Wippermann Connex Chain Link
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Wippermann Connex Chain Link
Code: WC1000-122
Wippermann Connex Chain Link
Unique and sophisticated connector - Easy to open and close without any tools. Options for 10 and 11 speed systems.
  • No tools required
R1chyOPretty pricey for a link but does work well!
K WDon’t know how people live without these. They are reusable and last a long time. They are also very easy to put on and take off with your hands.
Mr ShawNow I know how these master links work I prefer them to the others as you don’t need any tools to put them on or take them off.
MattGreat quality product and make bike chain maintenance so much easier. I have these on all my bikes and would recommend to anyone.
Mr LimA little pricey but will go a long way... Tool free and easy to install/uninstall.
JeffTool-free, re-usable and ultra-reliable.
Mr SidhuDoest get any easier than this, simple to fit and work perfectly, not forgetting a great price!
JonathanEasy to use - no tools required.
Mr HendershotI cannot believe I haven’t bought these before. Highly recommend.
Mr BeberA genuine reusable chain link. Beats any other chain link. But very expensive and unnecessarily so.
Mr DaviesPricey but along with a KMC 11 speed chain on a Chorus groupset works so well. I wax my chains so regularly swap them out and they are easy to use.
Rob WatkinsonGreat product to allow for quick chain removal without having to replace the chain link. I wax my chain so this is much more cost efficient than to keep buying one use chain links.
GrantSimple, straightforward, does the job. A little pricey, but a lifetime of chain splitting to help cleanining/waxing, avoiding spending £5 everytime with other links.
Mr GrayPerfect, nice and simple and makes future work on the bike straightforward with easy removal of the chain.
Mr cracknellEasy to use. If you are waxing your chain these were recommended as the best for constant reuse.
Mr Heywooodthis is the best quicklink available - makes it easy to perform a proper clean-up of chain & gear set, with no tools & no reuse issues (even though it is a bit expensive)
PaulExcellent item, quite expensive but the best and easiest re-usable connecting link there is. Worth it for the convenience and lack of aggravation factor alone
Mr MartinI recommend this product as a quick and easy way of disconnecting the chain by hand.
Mr HoneymanEasy to fit/remove. Best quick link you can buy
DillonInstalled on KMC 10 speed chain.
Carlos ManuelExcellent chain link, highly recommend it, super easy to unlink and put back together,
RiccardoExcellent product. The Wippermann Connex links are the best as they don't require any tooling to install and remove. I use them on all my bikes as they make chain removal and cleaning a snap. Went for the gold this time so that I can easily locate the link when I remove the chain.
UmaMy second set already.
P McCattyWorks perfectly on Shimano, SRAM, KMC, & obviously Wippermann Chains. Best chain link ever. Why on earth would anyone want to use tools is beyond me.
BazzaThese are the best chain connectors on the market. Easy to use to remove your chain for replacement or cleaning.
MichaelLove the ease of these connectors
tomoThe missing link is very easy to remove.
JasonExcellent product. It's so easy to take the chain off for proper cleaning. I honestly recommend this product to everybody.
Mr WheeleyI haven't yet opened this unit, but previously bought Connex chain links are great. Makes lubing chains with wax easy.
Mr YingExcellent link easy to fit and remove
WalBought to replace quick link on KMC chains as the link is reusable. Beauty of this chain link is that no special tools needed. But as a word of caution of the link must be inserted the right way up for smooth shifting.
LeetenGreat re-usable chain link - I like to take my chains off for a good clean, and the link making it too easy. And it saved me a couple of times during a ride when the chain broke.
HungryManEasy access (remove and install) chain
Mr McEvoy-BoweNo issues make sure to check direction of chain.
Ian CollinsQuality design - the only one I've found that you don't need any tools to put on or takes off. Wouldn't use anything else.
Mr WestA great backup to have when out on the road. One of the easiest and quickest ways to fix a broken chain. Besides, these links make cleaning a chain quick & simple.
dougExcellent bit of kit no tools needed
JmAwesome product! Reusable 11sp connector. No tools.
FairheadI have used the Wippermann Connex Chain Link for years and is the only type I use. Safe, secure and no tools needed.