Ass Savers is a company that was founded in Gothenburg Sweden which its owners claim is the wettest place in in the Sweden!  It was this claim that lead to the development of the ass saver a flexible, portable mudguard that easily fits in your bag or pocket. The original Ass Saver was developed to help out cyclists who couldn’t fit mudguards or those that didn’t want to have them permanently on the bike.  The ass saver fits just under just seat and to put it bluntly, stops your bum getting wet! When not in use you can just pull it off and store in your saddle pack or commute bag. The Ass Saver now has many fans all over the world and is a unique easy solution to your commuting or winter ride needs. The mudguard is made from 100% recyclable polypropylene and weighs just 15 grams so you won’t know it’s even there.