Ass Savers Regular Mudguard
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Ass Savers Regular MudguardAss Savers Regular MudguardAss Saver Regular Mudguard
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Ass Saver Regular Mudguard

The most important improvement with the ASS SAVER G4 is without a doubt the new patent pending FLIP-TIP? system. Not only does it make the ASS SAVER stick like glue but it has also substantially increased the compatibility

J Scott Haven’t had a chance to try these, but I’ve had one in the past and liked it.
Declan Cheap, simple and effective way of adding a mudguard to save your back and backside from getting splashed with mud.
James Nice product, easy to fit and keeps the worst of winter off your back without resorting to mudguards
Miss Macary Very easy to install and works a treat.
Mr Mclean Does the job well enough for me and it's super easy to put on and remove.
Edward I don't ride in the rain typically so I don't need or want an extra bike with full mudguards (ruining the look and adding weight and drag). This thing clips on is seconds and protects if the roads are wet.
james It does a basic job, better than a wet butt.
Simon Fantastic design and so easy to swap between my bikes as needed. Good strong flexible plastic and it well made.
Mr Shepherd Perfect for those days where it may rain but you don't want to faff around with mudguards. Keeps your ass dry but don't stop any spray if you're in a group.
Mr Vaughan Nice product but wish I had bought the bigger one. This is a bit thinner than you might expect and also difficult to mount completely straight. Still seems to do its job.
Mr burgess does keep the road rubbish from your bum which on long rides is nice. cant match a decent set of guards but as a protection on those summer days when it looks abit wet its perfect
Miss Waters Does exactly what it says on the box, saves my ass!
mark Very clever design. Fits well and feels very secure
Mr P. Smith Very handy peice of equipment that all cyclists should have for the summer.Ass savers are easy to use, light weight andeasy to fit to your bike. If you do encounter any difficulty there are videos you can find. I have used mine on a couple of occasions, and they do what they say. They keep your rear dry. Ideal if you don't have mud gaurds fitted to your bike.
Mr Holmes Brilliant. Easy to use.
Tim These are a great product. Been using them for years for days when I suspect some rain on one of my commutes and don’t want to get the full guttering out. They stay on well unless you kick them out when mounting the bike. Only criticism I ordered the black one (new bike new colour) and found the writing on it was in that lovely shade that should only ever be on a Bianchi and not a white/red/black Wilier. But as they’re not a fashion statement in the first place I’ll live with that coz they do save your Arse (I’m not American)
romstersg Quick and easy to attach to the saddles. Does its job as the name says.
MJTANMAN As always a nice thing to have attached on a day when you might get caught in a shower or 2
Abi They work well and look nice
James Fits easy and does the job for a cheap price. Quick delivery as always.
david Just rode in the rain for a couple of hours with no wheel splash on my back, does the job well, new design seems very secure unlike my old one which I lost when it fell off! Cheap and it works.
Sebastian Horseradish Easy to fit, stays in place and works well. A little expensive for what it is but would recommend. Merlin delivery was very fast.
Michael Does exactly what it says! Used it last weekend on a very wet ride for the first time and, guess what, no wet and dirty sprays up my back😉 Great product and simple to attach/remove!!
Mr O'Toole Fits securely on the saddle, now to wait for the rain !
Luis Miguel Sleek construction. Easy installation. Love the ass saver.
jose Amazing product for just a small price. fits my Selle Novus saddle perfectly. Very easy to mount.
John Brilliant product, easy to install.
Grant Pretty easy to install. Nice design that can be used on wet roads. Not really suited for heavy downpours.
Rob Pretty sweet product. Simple, easy to install , great price point and effective for saving my kit on gravel road rides. I will order a few more.
Simon Easy to mount, it does the job!
Tony Moore Very innovative and cheap as chips. Can easily be used on multiple bikes and most importantly it works.
Fernando Pinheiro Great piece of kit. Simple but does what it's supposed to
Wildman I found that I had to modify the ass saver to stop it from moving about. I affixed the ass saver, got a pencil and drew where the rails angled up to saddle and cut about 2 cm off each side. Then when I affixed the ass saver it clipped onto rails and didn`t move about. Overall I`m happy with it. You still get water spraying up your back but my bum is completely dry.
NSW Keeps the worst spray off your back and can be installed in seconds. Lightweight with a good choice of colours.
Mr Wilson-Cook I have used Ass Savers before and find them an excellent quick alternative solution to conventional mudguards when the roads are wet or muddy. The only problem I have experienced is accidentally dislodging the item when I am getting on and off the bike. Tip.- do not forget to turn up the tip of the Ass Saver to lock it in position under the front end of the saddle! Would recommend!