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Chamois Butt'r Eurostyle 8oz Tube - A traditional European-style chamois cream, you know, that tingling feeling

Chamois Butt'r Eurostyle is specifically formulated to produce a cooling and soothing effect for cyclists who prefer a traditional European-style chamois cream, you know, that tingling feeling.

Much cheaper than Assos, and seems to do the job well. Have used it for 5+ hrs without issue. I like the tube as opposed to a tub.
Impressive, really, first time used for 130 km ride and difference between that one and previous without any chamois cream is massive, must have.
Good value, as you won't use much per application. Not as cooling as some suggest, certainly not uncomfortable.
Wanted to try the euro type. Glad I did. Mentholish so feels cool on skin.
This stuff does help, I was surprised how much. Impressed.
My butt is grateful. I wish I've heard about this earlier.
I'm impressed - works really well over long rides and very good value
Very effective and comfortable to use unlike some products I have tried which had a stronger numbing/scent. Have used this on 10 day expedition and worked a treat so back for more.
Nice and fresh. It doesnt seem to disappear like othe brands ie Udderly Smooth. Great for longer rides!
Having resorted to chamois cream to prevent repeat blistering I now can't ride without it. I use this for the shorter rides and it does a great job, no blisters. I prefer the tingle from euro than the non tingle butter, but it could be a marmite thing.
Bought this as the ordinary version was out of stock. Once you get used to the initial tingle it works as well if not better. Would recommend.
Excellent product. Banishes chaffing and has a pleasant tingly feeling. Highly recommended!