this to replace the previous version with the straps as the bag had seen better days. The new quick clip is great and you can position it better so the bag sits higher up and stays in place unlike the strap version that would slip down covering part of your rear light no matter how many times you adjusted it. Having owned both types the new quick clip is much better and i would highly recommend, i went for a small and i can fit a 29er mtb tube in it a set of levers, the Hexus X Multi Tool I ordered with this , some patches and glue, a pair of disposable gloves, chain links , a co2 canister, some tabs, a small rag and still have enough room for some change and a bank change that i put in the mesh pocket on the flap. Fast delivery and great service as always from Merlin
CocoExcellent. Perfect size for bike ride requirements.
LynneThis is a great bag for the bike - really flexible with the addition expansion. Big enough to get a jacket in . A cycling friend bought one so we all got one!
Mr GealI've used similar aero wedge on another bike for over 10 years and no problems still going strong. Not really tested this one much but it fits securely and plenty of room for tube multi tool tyre leavers with space for extra snacks.
RonanMeduim was the perfect size. Can fit everything I need on a long cycle in it, while at the same time it looks nice and neat on my racer.
Mr DVery Pleased with it, is a nice and solid bag that I use to carry an inner tube and co2 canister.
Tony SGood size for a multi tool, tyre levers and inner tube with a little spare for keys/money without spending ages trying to jam it all in.
Mr RandonDecent size and a compact fitting bag. Competitive price. I keep 2 tubes, levers and multi tool and still space for other essentials
KaiDGood sized bag and easy to fit. Only slight criticism would be it sits very close to my rear wheel however, this is more my own issue as I’m quite short! So no reflection on the product itself. Holds my small pump, spare inner tube, tyre levers and puncture repair kit with enough room to throw in house keys and mobile phone.
RogerWell made and fits neatly and easily under the saddle. At a squeeze it will hold a tube, levers, small multi tool, CO2 inlator and 2 CO" cartridges.
ITSo good we have his and hers. Great bag and expanding option is a great feature.
Mr BlairBit larger than I thought and hard to open when attached to the bike. But it’s sturdy, light weight, and holds a lot of essentials
Dick VenesVery pleased with this item. I calculated it should be able to take my compact pump and it does, plus other tools and energy bars etc. Good secure fixing on the bike and doesn't contact legs when pedalling.
FARI TChose the medium size just in case. Good for trips where you want to put more in. I have 2 spare inner tubes and levers and plenty of space left (without extending).
JAHHolds lots of stuff. Doesn't sway about.
DavidAmple space for a tube, CO2 bottles, tyre levers.
PRFits well under saddle, big enough to fit plenty of stuff in, but not too big.
Ant GuyI have two of these micro bags, one on my road bike and one on my MTB. This purchase was a replacement for a previous one of the same, simply because I managed to get some latex glove stuck in the zip, and an over- zealous attempt to free it up during a roadside mechanical killed it.... my fault, not an issue with the bag itself! Anyway, the bags fit securely and never had any issue. On the roadie I easily carry two spare tubes, a Topeak Mini 20 multi-tool, a tyre lever, zip ties, latex gloves, a quick-link and some tube repair patches. The 29'er MTB is the same, but only room for one spare tube in that one. Would defo recommend.
André AlvarengaVery useful bag, great fabric.
Mr OjogWent for the large size and straps version, I can easily fit 2 spare inner tubes, a multitool and tire levers with room to spare without opening the extension zipper. I've had it on the bike for a few rides and it's nice and secure, you don't even know it's there.
Mr Sahinnice and useful
Sad Fred.Good build quality. Does everything you need. Fits one tube, levers, multi tool etc. into a size small easily, two tubes at a push.
Lee HollandGreat bag - fits under saddle and doesn’t stick out - enough space for the essentials
GaryEfficient bag to carry extras on bike.
Mr HingeWent for the small. Plenty of space inside. I've fitted a puncture kit, a spare inner tube, tyre levers, and my mini ratchet set. Seems pretty durable.
MichaelNice little bag. Takes all you need. Fits to the saddle Nice and snug.
PeterIn expanded form, fits the following inside: Lezyne Sport Drive HV Pump, Topeak Hexus X Multi Tool, 40x700C spare, two cliff bars, 3x Park Tools tyre levers, wet wipes, park tools tyre boot, part tools super patch kit, 11 speed QR chain links
JakeGood solid bag
Mr VGot the medium size, its a good quality bag, but found it a squeeze to get all the essentials in. Some of you guys must travel really light or I must be packing the kitchen sink.
