French company Michelin has been making bicycle tyres since the 1890’s when they created the world’s first removable pneumatic tyre. They have grown since then to become the world’s biggest tyre manufacturer but their roots in cycle tyres have certainly not been forgotten.

Michelin are at the forefront of cycle tyre technology with their constantly evolving PRO road range and further developing the tubeless mountain bike tyre system which they introduced in 2000. The knowledge cross over from automotive products also ensures Michelin’s bicycle tyres are able to share in the same innovations and advances in compound technology as those found in Formula One and MotoGP.

Sponsorship of some of the world’s biggest teams and riders in road and mountain bike racing means all products undergo rigorous testing before they are released to the public. The current range is usually just a few months behind the latest prototypes the professional riders are using in some of the world’s biggest races.

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