Weldtite Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit
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Weldtite Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit
Code: 41129-repair
Weldtite Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit

Tubeless repair kit



  • Solution
  • Sandpaper Rasp
  • Needle Tools
  • High tech string to block the puncture
  • Small Knife.
Mr ErdağlıI use a road bike. I decided to try tubeless. I carry it in my bike bag for use when needed. It seems useful. I didn't use
Mr Salomonitutto come descritto
Mr FrancisCheap tubeless repair kit. Huge worms, I've cut half in 2 as so much excess.
CemHopefully i wont need to use them but for this price its good to keep it in the saddle bag just in case.
Dave JohnsonGreat value kit, much cheaper than most and has everything you need to repair a larger hole in a tubeless tyre out on a ride !
István H.My go to solution when it comes to tubeless repair kit.
MikeLooks good but I haven't needed to use it yet. Be prepared!
JordanHandy kit with everything you could need on the trail, at a good price. Not used in anger as yet.
Alex IoakimHopefully won't have to use whilst touring, but handy to have as a fail-safe.
Mr johnsonGood product. Could come in a softer package for ease of keeping in your pocket while riding
DavidSeems a reasonable kit. Not had to use it yet.
Mr RichmondNice kit, not had to use it yet but looks good enough.
MarkUseful kit, worth carrying with tubeless tyres.
MikeGreat set to have when out on a ride
Mr DowlingEverything you need for tubeless repair!
Dr HaleExtensive range of kit for repairing punctures which don’t seal with sealant.
RobertoA very good product to have with. Complete kit for tubeless repairs.Build confidence on flat tire situations. A Must have product.
JeffreySeems like a quality kit. Have not had a chance to use it yet, but nice to have everything you might need in a smalyy, tidy box.
craigGreat bit of kit. Perfect for blow outs, has all the tools needed and a great price 👍🏽
Mr GildingContains all you need for tubeless repair. But you might need a small bottle of sealant if going on a longer trip.
Mr WilcoxUsed plug kit on tubeless tyre which was easy and worked well.
davidGreat kit for tubeless tyres
Mr StewartGreat "get out of jail" product. Just the thing to stop a simple tubeless puncture turning into a day ruining ordeal. Nice neat packaging. Others have suggested cutting the "strips' in half, as they are too long for most repairs and will make the kit better value. Also worth considering prefixing strip into the applicator to save time. Then only need to carry the applicator and the rasp in a small poly bag.
Mr SelimoğluI have never been in need to use this. The set is ultra light
Mr van kesselGood tool selection, knife is very handy.
HarryA convenience repair kit rather than bring spare tyre
NealEverything you need, get it!
Mr CStrips are too wide for most punctures and need to be sliced lengthwise. Otherwise work well and easier than removing the tyre and patching from the inside.
Pedro Sant'AnaGreat kit. It has evertything you need to repair your Tubeless setup.
MilenEverything you will ever need when something goes wrong with your tubeless and it is not fatally big.
David RJust what I needed for my mountain bike. Now that the colder weather is here and the hard ground seems to be less forgiving to all our equipment. I've had need to swap out and install a tube on a cold and wet day when a piece of slate put a gash in the tread, this kit would have saved me some time and got me going again whilst still warm enough to continue. I've not used my own kit yet but have seen them in action and they work. The kit contains everything you need for a serious trailside repair, here's hoping I never get to use mine.
TonyPerfect size and functionality.
GregGot this, used it already, fantastic
DanNice little kit. The bacons/strips are quite large in diameter, and a bit of a faff to get in the insertion tool. Some suggest to cut them lengthways as well as in half, I might give that a go. Strips are still sticky and the quality is decent. I've put the contents in a slightly smaller sized container with some other bits and pieces (spare valve core and remover, small bit of chain with a quicklink), good to go.
Hon LiangI have a terrible affinity to punctures... and have spent quite a fair amount of money and time repairing tires/replacing tyres. This kit is the most comprehensive and economical of all the kits I have tried. The only criticism I have would be that the box/container is a wee bit big and doesn't close well. The rest is worth the money.
ClaireBought this off the back of an MBUK review and was not disappointed. Repaired a big hole in the tyre that wouldn't repair using sealant alone and then two more, both in the side wall. Only downside is that you have to make a small hole bigger to get them to fit. A bit tricky to get the actual repair plug through the insertion tool to put it into the tyre but once in it worked a treat. I also cut the plugs in half before using them as I would have had to trim about half off anyway once in. This didn't affect how they worked as I cut them after putting them into the tool. Excellent bit of kit and great value.
Mr SmithNice little repair kit good value
Mr reynoldsHave yet to use the repair kit thankfully, but it fits nicely in my rear jersey pocket and I am confident it will do the job on the day.
Mr MearsI was told about this kit by a friend, it bailed him out on ride were he wasn't carrying a spare tube. I now carry this as a back up. Seems great value for money and there's quite a lot with it. Overall it's smaller and lighter than an inner tube.
IoannisContains all you need, good case, just need a band around it to keep it from opening.
TomDefinitely the best system for tubeless repairs I've used, especially for holes in the sidewall. Simple and quick to do even out on the trail. Faster than putting a tube in!
KyleVery light to carry (~60g, lighter than an inner tube) - I carry one of these (minus the silly marker) and a spare tube in my tiny saddle bag just in case my tubeless goes awry.
PlummerA clever kit that should be able to get you out of a reasonable sized hole in the tyre. If it tears, then you're out of luck but this is perfect for most everything else.
PeacockComplete kit with everything you need to mend a puncture/slit in a tubeless tire.
Jont77Seems quite a big kit, so might not carry it all. Yet to need to use it, so can't say at this point if it works or not.
RuizGreat product. I always have It with me. You can fix the tube in a minute.
Mr PeacockI've used these to repair larger tubeless tyre punctures many times now and great for getting you home / permanently fixing the tyre. Much cheaper than buying a new tyre and a must if your tubeless IMHO.
Mr christieA must have piece of kit if you ride tubless. Everything you need should you be unlucky enough to have a tear in your tubless tyre. Comes with 4 strips which can be cut in half to fix an average puncture. Although it's recommended to replace tyre I've run the tyre long after the repair. Few tips. As with all tubless systems always best to carry CO2 cartridges in order to get tyre back on rim, and for those down hillers Weldtite also do a kit for motor bikes where the bungs are much bigger so in theory they'll plug a bigger hole and at least get you home.
AntersSeems a good quality kit. Does what it says on the tin. Hopefully I don't have to use it though! ;-)