Wolf Tooth Supple Lite Bar Tape
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Wolf Tooth Supple Lite Bar TapeWolf Tooth Supple Lite Bar Tape
Wolf Tooth Supple Lite Bar Tape
Wolf Tooth Supple Lite Bar Tape is designed to provide luxurious comfort and ample grip for long days in the saddle on rough roads while maintaining a slim bar profile. Made from an EVA foam compound that absorbs vibrations and conforms to your hands for a custom fit, the Wolf Tooth Supple Lite Bar Tape also features a durable rubberised finish that gives consistent grip with and without gloves.
At 2.5mm thick, it’s half the thickness of Wolf Tooth’s original Supple Bar Tape, giving a slimmer option that balances optimal comfort, grip and light weight. The side profile of Supple Lite Bar Tape has a raised centre ridge with tapered edges. The edges were designed with a taper so that the tape can be overlapped when applied and still have an even, smooth feel. With an overlap of 15mm, finished bars have an even wrap. Increase or decrease that 15mm overlap to customise the feel on different sections of the handlebars and finish up with exactly the grip you need, whatever your riding style.
A thin strip of 3M adhesive backing is included on the tape for easy installation. Bar plugs and polyurethane tape are included in the box for a clean finishing touch. Like all Wolf Tooth’s products, the Supple Lite Bar Tape was tested in a variety of conditions from the harsh Minnesota winters at Wolf Tooth HQ to hot and dusty desert riding, humid summer bikepacking, spring gravel races and everything in between.
Two years of testing have confirmed the Supple Lite Bar Tape sits in the perfect middle ground between traditional bar tape and the brand’s thicker Supple Bar Tape giving the comfort of the latter with the lower profile of the former. Ideal for road or gravel drop bars or even tri extensions. Supple Lite gives incredible comfort and buzz reduction plus a clean look to finish any cockpit.
  • 2.5mm thick EVA foam compound absorbs vibrations and conforms to your hands.
  • 40mm wide to allow personalised overlap for a custom grip where you need it.
  • Soft, tacky texture keeps hands from slipping in all weathers with or without gloves.
  • 3M adhesive backing keeps the tape securely in place.
  • Includes bar end plugs, polyurethane tape and brake-clamp cover tape.