Mr GwynneGood quality, robust, my go-to saddle bag!
Mr ConventoI bought Small, nice size, perfect can fit 2 tubes my phone, multi tool kit and puncture kit.
Mr Anwar ElsayedSmall size was just right, takes the tools, levers, patch kit and the bike lock, good looking and durable
Mr FlemingVery well made and compact. Perfect for training rides.
DanielNot to big not too small - fits 2 spare tubes, multitool, 5.5 inch phone, bike pump, mueslibar, puncture kit and some change
Mr BevanGot the Medium bag, perfect size. we have 3 of these in our household. If you are just looking for a quality saddlebag and not a huge capacity bike packing bag then this is it. In mine I have 2 sets of tyre levers, multitool, contact lenses, two innertubes (700c 25), Puncture repair kit (still in plastic case) and a little tin of vaseline. There's still a bit more room to cram stuff in and I haven't even unzipped the expandable section yet. I have the straps version rather than the quick release as I like being able to tighten it differently depending on how much i have in it. My father has had this for years on his mountain bike and never had an issue. Great price, flawless product.
Mr DrummondGreat saddle bag as what everyone else have said before. 1 small gas canister valve, 2 gas canisters (16g. 1 inner tube 700c x 28mm Park tool 10 funtions minitool, puncture patches, bank card and coins/cash fits in great with small size.
Mr OddieWell designed with good straps.
NDOrdered the Medium which is perfect. Fits small pump, tube, multi-tool, and either my phone or some gummi bears.
adrianGreat bit of kit just the right size for a gas - tube - levers and a few extras
StephenGreat bag fits everything + more, highly recommend this brand for quailty
KendallFits 2 tubes, a Crank Brothers multitool 3 tyre levers, chain link, tyre boot and a mini leatherman. Happy with that.
WalGood quality bag - medium size, which can be extended. On reflection, should have ordered the Large for the use for which I intend to use it. I like the quick release, and it does fit neatly under the saddle.
DavidTopeak always make quality items. Bought the size micro but large enough to hold a road tube and levers. Unobtrusive under the saddle
JariBought medium size and I was able to fit a spare tube, levers, CO2 inflator and a light rainjacket inside. I recommend this size for all fitness riders like me. The bag is held nice and snug on the bike and you can adjust the volume easily with a zipper and straps. The product met my expectations for this price. Long term durability remains to be seen.
Mr LoweGreat product, small, neat and looks good
craigSpent a long time debating what size to go for.... Ended up with the medium and was not dissapointed. Easy to fit without extending: Lezyne Sport drive HP pump, inner, multitool, latex gloves, patch kit, One Plus phone, card/cash bag, and a few other odds and sods. Went for straps, the bag remains stable and secure regardless, it has also proved to be faily water resiliant.
ThierryThe medium is actually quite big. Moreover when you consider that it can be extended. This would fit better a moutain bike or a long adventure bike than a road bike. I can fit two tubes, a multitool, puncture repair kit, speed link and gloves in the smaller version.
Mr WahlinGood price, and so easy to attach and move between my racer and mtb. Good to have tools and some extra stuff in when you go out.
Mr ChuangTopeak's saddle bags are as good as they appear in the picture. They look stylish and do not compromise the overall aesthetics of the bike. Small is enough to fit my wallet, coin purse, spare tube, and still has room to spare. The Medium size is enough to fit my girlfriend's wallet. That says something. Would recommend the clip for those who are planning on detaching and re-attaching it often though. It is so much easier to remove when needed, and the clip stays out of the way on the saddle.
Lucky of DubaiEasy to install and remove from the saddle which is always good especially when you go on coffee breaks and bringing your valuables.
WaltonI always buy topeak saddlebags, They last longer than all the others I've tried and with Merlin's great prices a proper bargain.
Mike HudsonI have the micro size, which I use for shorter and local rides. Bought this for longer sportives or maybe touring. Quality great as usual, but bigger than I thought.
DejanovicGot small one with quick release and was happy to find out that it fits my Pro Falcon Ti saddle. It fits two inner tubes, two tire levers, a multitool, patch kit, and still has space to spare. It is however much bigger than I thought it would be, wish I went with micro instead for "neater" minimalistic fit.
PeteQuality product, In a size small, I could fit in a pump, spare tube, tire "irons", co2 bottle and even pressure gauge.
