Vittoria Air-Liner Tubeless Insert
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Vittoria Air-Liner Tubeless InsertVittoria Air-LinerVittoria Air-Liner
Code: TYVAL010S777B
Vittoria Air-Liner Tubeless Insert
Vittoria presents Air-Liner, the ultimate tyre accessory for mountain bike tyres. The Air-Liner is a foam-based tubular insert for tubeless tyres designed to protect the rim, enhance grip and prevent punctures.
This technical foam is made up by a new-generation polymer, and the entire tube comes through coring process. Differently from printing and extrusion, cheaper production processes used for equivalent products available in the market coring does not alter the chemical structure of the polymer. As a matter of fact, the added value of Air-Liner lays in its high-quality production process.
Air-Liner can be used on both standard wheels and tubeless-ready wheels, with both tubeless and tubeless-ready tyres, and with any type of sealant (preferably without ammonia). In addition, it fits any type of valve for tubeless.
Although Air-Liner polymer is slightly dense, it is very resistant. This particular structure provides the insert with lightweight without compromising on resistance and duration: Air-Liner weight goes from 160g to 220g according to the size, and the product life cycle is 2000 hours in normal conditions or one-hour run flat (calculation based on a rider of 80 kg of weight)
Sizing Information
  • Size S: Cross-Country from 1.9" to 2.2"
  • Size M: All Mountain / Enduro from 2.25" to 2.5"
  • Size L: Enduro Plus from 2.5" to 2.7"
  • Size XL: Plus / Fat from 2.7" to 4.0"
Mr Salomonimolto sostenuto e ottima durata nel tempo
Mr ParryDose seem a little expensive for a length of foam but looks like it will do the job it’s intended for. Time will tell.
MartynEasy to follow instructions, really good price compared to similar products. Plus you don’t need special valves. Have been using this liner in my current bike for approx a year, can run low pressures without worrying about damaging a rim or tyre bead. They claim you can ride on a deflated tyre with this installed I would disagree, maybe a front tyre but not a rear.
Mr ScowcroftHave used one of these in my other bike for a few years a good quality product that does not swell with sealant
JamesI was skeptical but thought if it protects my rear wheel from dings it's worth a punt. Definitely saved a rim dent from hitting a rock garden to hard. Seems like there is more stability in the tyre. Good invention
Mr BALLERAI am using them in my derby carbon rims , very easy to install, now I'm riding my bike without worrying breaking them when hitting jumps and drops.
Mr MangionBrilliant item - best insert I`ve used all season
Mr TogashiI ran through the roots and rocks of the tree, but there was no damage to the rim
Mr FinkelshteinGreat liners, easy to fit, good protection for my expensive carbon rims. I can ride with even lower pressure now :-)
Murray WillderHaving embraced tubeless setup on my MTBs I was keen to try a foam insert and after some research the VAL seemed a sound choice. The inserts come nicely packaged with clear instructions in addition to the already helpful online tutorial I purchased both small and medium size for my DT Swiss XM1501 25mm /29" wheelset fitted with Maxxis Forekaster 2.2 rear and Shorty 2.3 front The rear insert was fitted in 10 mins. without too much bother, the front insert was a far tougher proposition taking me nearer 30 mins (helpful tip on the last stubborn section of tyre bead carefully warm the area using radiator, hot water or gentle use of hair dryer - the fit would have been near impossible without softening the rubber) Once fitting was complete and sealant added the tyres inflated and sealed first time. I dropped my usual running pressures by 5 PSI and even on a workstand 'push n pinch' test could appreciate the extra stability, the top and sides of the tyre shaped and moulded easily without overly compressing towards the rim I was equally impressed on my first ride around my regular trails which are a mix of mud, woody loam and mulch, rocks and roots, climbs and descents. Improved comfort on the rear end with extra traction on the climbs, both particularly noticeable on a steel hardtail - the stability and support was really obvious when hitting the rough stuff at speed where previously I would have expected a few 'whacks' through the rims. The front tyre grip from the Maxxis Shorty was already very good but the inserts add another level of confidence to push through corners Overall I'm impressed with the foam insert concept, its makes a lot of sense with clear benefits but of course it a'int all rosy.. a trailside repair of tyre i.e split sidewall or inserting a tube because you've forgotten to top up your sealant etc, etc would be pretty hellish and the price tag is clearly questionable.
Mr FagelsonAfter a trip last year to the Lakes and being plagued with numerous pinch flats on tubeless set up, I returned home and bought one of these for the rear. Revisited same trails, same rear tyre, but tubeless with the Vittoria tyre insert... No flats... Now mates are all buying them!
Mr JinThis product is excellent. Easy install and good feel on riding.
AlvinGreat tire insert. Light and easy to set up.