Wippermann Connex 11SB Black Chain - 11 Speed
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Wippermann Connex 11SB Black Chain - 11 Speed
Code: WC11SB
Wippermann Connex 11SB Black Chain - 11 Speed
The Black Edition is made of the highest quality steel. The ultra black-coating on the plates ensures optimal corrosion protection. The long term wear resistance of pins is achieved through a unique XHB hardening. Its long service life and precise gear-changing properties make this chain invincible.
  • Compatible with all 11-Speed drivetrains.
  • Dimension: 1/2" x 11/128"
  • Pin length: 5.9 mm
  • Roller width: 2.2 mm
  • Sprockets: 11
  • Pin ejection pressure: > 1500 N
  • Pin hardening: XHB
  • Weight (110 links): 275 g
  • 114 links inc Connex Link
JimmySecond buy. Good stuff.
Mr MOCANUSolid chain and very nice design
edourdLove this chain, the most durable chain in the market. My last 11sb-black lasted me over 15,000km (sound crazy huh?) but it still has not reach 0.75 elongation. The missing link is so easy to remove and has an anti-disengagement build it. Sadly there is a small chip on the missinglink force me to replace it (well it has done its miles)
Mr HartleyLooks great. Runs silently. Longevity is yet to be seen, otherwise I'm very pleased. the connecting link is also 'a bit special'.
MatthewSimply - Fabulous. Looks great , runs silently and feels like a truly exceptional upgrade.
Mr DarochGreat chain so far, looks amazing, runs smooth, totally compatible, slightly clunky on the shifts, made sure the quick link was in the right way round, lets see if it stands the test of time!!!
Mr KataokaI bought this chain to use on my commute bike, which I use every day, rain or shine. I don't clean it very often, lack of time and a bit of laziness (probably the most) and doing so components suffer the lack of maintenance. This chain looks and feels like it is made to last, even to the laziest guy out there. Love the black and gold. That's a plus! Maybe I post here again after putting some mileage on this bad boy. So far I'm considering buying another one as a backup.
KevinNice chain runs quiet and shifts smoothly. Not had it long enough to comment on its alleged durability but it looks to be a quality bit of kit.The link is easy to pull apart and rejoin using just your hands no fancy tools needed.It looks a bit bling straight out of the box and in the pic but it dulls down to a brassy colour after a few days and is pretty discrete.
Mr kingPrescion at its best, highly durable and quality chain