Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II Road Clincher Tyres
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Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II Road Clincher TyresContinental Grand Prix 4000 S II Road Clincher Tyres - Sidewall Colours
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The Continental GP4000s II road bike clincher tyre is the latest version of the infamous Grand Prix 4000S tyre. The new 4000 S II tyre offers the same great performance as the GP4000s, along with a new facelift.

The ultimate road race bike tyre, that transforms the performance of any race machine!

The Continental Grand Prix 4000 S road tyre has been developed and refined over the years, and is known around the world as one of the best race tyres on the market. Race proven, and road race tyre of choice for professional road cycling teams BMC Racing Team, Orica Green Edge, Lampre Merida and Lotto Belisol.

Continental have taken their legendary GP4000s road tyre and given it a facelift. Now offering a subtle coloured sidewall to match to the colour scheme of your bike. They have also added a new size to the range, GP4000s II is now available in 28mm. This provides better grip in greasy weather conditions, increased puncture protection and better all round comfort. The new tyre also features the latest version of the Continental's BlackChili compound. Which now offers even lower rolling resistance, greater milage and increased grip in wet weather conditions.

The backbone of the Grand Prix 4000 s road tyres remain unchanged. The 4000 S II still has the same Vectran Breaker for great puncture protection, BlackChili compound for unsurpassed grip performance and low rolling resistance, and not forgetting hand built in Germany.


