BBB BBP-57 ClearSkin Frame Protectors
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BBB BBP-57 ClearSkin Frame Protectors
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BBB BBP-55 ClearSkin Frame Protectors
BBB - ClearSkin Frame Protectors
  • Thick adhesive pads for protecting your bike’s paint. Extra durable.
  • Set includes: stay guard protection, 4 x 30mm pads, 4 x 20mm pads.
  • Rugged water resistant and flexible pads, suitable for every condition.
  • Color: Transparent
Steve J Easy to put on, could be a little longer on the frame protector. But work well.
PJ First time buying and using frame protectors. So far these seem fine. One of the larger stickers I've applied seems to be pulling away at the edges but it beats a scratched frame. These are easy to apply and look like they'll do the job. As always a speedy and no fuss order and delivery from Merlin
Bruce Luter Simple yet excellent product. Very clear and sticky. Adhere without any creases or wrinkles and are invisible to anything other than very close inspection.
Mark Small investment to protect my carbon frame, works like a charm
AT Super sticky and pretty near invisible as long as you apply with clean fingers.
Roland Various shapes which appear invisible once applied to the frame. Stick well so they should hopefully remain in place for a long time.
Mr Rouse Durable. Invisible. Thats what you need!
Richard Great clarity, virtually disappear on a dark frame.
Stephen Thick plastic that sticks well and the large sheet can be cut to fit odd spots of the frame.
Dave Great for protecting painted steel frames from scratches and scuffs.
Mr Nifras I've used the lizard skins version of and these protectors. These in comparison are thinner. These still do the job of protecting your frame from cable housing rub and offer better value than more expensive brands.
Mr KULAH It sticks very well and its protection is quite high
Nisbet The clearskin is a great product for protecting my new bikes frame. Very durable and easy to stick on. Great product
Robo Good quality and easy to apply, can be removed following heating. Good product at a good price.
COOK Good adhesion and practically invisible. Definately will buy again
Mr Parsons These work a treat to prevent frame damage from cable rub or chain slap.
Mr Ribeiro da Cunha No mysteries about this, does the job, and looks nice, completely clear so it won't "ruin" your bike`s good looks!
dave haytree Best thing to have to prevent cable rub and chain slap. Keeps your bike in tip top condition
Mr Davenport Nice frame protectors which are discreet and don't distract from the paintwork.
Mr Ledlie Thick, good quality and well worth the price