Vittoria Standard Inner Tube - 700x20/28c
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Vittoria Standard Inner Tube - 700x20/28c
Code: 1TA0001
Vittoria Standard Inner Tube - 700x20/28c
Standard inner tube from Vittoria are made with high quality synthetic rubber with a wall thickness of 0.9mm. Standard tubes offer good puncture resistance and a solid air-tight performance.
  • Material: Butyl
  • Size: 700c
  • Width: 20-28mm
  • Valve: Presta
JeremyGreat product and nice quality
RichFit ok and no punctures so far, valves in good condition still.
Mr WatsonGood tubes.
Mr StrandströmHappy with the inner tubes as they are of good quality. Price was attractive and they are delivered quickly
Mr kingGood quality tubes at a decent price
Mr HaysLight weight inner tubes. Always reliable and exactly what you want.
M JamesReally easy to install. Does everything an inner tube is meant to do at a good price. Delivery really prompt
shirleyFab inner tubes bought alongside the Vittoria tyres I also purchased
Mr TurnbullGood delivery. Put them in the saddle bag and hope not to have to use them!!!
Keron FletcherReally good value inner tubes. I have two bikes, one with 25mm tyres and one with 28mm tyres. The 20-28mm range of these inner tubes is ideal for me.
zI've yet to need it, but it's saddle bag friendly in terms of the room it takes up.
GarethGood solid inner tube at a bargain price, I keep one of these in my saddlebag as a spare. Not the lightest or the fastest tubes out there but they are great as a back up. Luckily I haven't had to use my most recent purchase!!!!
HTstandard tubes, holds air well
Mr McEvoyLuckily I haven't had to make use of these tubes thus far. Quality of tubes is excellent and at this price, no wonder they are a best seller. As for delivery - speedy as always from Merlin.
BexI haven't had to use one yet, but I bought some to keep for the dreaded puncture. So, my review, based on experience so far - great price, products looks genuine, swift delivery, well packed. Happy so far!
JonathanGood quality tubes, I carry one as a spare whether I’m riding on 23, 25 or 28c tyres.
Mr WoodTubes at low price. Perfect!
VincentGot them as a spare for my rides. Hard to go wrong with these standard inner tubes.
StevenA good solid inner tube. I keep several spares just in case
Mr DubucReally like these inner tubes. They seem quite resistent.
Mr lightfootcan't beat this price on tubes, especially with this size spread.
bicyclerepairmanHolds air pressure nicely. No issues yet.
Mr ReillyNot had chance to use this yet; it's in my pack awaiting duty.
Mr ryanGood inner tube so far, no slight air leakage like some of my older tubes. Appears to be sturdy and does its job: happy with this purchase!
Mr LongNot had to use yet, but price is good and its good to see the standard tubes going up to 28mm wide with more and more people running wider tyres. I got these with a 60mm valve to clear my aero wheels without valve extenders. Good value for money compaired to others. Slightly heavier than equivalent specialized tubes.
Mrs ReidGood inner tube - does the job
Mr ChungNice lightweight inner tubes from a reputable dealer. I wish I could order more than just 4 because these are essential supplies with my luck on the roads.
Mr RosvallFairly light, feels ok.
Dr QuinnIt's a spare inner tube - what more is there to say. Good price
Mr RondoneClassic butile inner tube
Tarmac hunterNot used yet. Inexpensive spare.
Mr Kurata格安ですが安心して使えます。
JamesSolid inner tube for the price.
Mrs BellamyEasy to fit and good value for money
T MeagherGreat quality budget tube!
HalExactly what you want from a inner tube. And delivered quickly as always.
Miss ChumováGood quality for an amazing price
MarkGood tubes. Was having issues with Continental race 28s
Mr MillardGood quality inner tubes.
Mr MossPurchased as a spare. It seems OK but I would have preferred Continental but Merlin were out of stock.
Dr MartinBasic but good value for money
JamieGood value tubes.
Mr ReiMind boggling how good they are.
Mr OjogSitting snugly in my saddle bag as a spare for now, ordered 2, unwrapped and inflated one of them, they seem fine.
Mr DamianDoes the job perfectly
Mr Mikkelsengood prize
Mr MeredithExcellent inner tubes, highly recommend
Mr HunterAs expected ted
MJWUse these all the time, good high quality inner tube.
Mr KurtA durable and lightweight inner tube.
Miss KatonaGood!
Mr MoodyAnother good product that is in my routine stockpile.
Mr RascheGood value and work with numerous tire widths
Mr GuyGood value & removable valve core.
Mr CookseyA great tube for the price. Haven't done a lot of km's yet on them but I'm sure they'll last. A great middle of the road tube for any cycling enthusiasts.
Mr Iwanaga28Cチューブの中では軽い方なので好きです。
Mr Kobayashi探していたバルブ長のチューブ安く手に入れられた!また利用します。
AlexPrice and quality are great, I will buy again
Mr DubucUnbeatable price for quality of these tubes.
Mr ConventoBeen using this inner tubes for my road bike and it last a long time
Mr RThese are a little heavier than the Conti Race 28s and are good for training.
Mr EdwardsGood solid tubes, using them for the winter bike. Can't go wrong with Vittoria.
Mr PeckReplacement tube, as advertised, good quality brand and good value
Mr HutchinsIt's almost impossible to find tubes with removable valve cores (I like to chuck a bit of sealant in there as added protection) here in NZ, these ones are exactly that.
Mr CraneGood quality inner tubes, no fat spots like some unbranded tubes