Mr TroughtonNice quality bag for stowing basic repair kit eg. spare tube and puncture kit.
Mr JacksonFits nicely under the saddle. Takes a spare tube, punctuate repair kit, levers and tool set. Prompt delivery from Merlin.
RowettExcellent little bag (I bought a small) very discrete and just the right size for those essential bits and bobs. Enough space for a spare tube, multi tool, wallet, phone and keys.
ShaneAMAZING! Wasn't sure which size to get. Went with the small and it is perfect. Can fit spare tube, multi-tool, gels, keys, cards and money.
Lee SAlways use topeak bags, just got the micro for a new road bike. Takes tube, tool, 2xCO2, lever fine Nice and tight so no rattles!
Mr DawsonGreat bag. And aero too. It can take a fair amount of stuff
Mr MilesGood fit, no wobble. Larger than anticipated so perhaps if you are unsure of which size to go with go for the smaller.
Mr HaeuslerGreat little bag, perfect for an extra tube and my car keys etc
Mr reidSuper piece of kit, well made and sturdy. Perfect size.
nicoNice and tough, manage to fit up to two inner tubes along with a multi-tool, levers, and a puncture repair kit.
Frank BerteiThis is a great little lightweight pouch. It's big enough to hold one spare tube (road), a compact patch kit, tyre levers, a couple of hex keys and 20 bucks.
feyzaA little bit bigger than I thought but enough big for all your essentials.
johnstoneSturdy bag, doesn`t rattle, fits securely
Mr KurşunIts useful. I can increase its volume a little with a zip and my windstopper can fit in it with a 27" tube, topeak ractchet rocket tool, keys and a small phone.
Mr DenneyThis has a great profile and sits nicely up against the post and seat to make it look seamless. The expansion zipper is great for days when I ride in just a T-shirt and need a spot for my phone.
Mr KilpatrickIt is a well made bag. The micro one has enough room for a tube, 3 park levers, CO2, the really little CO2 valve, and maybe your keys and a couple credit cards or something. The only slightly odd thing is the loop that goes around the seatpost has elastic on it, which is odd since I want this thing to not hasn't fallen off at least.
Mr BISPerfeita, cabe tudo que
CraigThe quick release is kind of nice, but has a pretty significant, unanticipated liability: the mounting bracket can only fit on the seat rails where they're parallel to one another. If your seat is too far forward, you won't have enough parallel rail exposed behind the seat clamp to fit this mounting bracket. In order to install this bag, I had to move my seat backward from its carefully fitted position :/ Also... the front strap is too short to go around an aero seat tube (eg. Cervelo S*), but it seems to do fine without it.
Mark PickardGreat bag. Fits really well without looking clumsy. Replaced my previous small version of the same model and am pleased with the extra capacity.
ObaMedium size bag holds easily two/three road tubes, mini-pump, chain tools, etc. for longer distance rides. When you run out of space, unzip for extra volyme. The quick-release is handy, too.
Mr BrittenGood bag only down side has to be unfastened from the bike to unzip as I do have it right up under my seat but big enough for 2 inner tubes and tyre levers
GeorgeIn my opinion this is an excellent bag for a road bike. I think the size of the small bag is excellent for a performance concerned person, and it fits 2 inner tubes, a multitool, patches, quicklinks and your credit card. At a stretch you might be able to push a couple of more small things inside. I found the clip mechanism to be really sturdy, with no rocking of the bag so far during 100km rides. The only thing I found weak in this bag is the zipper handle. Depending how lucky you are it might not last for long. But on the other hand it is not that you can't live without it, I would totally recommend this bag to anyone with no hesitation.
Lord ReeserBag works well for the price. Holds tube, levers, small inflator and cylinder plus my keys, ID and credit card. I tried to stuff in my iphone that has a case on it and it wouldn't fit. I doubt it would fit without the case. It's kind of a shame because there seems to be a bit of room left. Maybe with a careful folding of the tube I can somehow cram a phone in. The loop to hold the light is a great feature, but the zipper location is not, as others have said.
Mr MASSEYVery good, nice and neat and right size for tube, tyre levers, key and small tools.
Mr McIntoshRoom for a tube, tyre levers, patches and a multi tool, yet still tiny under the saddle. Just the job.
Mr GURLEKVery good saddle bag, durable and good quality, this is my second Topeak.
