Fulcrum Red Zone Carbon Boost MTB Wheelset - 29"
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Fulcrum Red Zone Carbon Boost MTB Wheelset - 29"
Fulcrum Red Zone Carbon Boost MTB Wheelset - 29"
Red Zone Carbon is the result of a long research and development process that has involved all the elements of the wheel, both individually (rims, hubs and spokes) and, most importantly, as a whole, to create a wheel system that is able to meet the demands of high level bikers. Lightness and reactivity on one hand, for maximum performance uphill, and a high level of vertical absorption and resistance on the other, for the peace of mind of riders who want to abandon themselves to the adrenaline of heading downhill with confidence.  
A powerhouse of technology, Red Zone Carbon is Fulcrum’s new formula for modern MTB use, with all our experience distilled in each component. 
A functional and unique design is married with a new matt finish straight from the mould (DIMF), with all the specifications that a rider expects from an XC/Marathon or Down Country wheel: inner rim width of 28mm, light and extremely smooth rolling rim in a wheel that is fully-produced in Europe and most of it in Italy.  
  • Rim: Carbon DIMF, 2-Way Fit Tubeless Ready
  • Rim Width: Outside 33mm / Internal 28mm
  • Height: 26mm
  • Front Axle: 15x110 Boost
  • Rear Axle: 148x12 Boost
  • Freehub: Shimano MicroSpline 12
  • Bearings: Adjustable Cup & Cones 
  • Disc Mount: AFS Centrelock 
  • Spokes: Rounded, Straight Pull
  • Count: 24 Front and 28 Rear
  • Weight: 1445g
  • Max Weight: 125kg