BBB - Pressure Gauge
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BBB - Pressure Gauge
Code: 2949619001
Digital tyre pressure meter.
  •  Digital tyre pressure meter.
  •  Maximum readable pressure: 11 bar.
  •  Compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves.
  •  Auto off power-saver function.
JamesGreat handy little device, works well.
Rod HuddExcellent little gauge, we have 3 in the family now. Suggest putting a short bright coloured loop on it so you don’t loose it!!
MalSimple yet essential, especially when adjusting tyre pressure makes such a difference when riding in a Scottish winter 👍
Mr CannGood cheap accurate pressure gauge, whats not to like.
Paul CThought this was a tad flimsy on first view but it's worked very well and accuracy measured against a more expensive one is spot on. The reversible Schroder / Presta adapter is the icing on the cake. Recommended.
JordanDurable, does a good job. Shuts off automatically. Can't go wrong!
Mr gallagherEasier to use than others and more compact. Con: no facility to let air out to get to correct pressure
Rooster84Use this for my MTB as I want to get to accurate pressure within my tyres. It works well but it is a fiddle to get it off the valve. Overall good value for money.
JohnA great addition to the toolkit - no more guesswork with tyre pressures, all at great value
GeoffCompact , easy to use. Great.
Mr. Poopy pantsAccurate and very handy
DesWell I've found out one thing since purchasing this your floor pump gauge isn't that accurate at all. Good to have this to know that I've got accurate tyre pressure.
Mr RosenzweigEasy to use, beats needing to use my floor pump to check tyre pressures.
AndyReally good gauge at a very reasonable price! Would very much recommend.
CManWorks; better if it had a pressure release valve
WalterWork great, for this price, I highly recommend, I use it on my mtb
PeteBought this for karting use and it is accurate enough. Not the best plastic but, maybe it will last the usage.
Mr BramleySmall, light, simple to use. Bought to measure fat tyre pressure. Good price, quick delivery.
Mr GrantEasy to use and light - good for checking hand pump pressures
ThisdellI bought this gauge to check the accuracy of the dial gauge on my Silca track pump, and am pleased to find they agree. But - the BBB digital is another level of precise reading, and very easy to use, too - also, at lowish pressures (cyclo-cross), there's much more confidence. And, it's nicely made, very compact and the price is right.
NeilAppears to be reasonably accurate when compared to benchmark pressures on three different track pumps (best I could do to DIY judge calibration). I primarily use it so that I could play with low pressure set ups on MTB tyres and it fulfills the task well for a reasonable price