Mr WillisEasy to fit, sits secure on bike and held an inner tube and tools with room to spare. Well happy with it.
Mr brownVery neat and well constructed plus simple to fit
Mr ellisExcellent, 2 tubes, Park Tool, Co2 canisters fits in perfectly
JoeGreat little bag when your not going too far from home! Just enough space for a tube, levers, and a multi tool. A bigger one is probably needed for longer trips should you want to carry more spares.
RenosReally great bag and the size is perfect for my needs (one tube, a tool, keys...)
Mr arndtSmall size is great for small multi tool and an inflator...maybe a smart phone will fit but doubt much more than that
Mr foltzGreat bag. Big enough to carry all my stuff, but not cumbersome under the saddle!
Mr TomkinsGreat product perfect size for a tube, multi-tool, CO2 and a set of tyre levers Great service from Merlin cycles too ;o)
Mr SkinnerExcellent product I went for the medium size with straps which I would say will suit most riders for day rides etc. If you need bigger then get a saddlebag! Usual great Merlin service at a fair price. Highly recommended
Andrew KingThe Mini version - I can fit the following in the pack. A road inner tube, two tyre levers, a multitool, a small first aid kit, small repair kit (chain pins, links, cleat, zip ties, patches) and a front door key. My iPhone 5s will fit in, but only if I remove the multitool. It tucks very nicely out of the way and beats having bits jumping around in my jersey pockets.
Mr PopovSolid construction and water resistant.
Mr ClarkeI have a small one of these but my essential kit seems to be getting bigger, keys phone spare tubes etc. Well consructed bags. This one will expand as well.
BernadoI already had a small sized one of these which I could cram the essentials in - inner tube, tyre levers, iPhone (just), some money and key. Now that I have a second bike I decided to go for a medium size (a friend has the large one and it looks a bit too big on the bike sticking out from the back of the saddle. It is also wider and there is a risk of chaffing your thighs on it). So the Medium size was the one for me. I can easily get two inner tubes in this one plus the other stuff, and even more if I utilise the extension part of it. It should last for some time as it seems to be well made. My only gripe is that it is a bit fiddly to unzip because the top of the back of the bag can be close to the bottom of the saddle, plus the zip handle is not particularly long. If you loosen the straps to let the bag hang a bit below the saddle to ease this problem the bag bounces about a lot when hitting rougher bits of road which is worse. But all in all a good product at a sensible price.
Steve HillI already had one of these and bought another as a present for my brother-in-law. The small is a perfect size for a road bike inner tube, levers, a couple CO2 canisters and a multi-tool.
Mr CrostonSolid bag that does the job,. Not 100% water proof but nothing a few zip bags don't sort
JTPerfect size for the essentials, spare tube, multitool, keys and mobile phone. This is my second Topeak Aero, great durability also.
Mr JWasn't sure whether to go with the large or medium. Went with the medium and looks to be the right choice. Sits snuggly under the seat and doesn't protrude. Any wider and it would've. The large is slightly wider. Easily fitted a 29er tube, tyre levers, patches, keys and phone. Loops for pump underneath but a little bit close to the tyre for my liking. Reckon I've 1-2cm clearance with the 29er. I've seen some reviews saying the Quickclip is tricky to fit. Not sure I'd agree and is very straightforward. Bought another clip for the road bike to share.
Mr ClarkI bought this as a present and my friend is extremely happy. It carries a huge amount but doesn't look bulky
Mr frearNice size bag, easy fits two tubes and two co2 cans and a Gore waterproof.
Mr BakerVery neat can get three inner tubes, CO2 inflator + three cartridges, mulitool, chain tool, a couple of energy bars and if you use expansion zip a gillet or lightweight coat in it. Medium size bag.
Mr MorrisonGreat little bag. Bought the medium model, fits spare tube, bicycle multitool, tire levers, a pair of nitrile gloves and even a pair of pliers. Still have room for a few other small things like gels. Attaches very firmly to seat and post and doesn't rattle around or get in the way of my legs. And of course a great experience with Merlin!
Mr WallaceBought the small size which fits very neatly beneath the saddle. Can store 2 tubes, a mini tool and a mini pump. Very pleased with purchase.
AndrewGreat bag, quick to fit and secure. Well made and looks good on bike
Justin RolfeYou see zillions of these because they are good. I bought the XL for my MTB as I don't like wearing a back pack, and my legs rub on it because it's too wide near the seat post. Smaller ones are OK.