  • The global leader in the premium race bike tyre market.
  • Strong in every department - a real all round race bike tyre.
  • Advanced Black Chili compound for an even faster, safer ride.
  • Vectran Breaker technology for increased puncture resistance.
  • New colour and size options.
  • Transforms the handling of any race machine.
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These are my favorite all-around tires with low rolling resistance and good traction on wet roads. There are better puncture resistance tires but I have confidence with the GP 4000 for races or training. I love these tires and they are worth the price.
I always use this tyre. And everytime it is good for me.
Great wearability - I got about 3,000 miles on the last set., They are not as prone to punctures as other brands I have tried. Hold pretty good pressure with minimal loss.
Tyres are great: my first pair of 700 x 25 and checked many reviews; after putting them on my bike, the same ride I have been doing for months; I increased my ave. time by 1 mph faster!
My preferred racing and training tire - lower grade Masters, so I just want it to be quite quick and durable.
The low rolling resistance is easily noticeable. My bike is much more responsive since I put these tyres on. They grip the tarmac very well. The rear tyre won`t skid that easy when braking anymore. But you should be very careful on wet conditions in the first rides. They won`t grip the wet surface at all. But they work ok after some 100km or so. 25c version is actually 27.5mm wide on a 17c rim.
Simply the best tyre. Essential puncture protection for Uk roads.
Softer than expected (23mm), but good combination with stiff Racing Zero.
These are great all year round tyres. I have rarely suffered a puncture even when commuting country lanes through the winter.
Great tyres. Low rolling resistance, and my current GP4000SII's have 4500km on them and still going strong - even on the rear.
These were purchased as direct replacements of a previous pair I have done many, many miles on and been well pleased with. Got a 2,500 km tour next month so decided fresh rubber would be a good idea.
Thanks to Goathead thorns I was averaging one flat for every 30 to 40 miles on my stock Kenda tires and now have put about 100 miles with no flats. Only time and mileage will tell but I'm optimistic
Great tyre, fast, secure and very resistant to punctures. I cannot fault them, save for the price! This is a repeat order though, they are that good. Highly recommended.
I have gone through a number of these tires over the years. For city riding, they are definitely my go-to tire.
Great all round tyres, suitable for both training and racing. Excellent puncture resistance and really good grip in the dry and wet.
Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II are my choice for road cycling tires because of where I ride. With a mix of both urban and country roads on a lot of my routes which I ride, I need a tire that provides both superior puncture protection, and low roll resistance . The Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II tires deliver both.
I use GP4000's on all of my bikes. Very reliable and make for a confident ride. I normally use 23mm but have started using the 28mm on my commuter. Much more comfort with little or no difference to road resistance.
Has been my go to tire since they were released. Great traction and have yet to have a flat...
I got three flats in a row before I changed to these. No more flats!
My favourite all round tyre, great puncture protection, excellent grip and long life.
Great tire - excellent grip in corners wet or dry, good puncture resistance and good supple feel.
Awesome tires. Roll fast and smooth. Pretty fat for a 25.
Excellent tyre and since I switched to these a few years ago, doubt I would buy anything else. They noticeably roll fast - have had to brake when following my friends on descents. My last pair lasted over a year, without many punctures. Only 4*, because it's really hard to find the rotation direction arrow.
The only tyre I use and trust for racing AND winter training. Grippy, reliable and the best value from Merlin with next day delivery.
Continental makes a great tire in the Prix 4000 S II. Seldom a flat and great feel for a clincher.
Good happy medium--good road feel with good flat protection. Road feel isn't up there with Veloflex or Vittoria but it lasts a lot longer.
Pretty solid choice for peace of mind! Very resistant to puncture! Just made 2000km with one puncture (a small glass got in a tiny hole made in some point during my rides). And it was so small that I could ride 30min to get home and fix.
Originally bought a pair of these for my new Giant Defy last year having run a pair of the original GP4000s on my first road bike & instantly gained performance (rolling speed & grip) over the Giant tyres supplied. The addition of the Vectran breaker lets me relax going out on the longer rides that only a really extreme road issue is going to compromise the tyre. (In this case, the re-purchase is due to a screw which left a fairly large hole in the tyre). In 3 years of sportive & training rides, the screw incident is the one & only puncture suffered on these tyres. Highly recommended.
I've used this tire for thousands of miles already, and bought this one to replace a worn-out rear tire. Couldn't be happier with its performance - very fast and smooth for racing, while still strong enough to prevent punctures. In ~5000 miles of using this tire on various road surfaces, I've only ever had 2 punctures, and both were pinch flats. Overall, an excellent tire, and I could not be happier.
Fantastic tyre. Puncture resistant, good rolling at speed and hard wearing. A must for dry roads.
Nice grippy tires. I can really lean the bike in the turns with more confidence.
I have used Continentals for 15 years. Always a good tire in the 3000 series and now with the 4000S II. i have ridden in all kinds of weather and have never had tire problesm and flatting issues with any Continentals. I'll buy them forever!!
Great all around performer. Reliable and durable.
Much softer and lighter than the gatorskins. Goes around corners very well
My favorite tyre for many years. Just the right blend of comfort and speed. Easy to get off/on. Best price on the planet.
A noticeable improvement on the Schwalbe Luganos I was running. FIngers crossed, puncture protection seems good so far too.
Best road tyres for the money. They look great and provide fantastic grip. I'm not sure what is different between the old GP4000s and these, the GP4000s II but I will certainly buy another pair when required
Always used these tyres. Did LEJOG not a single puncture!! Shame they don't do the colours as before. Great service from merlin as well
The only tire I have ever used on my road bike and I see more of these on other bikes on group rides than any other.
Continental tyre is my favorite tyre, last long,goog performance in both dry and wet situation
Great tyres, used first for 100k sportive to 'run them in'. No problems, easy to fit on my new Shamal Ultra wheels without levers. Have used version 1 for many years and I hope these new SII's continue to be as good. Highly recommended.
