Crank Brothers Speedier Tyre Lever
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Crank Brothers Speedier Tyre LeverCrank Brothers Speedier Tyre Lever
Code: CRB-1449
Crank Brothers Speedier Tyre Lever
A knuckle-saving tyres lever that removes and installs bicycle tyres in seconds.
  • Weight: 26g
  • Length: 144 mm
  • Material: Nylon
Mr FONTENILLEI have not had this lever long but used it twice once on a road tyre and once on a mtb tyre both times it made the job a lot easier than with regular levers so does what it says on the tin
Dr De MeloNice easy to use lever
MoonchildI've struggled with punctures before, getting tyres on and off, so I googled for tools to help instead of breaking plastic tire levers in the past, metal ones pinch the inner tube so I saw this watched a video on YouTube from tony10speed on how to use it. Had a puncture on way to work managed to get to work as thorn stayed in, voila 10 mins later tyre off and back on with new tube in, its a breeze to use wish I`d seen this ages ago
marcThis lever make getting tight tyres on and off much easier.
MarkoI bought this for a friend as a gift. I've had one for years and find it really useful. It's great for removing tyres, and if you do get stuck fitting a tyre the tool is effective.
RichardGreat product so much easier to deal with tight refitting tyres
WeegieBit disappointed. It is OK but not great I will stick with levers
Andrew AMakes changing tyres a breeze.
Mr ChooBest stuff ever! save ur knuckles, saves minutes per tyre/tube change!
Mr WhittleSo, why don't you just buy some cheap tyre levers? Because, unless you're a whizz at re-fitting a tyre in the pouring rain, with cold hands, stuck in the middle of the countryside, and not nipping your inner tube after you've just used your last patch (or your spare tube), then this gizmo makes life a lot easier. I got my totally non-tyre friendly friend on for Christmas and even he can use it... they do make life a lot easier for those of us who aren't quite so adept with a set of levers.
Mr. KerpicciExcellent tyre lever. ITs hard to pinch an inner tube with this tool
Mr CancioNice tools
marcReally handy tyre lever that helps with those particularly tight tyres
DavidThis is a genuinely useful tool. You still need a bit of heft to start removal and at the last wee bit of putting a tyre back on but nothing like the thumb twisting agony that's normally involved. Simple, well made and very effective!