Mr WillisFits everything you need for a full day on the road bike. happy days.
Mr SkelleyDecided to take the plunge on my commuter bike and carry all the spares on the bike and not in my back pack. Works a dream!
Mr GustafssonSuperb bag, fits perfect under the seat, doesn't touch the inside leg at all.
Mr WinfieldMedium can fit 2 road tubes, 2 park tool tyre levers, multi tool, small amount of Firstaid kit with space left, end if you unzip the expansion zip you'll fit even more in. Clips off and on with no issue. Great replacement to my previous saddle bag that's fixing straps wore through.
Mr bakerGreat bag, can get all of my repair kit in it with room to spare. Only down side is that you rub your thighs on it when you move out over the back of the saddle. Delivery was very fast, and service from merlin was great
Mr quilliamGreat Bag, very useful and good size.
PaulSmall bag perfect for tube, gas, repair kit and multi tool on road bike.
Mr GinnGreat little bags-light but big enough for a tube, levers and a multi tool.
Mr sharpIdeal bag for a spare tube, tools etc
Mr HemmingsI chose the medium sized bag which can hold a topeak multi tool, puncture repair kit, Co2 inflator, levers and inner tube. If you have less a small size may be more suitable, John
Mr DavidWorks great. "Micro" sized bag is still large enough for a spare tube (well, for a road bike at least) and spare tools. Mounting clip is nice and sturdy. Fast shipping (to Canada) and awesome prices!
Mrs HarraldGreat Bag, with ability to extend a bit with the zipped concertina design.
Mr GletGot both the small and medium bags with straps which fit my needs for road and hybrid bike perfectly. Small will get road tube, puncture kit, multitool, disposable gloves and a topeak racerocket pump. I also squeeze in reading glasses so I can see what I'm doing with roadside repairs!. Medium will get in your MTB tube and all of the above with space to spare!
Mr WattsGreat little bag. The small size still fits in my mini pump, spare inner tube, phone and other tools I need for a ride. As ever a great price and speedy delivery from Merlin.
Mr GrytsjöNice and much value for the money... one of mine got broken after 2 years usage
Mr LaiBought the large with straps - holds everything I want and more, the expansion is especially helpful. Not as narrow as some other saddle bags but didn't give me much issue like some other people have had (back of leg chaffing etc). My only issue is that water seemed to get in at the zip (I was in the rain for near enough 8 hours) so don't expect it to be perfectly water proof.
Mr griffithsgreat item just big enough for mtb tube & multitool
Mr ASPDENSuperb piece of kit, medium holds alien tool, inner tube, cable cutters and 3 Tyre levers. Merlin are all top company with top products. Been using them for years and never had a problem.
Mr whitereally quick delivery from merlin yet again. the bag is the perfect size for my road bike. i can fit a tube, puncture kit, multitool, few tie wraps and some keys in.
Peter ChapmanGreat Product. Suitable for weekend adventures in Northumberland. Great delivery as ever!
Harri MFunctional and fits well behind saddle
Mr MorasLooks really good. Well made and a good size for a medium bag. Waiting for new bike to arrive to cannot say what it's like on the bike yet!
Mr sinagogaI was very pleased with the service from merlin, again they were very prompt with their delivery, also the product was spot on cheers steve
Mr PRIORUsed them for years. excellent internal mesh pocket & ykk zip
GaryBag is reasonable size but haven't used to full extent. Wouldn't want anything bigger for keep fit cycling. Only issue is I wil probably have to buy a new rear light to fit to light loop properly but that's not the bag's fault.
Mr BatterburyVery good product, seems well made. Exactly what I was after. I can fit in tools, wallet, phone and keys easily. Quick delivery too.
Mr MCNAUGHTONExcellent item - fits well, packs the basics and then some, well made, looks good and is functional - and very impressed with in terms of the price of the item (the best I could find) and rapid delivery within a couple of days which made a big difference. This is my third order through this company and without doubt I'll be putting more business this way and recommending the same to other fellow riders! I'm impressed! - Well done and thanks!
KCGreat size. I put my spare tube, pump and compact tool kit inside.
Marcos.Jllevery well build bag, I bought the medium size and it fit tubes, phone, money and other acessories that you need in a ride!
Mr JamesGood bit of gear. Just the right size for a dry ride.
Mr higginsSmall, but holds everything you need and lasts for yyeeaarrss. Unless its the clip one which will fall apart the first time you slam the front door on the way out.