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GT85 great for cleaning and lubrication
  • Popular lube and cleaner
  • Large aerosol
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Excellent product - essential cycle lube.
This stuff is great, you can use it on just about everything. It also smells nice!! Buy some.
A must have lube for any home mechanic, usual quick delivery time from Merlin.
Speedy delivery as ever from Merlin Cycles.
Best multi-purpose lube I have used. Better than WD40 for chains as this has Teflon. Needs regular application in winter or wet conditions, but is easy to clean off the chain and reapply. YBN Quick Release Chain Links make this a faster job than cleaning the chain in situ!
Good lube, just don't use it for squeaky brakes
A product I've used for years now as it's cheap and much better than anything else I've tried
Does what it says on the tin!
Does what it says on the tin
Not a lot to say about a spray lube. It does the job and smells nice
Good basic chain spray. After a ride I remove the chain and scrub it in hot soapy water to get all the muck off. Then I wash it in WD-40 which has the reputation for being a very poor chain lubricant but it sure gets the residual mucky oil off and disperses the water. Finally I douse the chain in GT 85. Once done the chain looks as clean as new.
top quality spray lube, always have a can in the garage, not just for using on my bikes - comes in handy when working/servicing the car, lawnmower, tools, as well!
Reliable as always, not much more I can say other than it's the only lubricant that is essential to anyone that rides a bike.
Every cyclist should have one of these in his garage. Not to be used on your forks though. But for general oiling, used sparingly, it works wonders.
Does what it says on the tin. Good price too.
Very good. Just works
Excellent lube spray. Best on market. Removes water and lubricates at same time
excellent product
great product , cleans lubes and protects all out of the same can