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Ass Saver Regular Mudguard

The most important improvement with the ASS SAVER G4 is without a doubt the new patent pending FLIP-TIP? system. Not only does it make the ASS SAVER stick like glue but it has also substantially increased the compatibility

Brilliant product, easy to install.
Pretty easy to install. Nice design that can be used on wet roads. Not really suited for heavy downpours.
Pretty sweet product. Simple, easy to install , great price point and effective for saving my kit on gravel road rides. I will order a few more.
Easy to mount, it does the job!
Very innovative and cheap as chips. Can easily be used on multiple bikes and most importantly it works.
Great piece of kit. Simple but does what it's supposed to
I found that I had to modify the ass saver to stop it from moving about. I affixed the ass saver, got a pencil and drew where the rails angled up to saddle and cut about 2 cm off each side. Then when I affixed the ass saver it clipped onto rails and didn`t move about. Overall I`m happy with it. You still get water spraying up your back but my bum is completely dry.
Keeps the worst spray off your back and can be installed in seconds. Lightweight with a good choice of colours.
I have used Ass Savers before and find them an excellent quick alternative solution to conventional mudguards when the roads are wet or muddy. The only problem I have experienced is accidentally dislodging the item when I am getting on and off the bike. Tip.- do not forget to turn up the tip of the Ass Saver to lock it in position under the front end of the saddle! Would recommend!