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DT Swiss PR1400 Dicut Oxic 21 Clincher Road Wheels is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 1st August 2019.

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Code: DT-PR140
DT Swiss PR1400 Dicut Oxic Clincher Road Wheels
The pinnacle of aluminum road wheels. The ceramic OXIC surface coating brings brake performance to rim brakes like it has never be seen before. The rims are wide, asymmetric, and lightweight, making for an outstanding stiffness to weight ratio. If set up tubeless, supreme comfort and grip are added to the athletic character. Finally, at just 1435 g, this wheelset is both extremely practical and competitive, very much in tune with its stealthy appearance.
OXiC is a process in which a ceramic coating is electrochemically applied to the rim surface, making it extremely hard and wear resistant.
From the high tech, heat dissipating carbon rims right through to the asymmetric aluminium rims Made in Switzerland, DICUT® wheels epitomize high end. Straight pull spokes and highly refinded hubs are state of the art wheel technology.
  • Tyre Type: Clincher (TL Ready)
  • Rim dimension: 622x18mm
  • Inner rim width: 18mm
  • Outer rim width: 22mm
  • Rim material: Aluminium
  • Freehub: Shimano 11 Speed
  • Spokes: DT Aero Comp
  • Lacing: Radial
  • Recommended rider weight: 110kg
  • Please note: Not supplied with brake pads
Mr Kanchananakhin So far, so good. Nice stiff wheels, they are. Braking surface is good. I am partial to DT Swiss products, as a result of their awesome wheels and hubs.
Appleby Great wheels, best alu set I've had. Lightweight, fast rolling, lovely DT Swiss quiet hubs. OXIC shows no sign of wear so far, so they have kept the stealth black look. No pads included (as indicated on website) but swissstop flash pro bxp readily available for about 20 quid a set.
Mr Hogg Brilliant wheels. Run them as tubeless with 28's. They are comfortable, fast and look amazing.
Moonigan Ordered these wheels for an upcoming Alps trip. They are light, stiff and look good. They need to be paired with SwissStop BXP Brake Pads (blue) which are the only ones DTSwiss recommend. I've had a couple of long lumpy rides on the wheels and they are superb. However the pad wear is very high and on my initial outing I suffered some severe brake fade and my wheels and tyres where covered in the blue pad material. I attributed this to the pads/wheels bedding in and on the second ride they performed much better. I spoke to DT Swiss about the high pad wear and they said this is completely normal for these wheels. The other thing worth noting is the paint on the wheels is quite brittle and I already have a couple of silver marks showing where a stone or something similar has hit the wheels. I'm not overly stressed about this but it may bother some people.
Mr Drinkwater I've setup these wheels to be tubeless with 25mm Schwable Pro One tyres and the ride quality at 80-85 PSI is truly sensational. The braking performance is better than the Exalith on my Cosmic Carbone SLRs - very powerful and nicely modulated. And they look the absolute business. The only downside is that the required SwissStop brake blocks are not included so make sure you add them to your order.
Mick E These replaced my Fulcrum Zeros (rim had worn down) and I thought that they may have been a step down. Fortunately, that appears to be far from the case. First impressions are that they are solidly built and have a stealthy look about them that really appeals. Tubeless tyres (Schwalbe One Pro) were a struggle to get onto the rims and difficult to seal even with silicone, so be prepared for a struggle if you are running tubeless. Once out on the road, the DT Swiss ratchet system was almost silent (which adds to the stealthy feel) and the pickup is very quick. They remain stiff when climbing and are nimble on the flat. Only rode ~100 miles on them so far so they are still bedding in (still squealing under hard braking) so I expect they will only improve. Only criticism (which is nothing to do with the wheels themselves) is that Merlin don't supply the brake blocks whereas other suppliers do - dial this into the cost when deciding where to purchase. In summary - if you are after a good quality set of aluminium wheels these come thoroughly recommended.