DMR Sect Custom Dirt Jump Frame
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DMR Sect Custom Dirt Jump FrameDMR Sect Custom Dirt Jump Frame
DMR Sect Custom Dirt Jump Frame
The DMR Sect 26" Custom dirt jump frame is a culmination of years of experience building frames and riding dirt. Every part of the bike has been re-thought, from front to back; The tapered head tube is light and stiff and allows the use of lighter and stiffer forks. The head angle is 69º the magic number for stability at speed and easy spinning. You feel real safe spinning big jumps, not too twitchy.
The front end of the bike allows room for barspins, we made sure that you don’t have to move your feet, even with 175 cranks. For the stand over we wanted to show as little post as possible without having the seat touch the rear wheel. This is purely aesthetic but makes a difference in the appearance of your build. Its still super low for can tricks and tables.
The rear end is obviously as short as possible, making the bike easy to spin and fun to manual and throw around. Its finished off with taper lock dropouts. No need to run tugs and your wheel can never move in the dropout, no matter how big you case. This dirt jump bike frame is built from DMR heat treated, double butted Chromo and weighs in at 2.37kg.
  • 26" wheel specific frame option.
  • Super short rear end perfect for Spins and Flips.
  • 69º Head angle for stability on high speed trails.
  • Great toe clearance for barspins and X-Ups.
  • Low standover for Two foot cans and Tailwhips.
  • Patented Taperlock dropouts remove the need for chain tugs.
  • Heat treated, double butted cro-mo tube-set.
  • DMR Investment cast tapered head tube.
  • Euro Threaded/BSA BB.
  • Super short 390mm rear end.
  • Patented Taperlock dropouts (No tugs needed, wheel can't move).
  • 135mm rear hub spacing.
  • Seat clamp 30.0mm required.
  • 27.2mm seatpost diameter.
  • Mech Hanger available for geared builds (Sold Seperatly)
  • Weight: 2.37kg