Hands down the best performance clincher on the market. Excellent all around performance. Superior rolling resistance, cornering grip and solid puncture protection combined with decent tread wear. The only downside is the harsher ride quality compared to other tires..but the trade off is worth it.
Excellent grip and seems to have improved on previous version
Great tyre, excellent price. Tyre was easy to fit and the ride is really good. Will definitely buy again.
Have had the GP4000 S before and have always been impressed with them. The delivery time from ordering on line to receiving the goods was impressive.
I've run the GP4000s for last 12 months and have covered nearly 4000 fast and trouble free miles. If anything these seem to roll even quicker and whilst I've only covered 200 miles I'm hoping they are as reliable and robust as the originals.
Been using Conti's since the GP3000 days. They are a perfect combination of fast, light, and durable.
Great price for a great tyre, I use these all season from winter training to racing as the puncture protection is superb and they roll very well.
Great tyres, would not change from these now!
Favourite tyre, bought to replace worn out one. Great grip and puncture protection. 25mm is the only way to go with the state of the roads at the mo. Best price on net and and extra few quid off that with the Jan sale .
A good grippy tyre in the dry and whilst you can't expect miracles in the middle of winter it does seem to grab hold of the road.
The tires are as advertised. I have ridden the Continental 4000 for years and have now been riding the 4000s II. They seem to give me more miles before I have to replace them with no decrease in speed and puncture resistence.
Why would you use any other tyre...Simply the best!
Excellent tire! Good wear, low rolling resistance, and no flats (so far)!
Great product. I couldn't believe they could've improved the GP4000s but they have.
I weigh around 90kgs (on a good day just less!) Grips well and is very tough. Excellent tyre to use. Have had flats after 3,500 kms and that is the sign that you need a new one.
Excellent tyres. I use them year round and they last a good 5000 miles on the rear. Fast, grip well and durable. Pretty puncture resistant as well.
I've done 7 700 kms with my previous Continental 4000 s. These one seem even more effective than the 4000 s. I'm very happy with them. Truly recommend it!
Love these bad boys. Good mix of comfort speed and grip especially on the 25s
I changed to 25c tyres at the start of 2014 and am now converted. I run these at 120psi and they are no slower than 23c but more comfortable and with better grip. These GP4000S II's last well but I had a flint stone go straight through the rear in the wet recently. The tyre was ruined as it cut through the breaker belt. Hence buying this replacement. But that could happen with any tyre. These are certainly much more robust than my Schwalbe One's (which I also rate highly). I have ridden these tyres in the UK on bad roads and in the French Alps on fast descents and they feel great in all conditions. I highly recommend them.
Great winter tyres. Super wet grip and plenty of compliance in the 25 size. Been using these tyres for 12 months now and the only puncture was a pinch flat caused by under inflation.
Great punture resistence and they seem to last longer than Pro 4's. Although I'd have to say they don't roll as well as the Pro 4's.
Was recommended the 25's of these tyres by friends for day to day use. I normally ride 22/23's and thought the extra 'little bit' would not make a difference - how wrong I was.... In addition I am told they have good puncture resistance - hopefully I won`t have to experience that bit !! They do make the ride more comfortable and do not seem to affect rolling speed. If going for the 25's make sure your frame can take them .... very happy with the tyres and as always the excellent service from Merlin
I was using Vittoria Rubino Pro Folding Clincher and they were wearing fast so I tried this. This is considerably more expensive and I obviously can't tell how it wears until some time has past, but the rolling resistance is no different to the old tyres, it's all in the mind.
Conti GP 4000s 2's! Best clincher tires on the market imnsho! Such supple ride characteristics and very quick as well. Just completed a century ride and they most definitely made a positive difference in my comfort level.
First time I have seen made in Europe (Germany) in a long time. I needed to replace only one tire, but when I saw the quality, I replaced both. Tire wear indicators are a great feature and will eliminate the guess work from estimating tread life. Overall, appear to be much better than comparably priced Michelins.
Grippy supple and confidence inspiring. Excellent value and good quality. I have done about 400 miles on these tyres so far and love them. I will definitely be sticking with these in the future.
Very good racing tyres, only ever buy these for the summer now.
Excellent tyres, great grip in dry and wet and just give you confidence when riding. Wouldnt Use any others
The only road tyre I now trust for general training. Hard wearing, grippy, fast - just the perfect balance.
Awesome tyres. Fast and reliable. Well worth the money...
Tyres are good and grip road well. Particularly like the reflective edge around side of tyre wall. Ideal for that extra visability when turning out from a side junction in low light conditions. Went for the 25mm as less rolling resistance than 23mm. Happy with these tyres so far.
Bought a pair of these to replace a set of 4000S's that had a couple thousand miles on them, and a torn sidewall on one. I'd forgotten how grippy these tires are when new! They provide a softer ride than the gatorskins I had on my backup wheels, and while I have no numbers to back this up, it feels easier to accelerate and maintain speed (lower rolling resistance?). Very easy to mount as well. Was a little worried that the model II would differ dramatically from the original 4000s's, but I think I'll love these just as much.
So far so good - been through a few 4000s and these seem just as good, great grip. The ultimate all-rounder
Great tyres, quick and smooth rolling when up to speed. I've had Conti GP's for the last couple of years and have been really happy with their performance all year round and in all conditions. I usually get the 23mm wide tyres and run them at 110psi, feeling every bump in the road surface. I went for 25mm wide this time and what a difference!!! Even at 120psi everything is smoother and more comfortable but with the same confident levels of grip as before.
Rolls very fast, has plenty of grip, even on poor quality surfaces, and is very comfortable in 25mm width. 10/10 my new favourite tyre
Wow, what an improvement! Great grip in dry and wet. Loving these tyres. Arrived quickly too.
Very grippy and looks great with the coloured side strip. Great performance and looks. High quality puncture protection as a bonus.
Early days yet so hard to judge, but seem to roll well and give the impression of durability. Grip great so far, had no control issues wet or dry. Asthetically the green versions look great on my synapse as they are a good colour match for cannondale green.