Torq Energy Drink Powder - 1.5kg
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Torq Energy Drink Powder - 1.5kgTorq Energy Drink Powder - 1.5kgTorq Energy Drink Powder - 1.5kgTorq Energy Drink Powder - 1.5kg
Code: TQDEN15
Torq Energy Drink Powder - 1.5kg


  • Fast-Delivery 2:1 Maltodextrin:Fructose carbohydrate energy drink with 5 key electrolytes and natural flavours. 
  • Designed to help maintain hydration, deliver carbohydrate and replace electrolytes lost through perspiration. 
  • Light on the stomach and refreshing with a natural mild flavour. 
  • 500ml TORQ Energy (@6%) = 1 TORQ Unit (See TORQ Fuelling System)
  • This product also forms part of the TORQ Recovery System.
  • Organic : Complex carbohydrate energy drink with a neutral flavour. 
  • All ingredients are Soil Association Certified Organic. 
  • Also dubbed the ‘Invisible Calorie’, this product can be added sweet or savoury food for carbohydrate loading or enhanced recovery post exercise (see TORQ Recovery System).
  • 1.5kg Resealable Pouch
ADCGreat tasting drink as ever
AnotherDesignThe Pink Gratefruit flavour of this Torq is very pleasant even when mixed 3 scoops to 500ml. Definitely seems to increase endurance and performance quite markedly. Started to use this after hitting the Bonk on a 35miles into a 50mile ride. Now using it on all rides in an appropriate volume in relation to distance and temperature. Would totally recommend. This is the second time I have purchased this product.
Mr MacraeGreat energy drink that tastes nice and isn't sickly sweet like other products
Matt FletcherWorks well, easy on the stomach. Vanilla flavour is a bit weird with just water added though, but add a dash of cordial and it is spot on.
TimI got the Blackcurrant flavor. Blackcurrant is hard to get in the US so I have to get it from Merlin. The flavor is very good: mild, not cloyingly sweet or overly chemical. A pleasing flavor encourages a rider to stay hydrated.
Mr StorerThought I'd give this a try after using other brands, so far so good, tastes good and keeps me going.
PeteGreat product a a good price. Have used Torq energy for a while now and it really does do the job. Switched to to Torq as they don't use those nasty artificial sweeteners.
Mr CGood Taste and works well
Mike ChinaVanilla flavour is perfect for me, not to "unnatural". Seems to be helpful for longer rides to prevent cramps. Also use it, mixed with chocolate whey protein, as recovery drink. Could be a bit cheaper.
Mr SandifordLime n Lemon not as sweet as some, which is good. Easily mixed. Seems to work as i havent bonked yet!
John DExcellent product which I’ve now used for a long time and is my go to energy drink product, great taste that doesn’t linger and is easy to absorb whilst exercising. Highly recommended.
SohailGreat healthy & organic product and price
Miss lloyd-evansPink grapefruit flavour is delicious. very easy to drink and no tummy rummbles.
TomGreat taste and doesn’t leave me feeling sick as some other brands do.
PeteGreat taste, no negative side effects, even after >10h of riding. I tried a lot of different brands and this one is the best energy drink I have ever had.
Jackie FA extremely effective product that tastes great and has no nasties in it,.
Mr ReedEasy tasting, good sustained energy release & hydration.
Mr HoldingGood price and perfect for hydration and energy.
Mr kerstenGreat tasting energy drink
RachelHave already bought the Torq before but wanted to try a different flavour, very happy with the flavour it is very light and not sickly. All natural :)
Mr WrightA lot of energy drinks don't settle well in my stomach but Torq products are easy to drink and never seem to upset me. Taste good too!
Mr WakelinI've been using Torq since it was originally introduced to the market and it remains the best energy drink for me, mainly because it works and it doesn't contain aspartame, which gives me terrible headaches.
Mr PerryTorq are my preferred energy supplement. They do the biz with natural ingredients and taste great to boot.
Mr TaylorGreat sharp taste if you like that sort of thing on a hot ride. Seems easier on my stomach than SIS similar products.