Ass Savers Mini Mudder Fork Mounted Front Mudguard
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Ass Savers Mini Mudder Fork Mounted Front MudguardAss Savers Mini Mudder Fork Mounted Front MudguardAss Savers Mini Mudder Fork Mounted Front MudguardAss Savers Mini Mudder Fork Mounted Front Mudguard
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Ass Savers Mini Mudder Fork Mounted Front CX/Gravel Mudguard


The ass Savers Mini Mudder fork mounted front mudguard meets the needs of the growing gravel riding cycling discipline. As the gravel segment expands, cyclists face new challenges. The issue of having dirt thrown in your face is a well-known problem among mountain bikers. With huge clearances for wide tires in the front fork, gravel riders are now facing a similar issue.

While mountain bikers are used to mud, gravel bikers face a different challenge. Anyone who has ridden on a wet gravel road is familiar with the mixture of fine sand and water that seems to be designed especially to seek and destroy bearings, not to mention what it does to your eyes on a long ride.

The Mudder Mini is here to offer relief for your face and headset bearing. Simply mount it to your fork legs just above your front tire and you will dramatically reduce the amount of spray in the critical areas. The MUDDER Mini attaches with innovative adjustable anti-slip straps to guarantee an instant and perfect fit on all fork sizes.



  • Protecting face and headset bearings
  • Mounts easy and securely with antislip straps
  • Fits all cross/gravel forks
  • Super lightweight, only 21 grams
  • Suitable for tire widths 32-55 mm
Mr Vaughan Excellent little product at a great price. Perfectly positioned to protect the headset bearings from mud, water, dust. Easy to fit and looks really cool too.
A. Wilson Super simple, super cheap. Attached in 2 mins and I no longer have a wet face or brown lines up my favourite white tshirt.
Ben Jewell Small, light and easy to carry. Quick to set up and attach and does a great job of keeping the water and dirt off your face. Can't comment on durability as I've only used it a couple of times but very impressed so far.
Stephen Nice fit, strong but light
Mr Bell Great little mudguard, discreetly fits my Specialized Sirrus X 5.0 and provides the desired retention and protection from water and dirt.
Craig Great fit, light but only a small coverage.
martin Excellent for keeping mud and rain of your face while out on your gravel bike
Mr Watson An easy to use minimalist mudguard. Fits wider road/gravel forks. Light strong and simple.
Roland Easy to fit, discreet and stops some spray. Very light and once attached it remains fixed firmly in place. Quite expensive though for what it is.
Anthony Rowell Easy to fit, good quality, exactly what I needed.
Mr Fini Easy to fit and remove, looks good too.
Sam4a Bought for my new hybrid and very pleased so far. Low cost & light. Needed to be trimmed to fit, but very easy to do so. Keeps the mud and gravel off your face.