BBB BDP-11 RollerBoys Ceramic Jockey Wheels 10T
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BBB BDP-11 RollerBoys Ceramic Jockey Wheels 10T
Code: BDP-11
BBB ceramic bearing jockey wheels.
  • RollerBoys equipped with low friction ceramic bearings for ultra-smooth glide and exceptional durability.
  • Lubricated with special ceramic light oil for extra smoothness.
  • Composite material provided by EMS Swiss, with 40% glass-fiber.
  • Complete set of bushings for different shifting systems included.
  • Ceramic bearings.
  • 10T Compatible with Shimano 7 and 8 speed; Campagnolo 8, 9 and 10 speed; SRAM 9.0(’97/’98), 9.0SL(’98), 7.0(’97/’98) and 5.0(’98/’99).
DeSlooverBrilliant! Used these on a 6 speed freewheel (used the Shimano 7-speed grommets) on a 30 year-old bike and it shifts so smoothly and is whisper quiet now.