1. Brake & Disc Pads

    Brake & Disc Pads

    Solid block pads, cartridge blocks, replacement cartridge pads, carbon friendly pads, cork pads, wet weather pads and more.
  2. Brake Cables

    Brake Cables

    Inner cables, outer cables, V-brake noodles, ferrules and end caps.
  3. Road Bike Brake Calipers

    Road Bike Brake Calipers

    Regular, dual pivot and direct mount brakes from Shimano, Campagnolo, Sram and Tektro.
  4. Brake Levers

    Brake Levers

  5. Cantilever & V Brakes

    Cantilever & V Brakes

    Wide stance and frog legs cantis for cyclocross bikes and other machines.
  6. Road Disc Brakes

    Road Disc Brakes

    Fully hydraulic, semi hydraulic and mechanical disc brakes for road bikes from Shimano, Avid, TRP and others.
  7. Disc Brake Rotors & Spares

    Disc Brake Rotors & Spares

    Rotors, mounts, brackets, mineral oil, bleed kits, bar-shifter mounts and various adapters.
Bicycle braking

Gone are the days of brakes on road bikes that don't really work very well. Modern road brakes offer plenty of power and plenty of modulation of this power. Modualtion and control is what it's all about. Despite all the hype about disc brakes on road bikes - which are all well and good - there's still loads of life in road rime brakes yet. Rim brakes are always going to be light and currently offer a considerable aero advantage. We stock brakes from Shimano, Campagnolo, Sram, Tektro and TRP.