YBN Quick Release Chain Link 11 Speed
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YBN Quick Release Chain Link 11 Speed
Code: UPG-YBN-QR11
YBN quick release chain links, supplied in a card of 1
  • Quick and easy joiner link for YBN 11 speed chains.
  • Also works with other brands of chain.
  • Supplied per link to join one chain


Mr kingChain link for out on the road good quality spare for my kit
FlintyAs someone who uses Molten Speed Wax I wanted a “proper” replaceable chain link . These can be reused 4 or 5 times , so that makes them a cheap and effective solution.
CalumIt's a quick release link. Not used it yet because it'll stay electrical taped to my mini pump until it's needed. Seems ok though!
JimBest link ever
Mr RandallBest value quick link on the market. Does the job perfectly why pay more!
VuongThese are a lifesaver. Always carry one with me.
ThomasGreat price for a quality product. Cheap enough to carry spares for mates
RobertWThese work just as well as any other brand.
GaryGreat links, at least the equal of KMC or Shimano's new directional link, the coating looks like chrome, they last for ages, I remove my chain for cleaning about every two weeks (400-500 miles) and have had the Yaban's last the life of the chain without issue (circa 5000 miles "DA 901"), firm recco...
ChrisInstalled fine with shimano chain, but to be seen if there are any issues compared to SRAM or KMC connectors
Mr ConventoEasy to use, fits my KMC chain perfectly
ChristopherI've used several of these without any issues. Never had a problem using them with Shimano or KMC chains.
Dr MurphyNo problems at all linking ultegra chain, runs very smoothly
DaveNever go anywhere without spare links.....Just in case!
Mr FilipekThese links enable me to clean my chain without the problem of replacing chain pins. Very useful item.
Mrs CarballoGreat cheap option, remove the chain, clean it the proper way and install it again with no issues and really quick
Mr ÜzgünWhen you going to training, need extra one chain link in the bike bag or your jersey packet :) This product makes so easy to fix problems.
CHONGHandy and does the job well. Have this in both mine and my partner's bikes and easy to take off when needed.
MevlütIt does the job. I have been used a few without problems for a year and half.
Mr TutmazI have used three of these so far (three chains), and I regularly take the chain off for cleaning and have had no issues so far.
Mr FilipekA very handy piece of kit when needed. Have used these items successfully for a number of years
HurcombThese are a good item and I bought them as I wanted to clean my chain properly which means taking it off the bike. I used the multi tool to split my chain, give it a thorough clean and then fit the quick release link, chain back on bike. The link fitted my Shimano Ultegra chain easily but I do have a set of chain pliers so makes it pretty easy. The only issue I had is when first fitted the link is particularly stiff, given plenty of oil and running around the gears it has finally loosened up, so worth bearing in mind if fitting for first time out on the road.
Mr HenryQuick link is now a must. So easy to use versus the old pin system.
Mr LauWorks with Campy Chorus chain, will buy few more and pack into saddle bag for emergency use.
Stonefish71Purchased as an emergency spare for the back pocket but have used this type before and they do the job perfectly.
Mr TutmazA quick solution to a somewhat rare problem on the road. Cleaning the chain becomes a really easy task, also saving you from the wife's wrath by making the otherwise messy job of cleaning the chain considerably neat and clean.
badbobUsed on a new 1X install, with a Shimano (HG901) chain, perfect! :)
ByronThese work on perfectly on shimano 11 speed chains, just the job for regular cleaning and the price is amazing!
Andy aka The Green MeanieLove a good quick link, makes it so much easier to take the chain off for proper cleaning. Great item.
PollardGreat solution to an emergency out on the road. Prefer link pins but if the chain snaps these are an easy solution and will get you home! As always, good price and delivery from Merlin
T.DGreat product and easy to use - essential for your on-ride equipment list
Mr LDoes what it says on the tin. Used on a dura ace chain with no issues.
Jay RockSeems ok. Exactly what I expected. Claims to fit SRAM, Shimano, and campy chains.
HattsHaven't needed them yet, but critical if you get a broken chain a long way from home. Can always ride home with one gear less but gotta have the chain.
Mr HarrisonCarry as a spare to get me going again, works well and easy to fit
Mr douganAlways helpful and easy to use
Mr HaynesWorked perfectly on an 11 speed Shimano chain.
Mr wilkeQuick links are great ideas and helps to keep the chain clean [quick easy removal for cleaning] without the dirt being transfered to the frame. Especially white frames.